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10+ Facts About John Krasinski Fans Didn't Know

Everyone loves an underdog story and John Krasinski's is one of the best.

He's one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, a talented up and coming director, as well as an all-around great human being.

To celebrate everything that John has given to us, I've managed to compile a list of 10+ facts about John Krasinski that fans didn't know.

1. He never intended on being an actor.

John's acting career happened completely by accident. He originally went off to Brown University in order to become an English teacher.

How would you feel about having Jim Halpert in home room?!

2. John considers George Clooney to be his mentor.

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John and George first met on the set on Leatherheads. George was directing and decided to take a chance on the then relatively unknown Krasinski.

The pair have remained close friends ever since.

3. His kiss with Jenna Fischer on *The Office* was John's first on-screen kiss.

Just when you thought there was nothing else that could make Pam and Jim's relationship any better, John goes and drops this bomb!

John didn't want Jenna to know how nervous he was, so he decided not to tell anyone.

4. He's known for goofing off on set.

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As you can see from this video montage, John has an incredibly hard time staying in character.

What is worse, his laughter is infectious and would often spread to the crew as well as his fellow castmembers.

5. John is the shortest person in his family!

John stands at around 6'3" (or 6'4" on a good day). He has two brothers, one of whom is 6'8" and the other is 6'9"!

If acting didn't work out, I wonder how John would have fared on the basketball court?

6. He has a longstanding yuletide feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Jimmy Kimmel has become known for his celebrity feuds. But believe me when I say that Matt Damon has nothing on John Krasinski.

Of all the many incredible pranks John broadcasting Jimmy's Air BnB address to the world ranks high on the list.

7. John was almost in the MCU.

Before the role was offered to Chris Evans, John auditioned for the part of Captain America.

Recently, rumors have begun to swirl that John may yet make his MCU debut as Reid Richards of the Fantastic Four!

8. John was a huge fan of his wife, Emily Blunt, even before they got together.

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During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, John had only glowing things to say about this wife. He talked about her presence and power as an actress; how it was unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

He also admitted to watching The Devil Wears Prada at least 75 times.

9. He's also a director!

John's directorial debut was the blockbuster horror hit, A Quiet Place. He had the privilege of starring in the film alongside his wife, Emily Blunt.

There's also a sequel in the mix that will hopefully be released in early 2021 (COVID permitting).

10. He made N'SYNC and Tina Turner proud!

John was a contestant on Lip Sync Battle. He went head-to-head against Anna Kendrick, performing "Bye-Bye-Bye" as well as "Proud Mary."

Admittedly, Anna made short work of him. But the sight of John Krasinski in a shimmering silver dress is something to behold.

11. John starred in one of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

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If you haven't heard John Krasinski use his fake Boston accent, then you haven't lived!

Thanks to him, people are going to be screaming "He's got smaht pahk!" for generations to come.

12. He sabotaged his own audition for *The Office*.

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While John was sitting in the waiting room, he struck up a conversation with a man sitting a few chairs down. John explained that he wasn't nervous about the audition but he did have concerns that the producers would somehow manage to screw up the show.

That man in the chair was executive producer, Greg Daniels.

"I actually threw up in my mouth," John said. "I was like 'I gotta go outside.'"

John called his manager and contemplated bailing on the audition altogether.

As luck would have it, the crew thought his awkward blunder was pretty hilarious. It helped lighten the mood and John was offered the role.

13. He started his own news channel called *Some Good News*.

John Krasinksi has been a ray of sunshine in what has largely been a very dark and somber time. Instead of focussing on the negative, John only reports 'good news' stories.

You may have even recognized John's first guest...

It was John's old 'boss', Steve Carell!

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