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10+ 'Constantine' Behind The Scenes Secrets Fans Didn't Know

Over the last 20 years, production studios have been in a frenzy to buy up the rights to every comic book title under the sun. One of the more criminally underrated releases during that time was Constantine.

It's been more than 15 years since the film was released in theaters. Get reacquainted and check out these 10+ Constantine behind the scenes secrets that fans didn't know!

1. *Constantine* was director Francis Lawrence's directorial debut!

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Prior to being handed the reigns on Constantine, Lawrence was most well known for directing music videos.

He said during a Director's Confessional that one of the hardest things to adapt to was the difference in pacing.

2. The hardest scene to shoot was the Molly's Burgers scene.

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I know, it's probably not what you were expecting to hear. In a movie with car chases, explosions, CGI, etc. — how can a simple conversation between two people be that difficult?

According to Francis Lawrence, the scene began with over six pages of dense dialogue, which made it difficult for the actors.

3. The holy hand grenades were actually Christmas ornaments filled with water!

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For the scene when Constantine breaks the grenade over his chest, they replaced the bulbs with breakable glass.

The production team used water balloons for the scene where Keanu throws a grenade at Balthazar's head.

4. The movie is loosely based on the DC comic book, Hellblazer.

John Constantine was created by comic book legend, Alan Moore. He's the DC Universe's favorite supernatural detective!

But aside from a shared namesake and a vaguely familiar backstory, that's where the similarities end.

5. Tilda Swinton and Peter Stormare reinvigorated the whole production team.

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Tilda and Peter's parts were all saved until the end. Therefore, they weren't on set for the first half of filming.

When they arrived, fresh-faced and excited, it restored everyone's morale!

6. Keanu Reeves did almost all of his own stunts!

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Keanu recalled filming one scene in particular that gave him trouble.

He was going to be launched backward on a wire and was instructed to go limp — advice which he took way too literally.

"So when I launched, I almost went out of frame. I don't know, if you see the film again, I almost go out of frame because I pushed off really."

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Going back and rewatching this scene, knowing what was actually going on, adds an entirely new element of appreciation.

I'll never understand why movie stars choose to do their own stunts?

7. Gavin Rossdale spent an insane amount of time in the makeup chair.

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Gavin plays the demon Balthazar. All in all, it took more than 4 hours in order to apply the facial makeup and prosthetics used in the film.

According to Gavin, the worst part was trying not to itch his face.

8. Director, Francis Lawrence, wanted *Constantine* to not feel like a comic book movie.

One of the things that Lawrence points to as something that differentiates Constantine from the pack is their fabrication of holy relics.

Lawrence didn't want them to look shiny or beautiful and opted instead to make them appear dirty and old.

9. The number of cigarettes smoked in the film is symbolic.

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If you count, John Constantine smokes a total of 13 cigarettes over the course of the film. The number 13 is symbolic in many cultures and religions.

Especially in the Christian faith.

10. Keanu Reeves wasn't the first choice for John Constantine.

If comic book creator, Alan Moore, had gotten his way — Constantine would have looked very different. Moore wanted aging rocker Sting to play the title role.

Warner Bros., on the other hand, originally offered the part to Nic Cage.

11. Keanu Reeves had the prop department make a second Holy Shotgun.

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After filming wrapped, he then gave it to director Francis Lawrence as a present. According to the director, the gun is made out of real bronze and weighs close to 35 lbs!

12. The easiest shot for Keanu was one of the most difficult for Rachel Weisz.

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Keanu was asked by IGN if he found the bathtub scene troubling or difficult to film. His response was "It was a challenge for Rachel."

According to Keanu, Rachel had to spend the entire day in the bathtub.

13. "The Spear of Destiny" actually exists.

What many people misunderstand is that Jesus Christ didn't die from being crucified — he was stabbed in the side with a soldier's spear.

This relic was said to be imbued with supernatural powers since it contained the actual blood of Christ.

In World War II, the spear came to be possessed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

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Hitler sought the spear in the hopes that it would make him undefeatable in battle.

After the Allies recaptured the "Spear of Destiny", Hitler committed suicide a mere two hours later.