10+ Mistakes In 'Breaking Bad' Fans Won't Get Over

It's been almost seven years since Breaking Bad came to a close. And in those seven years, I can tell you I've probably rewatched the series at least seven times over.

After about my third time through, I began picking up on a few things that just weren't quite right. See what I mean and check out these 10+ mistakes in Breaking Bad fans won't get over!

1. Is it a Ziploc or not?


After Walt goes into semi-retirement, Jesse brings him a bag of his newly batched Blue Sky, seeking approval.

If you pay close attention to the bag Jesse hands Walt, it switches between a regular press-bag to a slide and seal.

2. Where did that door come from?


Right after Holly is born, Walt takes her into the garage to show her the money he's hidden in the walls. It's a touching scene with one glaring oversight.

Walt enters the garage via a door that doesn't seem to exist on the interior of the house.

3. How is Walt's underwear supporting the weight of a gun?


Sure, it's an undoubtedly cool image to see Walter White stuff a giant hand-cannon into his tighty-whities. But it wouldn't have stayed put for long.

Handguns range in weight between one to two pounds on average.

4. Why don't those onlookers seem more concerned?


Everyone has their favorite moment from Breaking Bad. Without question, mine is the showdown between Tuco's cousins and Hank Schraeder — it's so intense!

If you watch closely, however, you can see two extras just having a normal conversation in the background.

5. Hydrofluoric acid wouldn't be able to eat through a bathtub.

In the scene, Walt and Jesse dissolve a body in a bathtub. The acid eats right through the tub and crashes through the floor.

The Mythbusters put this to the test and it was BUSTED!

6. That's the wrong street sign.


Diehard fans of the show will no doubt remember that Walt and his family lived on Negra Arroyo Lane.

If you watch when Tuco picks Walt up outside of his house, the street sign reads Piedmont — which is the name of the street in real life.

7. Throwing mercury fulminate wouldn't do anything.

Remember when Walt makes the crystalized mercury fulminate for Tuco? He confronts him at his office and throws a piece at a wall that detonates with incredible blast force.

It was put to the test and even when thrown at "super-human speed," the mercury did nothing.

8. Gus isn't actually writing anything down.


This happens in the sixth episode of the third season. While speaking to the twins, Gus grabs a piece of paper and begins writing something down.

Pay close attention and you'll notice that he's using the wrong end of the pen!

9. What happened to Jane's popsicle?

Jesse is hurt after Jane pretends they aren't dating in front of her father. He then begins to have the dreaded "what are we?" conversation.

If you look at the popsicle in Jane's hand, it dramatically changes sizes as the scene progresses.

10. You can see the crew in Jesse's glasses.


The Season 1 finale of Breaking Bad is hard to watch. While Tuco is in the process of beating Gonzo to death, the camera pans from Walt's face and then to Jesse's.

Look into Jesse's sunglasses and you'll see the camera crew.

11. Walt's lesson is all over the place.

Remember when Walt is explaining what chemistry is to his class? To illustrate his point, he uses a collection of spray bottles to change the color of the Bunsen burner.

Given the display and subject matter, this clearly appears to be an intro class.

But then, after the bell rings, Walt tells everyone to read Chapter 6: Ionic bonds?


I am not going to embarrass myself by attempting to explain what an ionic or covalent bond is.

What I can confidently say is that it isn't something you teach on the first day.

12. The pieces just don't add up.


Watch when Walter collapses as he brings Krazy-8 a sandwich: The plate breaks into four pieces. When he regains consciousness, there are eight pieces of plate.

Finally, when he reassembles the pieces in the kitchen — there are only 6!

13. What happened to the trail of blood?

One of the more brutal moments of the series was the premiere of Season 4. After Gus brutally murders Victor, a pool of blood inches toward Walt and Jesse's feet.

After the camera cuts, the trail disappears and becomes a pool at Gus's feet?

14. Who ordered the pizza?


Remember the scene where Walt throws the pizza on the roof out of frustration? Keep your eyes peeled to the pie as the camera cuts.

The toppings drastically change as the camera cuts, as does the placement of the pizza on the roof.

15. How did they know the distance?


As Walt, Jesse, and Mike are preparing to steal methylamine from the train, they measure the distance from the railroad crossing.

It just so happens that it coincides with the area where they buried their tanks.

However, they had no way of knowing the distance until Lydia called them with the information.


Lydia only called to tell them the accurate info the night after they had buried the tanks.

So, they had no way of knowing the distance.

16. Skyler's bag


In one scene, Skyler puts her bag on the counter after she finishes a conversation with her lawyer.

When she does this, she does it with both hands. But when the camera cuts, a hand is on her hip. But there was no time for her to switch movement.

17. Four points


Skyler flips a coin once she is at Four Points, and when it lands, it is quite a distance away from the state line.

However, when the camera cuts, the coin is suddenly a lot closer to the state line.

18. Mike throws his shoe


When Mike throws the shoe, you can see that it very clearly lands past the end of the wall.

But when the camera cuts, suddenly the shoe is back to being next to the end of the wall.

19. "This is blue."


At the end of the last episode of Season 1, Tuco is examining the blue meth and says, "What is this [expletive]? This is blue."

During this scene, he is incredibly serious as he examines the drugs.

However, at the start of Season 2, the scene is different even though it's meant to pick up where we left off.


Tuco is no longer serious. Instead, he laughs and says "What is this? It's blue."

20. "It's your money, you've earned it."

After Walt comes to Jesse's house to return his money to him, Jesse is sitting on the couch pensively, looking off to the side.

In the shot, his hand is over his mouth. Walt walks over to him saying, "it's your money, you've earned it," and goes to sit on the couch with him.

This is where the continuity mistake appears.


Once Walt has sat down, the camera cuts to a different angle and you can see that Jesse's hand is suddenly down on his neck.

It's a small detail only an eagle-eyed fan could have noticed.

21. Jesse's robotic head.


When Jesse and Walt are eating at the diner, Walt asks Jesse how he's feeling.

During the scene, as the camera changes shots, you can see Jesse's head randomly changes position over and over.

22. Walt Jr. burns his hand...kind of.


Obviously, when Walt Jr "burnt" his hand, the actor did not actually burn his hand.

But unfortunately, you can see quite clearly that his hand is hovering above the water during the scene. So the cameras didn't quite give us the magic we were hoping for.

23. Krazy-8's lack of light


Once we found out that Krazy-8 is alive and well in a basement, we can see that there is no light coming in from any of the windows.

However, when Jesse goes to the basement, suddenly there is a ton of light coming in.

24. Skyler packing her clothes.


As she is packing, you can see that between the shots, over and over again, the color of her clothes keep changing.

And no, it's not because she keeps piling clothes in. It's just a production mistake.

25. Keller Account


When Skyler brings up an issue with the "Keller Account," she puts a hand to her mouth and her arm is crossed over her other one.

When the angle of the camera changes, suddenly her arm is outstretched on her papers.

26. "You're done"


When Walter and Jesse try to leave because they are done, Tuco asks them why they are trying to leave in such a hurry.

Tuco walks up to Jesse and stares at him straight in the face, about to speak.

While he's saying "You're done," the camera cuts to a different angle.

In this angle, he is suddenly facing Walter instead of Jesse and has to turn to look at the younger man.