Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Joy Behar For Suggesting Carole Baskin's Missing Husband Should Join 'DWTS'

Okay, this might be my new favorite thing to happen on The View in a long time, which is saying a lot because it seems like every day something is happening on The View that makes me cackle out loud.

Joy Behar is getting roasted online for suggesting that Carole Baskin's missing husband should appear on Dancing with the Stars and I can't help but laugh.

In case you missed it, *Tiger King* star Carole Baskin has joined *Dancing with the Stars* and gave her first performance earlier this week.

Of course, it was to "Eye of the Tiger" because 2020 doesn't even try to surprise us anymore.

Carole's performance truly ~ captivated ~ the world, not only because of how *interesting* it was, but because of how she totally ignored host Tyra Banks afterwards.

After Carole performed, Tyra asked her TWICE if she "tapped into her inner tiger" during her after-performance interview and Carole literally didn't respond and just stared back blankly.

Tyra was already facing all odds when she took over the hosting gig from long-time *Dancing with the Stars* host Tom Bergeron.

For those of you who don't remember, Tom was fired earlier this summer and loyal DWTS fans were really upset about it.

Tom took to Twitter to announce the difficult news back in July.

"Just informed @DancingABC will be continuing without me. It's been an incredible 15 year run and the most unexpected gift of my career. I'm grateful for that and for the lifelong friendships made," the 65-year-old announced.

He concluded, "That said, now what am I supposed to do with all of these glitter masks?"

It was also announced that Tom's cohost and fellow bubbly personality, Erin Andrews, would also not be returning to the upcoming season.

Needless to say, Monday night's premiere episode had a lot of critical eyes watching. From Carole to Tyra, there was *a lot* to unpack.

It seemed like everyone was talking about the episode, including daytime talk show, The View!

Unfortunately, *The View* host Joy Behar isn't in on the whole six-month-old "joke" about Carole Baskin *allegedly* killing her ex-husband Don Lewi, and feeding him to her tigers.

"I know nothing about Tiger King," she admitted on Tuesday's episode.


The ladies went on to discuss the commercial Don Lewis' family aired during the *DWTS* premiere.

The commercial was a cry for help from Don Lewis' daughters, asking the audience for information in regards to their father's disappearance.

The commercial went viral as people couldn't believe how *savage* it was!

Don's family named Carole as a suspect and offered up to a $100,000 award for information about his disappearance.

So when Joy suggested it would have been a HOOT for ABC to have Carole's missing ex-husband make a surprise appearance on the show, Whoopi was like ????

"No, no, he's no longer on the planet Joy. He's no longer with us," Whoopi clarified.


"Oh, I was told he was just missing," Joy replied, seemingly embarrassed.

The rest of the ladies chimed in about how he was allegedly fed to the tigers and therefore could not make a surprise appearance on the show.

I think it's safe to say Joy deffs got the memo after that, LOL.

See? I told you it was an iconic The View moment.

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