10+ 'Breaking Bad' Plot Holes Fans Didn't Catch

An ending is a difficult thing to get right. Game of Thrones cut things too short, The Walking Dead has taken far too long. But Breaking Bad is the Goldilocks of TV shows — it got it just right.

To celebrate what an incredible achievement the series was, I've managed to piece together 10+ Breaking Bad plot holes that fans didn't catch.

Have a look and see if you were able to spot them your first go-around!

Pure meth isn't blue.

This was done purely for effect. Pure crystal meth would be a translucent white color or perhaps a very faint shade of yellow.

There is no impurity in the formula that would render the color in that way.

There's no element 'Ch' in the Periodic Table.


During the opening and ending credits of Breaking Bad, actors often had chemical elements inserted into the spelling of their name.

In season one, you can see a Ch pop up in the episode where Walt and Jesse meet Tuco in the junkyard. As of yet, no such element exists in nature or in a lab.

The Spanish accents were completely unbelievable.

Considering that a huge portion of the show takes place in New Mexico, as well as Mexico, you'd think finding actors with a believable Spanish accent would be a priority.

Many native Spanish speakers were outraged, especially when it came to Gus.

Jesse's teeth are too perfect.


When we first meet Jesse Pinkman, he's in the thralls of crystal meth addiction. His preferred method to administer it is via a pipe.

Meth is not kind to teeth, as we clearly see in other characters in the show. So how does Jesse have such pearly whites?

Meth doesn't make you hallucinate.

Crystal meth is what's known as an amphetamine. This puts it in a similar category as cocaine, caffeine, or ecstasy.

So that whole scene in season 1 where Jesse thinks the giant bikers are coming to get him makes absolutely zero sense.

Why is Walt paying for Hank's physical therapy?

After Hank is injured during his shootout with the twins, he begins a lengthy and costly physical therapy rehabilitation process. If you'll remember, Walt is the one who foots the bill.

But Hank was shot in the line of duty! The DEA would have been the ones responsible for all and any of his hospital bills.

Hydrofluoric acid won't eat through a bathtub.


This was actually put to the test in a very memorable episode of Mythbusters.

They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only will the acid not eat through a tub but it even has a hard time dissolving tissue!

The least deadly gunfight in TV history.

Remember when Jack's gang descends upon Hank and Steve? Eight men surround the two DEA agents and unleash a firestorm. Only not a single bullet seems to find the target!

Hundreds of bullets were fired on both sides. Even if they were shooting less than 20% accurate, there should have been way more damage.

What about Huell?


Who could forget Saul's giant bodyguard, Huell! He was apprehended by Hank and Steve, taken to the safe house, and then never heard from again!

Did he escape? Is he still there? I have to know!

Walt could have made his own methylamine.

At several different points throughout the series, Walt is forced to steal methylamine — usually in an incredibly high stakes fashion.

But making methylamine is a fairly uncomplicated process. Certainly, a chemist like Walt would have been able to do it without issue.

That's not how you make phosphine gas.


Very early on in the series, Walt tosses red phosphorous into hot water in order to incapacitate Crazy 8 and his cousin.

Red phosphorous can react to make phosphine but not with hot water.

The medical terminology is messy at best.

While Hank is recovering in the hospital, he's approached by a group of doctors and EMTs. One of which says to give hank two grams of oxygen.

The correct terminology would have been two liters.

Why didn't Walt's mustache hair fall out?

True, it isn't a given that people lose their hair during chemotherapy. But it is highly uncommon to lose hair sporadically.

Meaning if Walt went bald, he shouldn't have been able to grow a mustache either.

Aren't pizzas usually sliced?


Think about it — have you ever ordered a pizza that didn't already come pre-sliced? That's the common practice in all of North America!

So how in the heck was Walt able to throw a full pizza, completely intact, up onto the roof?

Why is there an Osama Bin Laden reference?


Don't forget that the timeline of the series takes place in 2007. Osama Bin Laden wasn't killed until 2011.

Show creator Vince Gilligan admitted that this was a huge oversight on his part.