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Keanu Reeves Admits He's 'Always' Wanted To Play Wolverine

Keanu Reeves is known for some of the most iconic roles in cinematic history: Neo from The Matrix, John Wick from John Wick, Jack Traven in Speed and Johnny Utah in Point Break.

However, there is one role that has always escaped the actor, and it honestly may surprise you the way it surprised me.

Keanu Reeves has ALWAYS wanted to be Wolverine, you guys!

The Wolverine we have all come to know and love is, of course, Hugh Jackman.

The actor made his X-Men debut back in 2000 and has appeared as Wolverine in like one million other films since then.

And while it's no doubt we will always see Hugh as our #1 wolf bae, it seems Keanu really wishes he could have been that wolf bae for us!

The actor joined his Bill & Ted Face The Music co-star Alex Winter on SiriusXM’s “Virtual Town Hall” on Monday where the pair discussed their dream movie roles.

“I always wanted to play Wolverine,” Keanu admitted."“I’m all good with it now."

He added: "Frank Miller’s Wolverine, for sure."

Would you have liked to see Keanu Reeves play Wolverine instead of Hugh Jackman? Let us know in the comments below!

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