John Krasinski Makes A YouTube Channel To Spread 'Some Good News', With Steve Carell As First Guest

During these tough times, it can be easy to fall down the dark rabbit hole of negative news headlines, leaving us feeling anxious and helpless.

So, John Krasinski, from The Office, has taken it upon himself to spread some good news to boost morale!

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you're anything like me, 15 days into quarantine, things are starting to look bleak.

Every news headline right seems to be negative, making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Naturally, it's hard to be away from friends and family for this long.

And while it's all for the greater good, it is getting harder and harder by the day to stay optimistic.

So far, there have been well over 700,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, worldwide.

Roughly 37,000 of those cases resulted in death, 160,000 have recovered, and the remaining cases are still active.

All non-essential business are temporarily shutting down, including gyms, bars, restaurants, event centers, shopping centers, and salons.

Film productions and concerts have all been put on hold, and in some places there is talk of keeping schools closed until September.

Life as we know it has come to a stop, and it is justifiably stressing everyone the hell out.

The toilet paper shortage hasn't helped much either.

Celebrities have been doing their best to stay connected with fans in the meantime, and find creative ways to keep everybody happy.

Dozens of musicians have been hosting live-stream concerts, including the Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams, John Legend, and Madonna.

Thankfully, one bright minded individual, best known for his role on "The Office", John Krasinski, has stepped up to the plate to spread some much needed positivity.

And it's going down smooth!

From his own home, John has started up a YouTube segment called "Some Good News".

YouTube | Office Ladies

A place where he can share all the warm and fuzzy headlines that we're all dying for rn.

Who knew a tiny, low-budget, homemade news station could be so impactful!

YouTube | Office Ladies

Kudos to John for thinking so outside the box. I think we could all really use some good news.

His former costar, Steve Carell, even made a virtual appearance on a recent episode.

They chatted about The Office's 25-year anniversary. It was adorable, and for a split second I forgot that we're living in the twilight zone.

"I like your sign," Steve joked. Before holding up his own, even more poorly made sign.

YouTube | Office Ladies

"Thank you very much. My daughters did it by the way," John replied.

"So, Steve, this week marked a huge anniversary for you and I," John said.

YouTube | Office Ladies

"We were on a little show called The Office and it turned 15 years old."

"I mean, I was a waiter when I got that job," he added. "And after the pilot I went back to waiting tables 'cause I was sure nothing was gonna happen with it."

YouTube | Office Ladies

"It's such a happy surprise," Steve said. "That after all these years people are still tuning in".

Anyways, make sure you tune into John Krasinski's latest YouTube project!

I can only imagine that as things pick up, he will be speaking to more and more guests — spreading all of the love and positivity we need right now.