Keanu Reeves Celebrates His 58th Birthday

Rae Batchelor
Getty Images | Emma McIntyre

September 2 should really be some kind of international holiday. Holidays are meant to celebrate some of our best and brightest people and, honestly, Keanu Reeves has got to be pretty high up on that list if you ask me! His birthday should be a day that everyone celebrates equally, especially this year when we really need some good news!

Keanu Reeves is pretty much a Hollywood legend.


Whether it's for his acting in films like The Matrix, John Wick, Bill & Ted, Speed, Always Be My Maybe, My Own Private Idaho, Point Break, and Constantine or it's for his general kindness, wholesomeness, and loveliness, pretty much everybody loves Keanu.

Keanu was born on September 2, 1964.

That means that this year, he's somehow celebrating his 58th birthday, even though he looks pretty much the same as ever (which some people have decided means that he's actually immortal).

We can only hope that's the case!

His fans are rushing to social media to celebrate.

As they should, because it's the birthday of an absolute legend.

Happy birthday, Keanu! We hope your birthday brings you as much love and happiness as you bring everyone else!