10+ Hidden Details Fans Missed In 'Breaking Bad'

Yes, it seems that there are some hidden details in Breaking Bad that possibly you didn't even notice!

These babies were really hidden, so next time you binge the series watch out for them!

1. Walter's Trousers


Ever wonder what happened to Walter's pants after his first cook with Jesse?

Well, if you watch the episode "Ozymandias", you'll see they're right there in the desert where Walter buries his millions.

2. The Roles Animals Play


The animals in _Breaking Bad play a lot of roles, both in the actual plot and in the themes.

That episode where Walter is looking for the fly that is contaminating the meth is a metaphor for how Walter feels at the time.

At this moment, Walter feels like he has no control.


He is forced to work for Gus, he feels guilt over Jane's death, all of this is weighing on him.

Maybe, if he can just kill this fly, he can accomplish other goals and get a little more control.

3. We Should've Seen The 737 Crash Coming


Why do I say that? Because the episodes done beforehand were called: "Seven Thirty-Seven, Down, Over, ABQ".

As in, 737 Down Over Albuquerque. Albuquerque, New Mexico is the place where Breaking Bad is set.

4. Sandwiches Without Crust


Before Walt killed him, Crazy 8 used to eat sandwiches without crust.

After Walt did the aforementioned killing, he also started to eat sandwiches without crust. Maybe he took something from the person he killed like in Creep.

5. The 1986 Cerritos mid-air collision


The plane crash in Breaking Bad looked a whole lot like a real-life event, the 1986 Cerritos mid-air collision.

And what was the name of the junior air traffic controller who guided one of the planes in the crash?

Walter White.

6. There Are A Lot Of References To Classic Movies


The above scene is very close to one in The Godfather, where Michael says:

"I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart". Hanks's line is pretty similar, he says: "It was you. All along it was you".

7. The New Hampshire State Motto


Not only is it the name of a Die Hard sequel, not only is it the name of the first episode of Season 5, but it's also a reflection of how the season ends.

Uh... Spoilers, I guess. At the end of the series, Walter "dies" and Jesse "lives free".


Or maybe he doesn't, we'll have to find out in the Breaking Bad movie that's gonna come back.

8. Felina

Sure, if you're a basic person, you could believe that the last episode is called "Felina" because it's an anagram of the word "finale".

Or, you might think it's because of the song "El Paso", where Marty Robbins sings about "Felina" the woman he loves.

Or, you could realize that it actually has a chemical meaning. "Fe" is the chemical symbol for Iron.


"Li" is the chemical symbol for Lithium and "Na" is the chemical name for Sodium.

And get this: the dominant chemical in blood? Iron.

The dominant chemical in Meth? Lithium.

The dominant chemical in Tears? Sodium.

Blood, Meth, and Tears.

9. The first of the Tarantino omages


Alright Tarantino fans, recognize this image?

Maybe if I were to say the words "Mr. Pink and Mr. White"? Yes, it's a reference to Resevoir Dogs or at least one of the most famous images.

10. The Number 8


The number 8 seems to play a big role in the series.

Possibly because it also means the infinity symbol (on its side) or possibly because it's just a cool number.

11. The Pulp Fiction Nod

Apparently, the below scene is actually a nod to a little movie called Pulp Fiction.

You can see the similarities, the way their hands are positioned, their outfits, etc, etc.