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John Krasinski Explains His Return For 'A Quiet Place' Sequel

After the first one was so good, we were obviously expecting a sequel.

We needed to find out how the family progressed after (Spoilers, watch out) 1) John Krasinski's character died and 2) they found out how to defeat the sound monsters.

And now, we'll get to know why John Krasinski is back.

For those of us who have seen it...

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We know that A Quiet Place ended on kind of a somber. yet sunny note.

Spoilers for A Quiet Place

Sure, we lost John Krasinski, but the family learned how to defeat the evil sound creatures.

And now that the trailer for the sequel is out...

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We now know that John Kasinski himself is making yet another appearance, probably in a flashback of sorts.

But here is the question: why? The first was such a complete experience, did we need a sequel?

John K. seems to think so.

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He said on Ellen:

"I wasn't going to do a second one, because the first one was such a personal experience. It was my love letter to my kids."

"But it was really important for me to continue the metaphor, and actually start dealing with how this all started."

"There's a little bit in the movie where you see how it all started."

Alright, some sweet backstory! Hey, I could get into that, we need to see how these creatures came to be!