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10+ Mistakes From 'Scarface' Fans Didn't Notice

Scarface is a gangster's American dream. It's a film about greed, ambition, and an undying lust for power. Even to this day, the film continues to amaze and inspire.

But as incredible a film as it is, there's still a lot that managed to sneak by unnoticed and unchecked.

Have a look at these 10+ mistakes from Scarface that fans didn't notice and see for yourself!

The binoculars keep changing positions during Tony's conversation with Alejandro Sosa.

Universal Films

This happens right before Omar Suarez is executed in the helicopter.

As the camera cuts back and forth between Tony and Sosa, you can see that the binoculars change from a flat to a raised to standing position.

Tony is one fast smoker.

Universal Films

When Tony goes to visit his mother and Gina, before he's kicked out, he has a long uncut/unsmoked cigar in his mouth.

But somehow, by the time Gina runs to stop him at his car, the cigar is not only lit but it's 2/3 of the way finished!

How in the heck does Tony manage to break free from the shower rod?

One moment, he's chained at the wrists and being held up by two different goons.

But then as soon as Manny shoots through the door, somehow Tony has managed to free himself from his restraints.

There aren't any wires in that phone booth!

Universal Films

Near the beginning of the film, pay close attention during the riot at Freedom Town. When Rebenga emerges from the phone booth, the phone inexplicably falls over.

What's worse is that there aren't even any wires connecting it.

Tony's scar seems to move around.

Keep a steady eye on Tony's face as you watch Scarface.

Sometimes Tony's scar appears in the corner of his eye, other times it's in the center, and sometimes it isn't there at all!

That's clearly a crash mat.

Universal Films

Right after Tony manages to escape the bathroom, we see Hector flee through a window with the chainsaw.

If you watch as he falls, you can clearly see that he's landing on a crash mat. Not concrete.

The slide on Tony's gun isn't cycling.

Universal Films

Watch as Tony shoots his attacker during the bathroom chainsaw scene. If you pay close attention, you can see that the hammer is cocked and that it drops when he pulls the trigger.

But the slide doesn't budge an inch.

Where did all those bubbles come from?

Tony's bathtub is something I dream about. But pay close attention to it as he sits soaking. You'll see that the bubbles noticeably go down as he talks to Manny and Elvira.

But by the time they both leave, somehow the tub is once again filled to the brim with bubbles?

Why is there a copy of USA Today?

Universal Films

The popular newspaper faction wasn't founded until 1982. Scarface takes place in the spring of 1980, so how does that make any sense at all? It doesn't.

Unless Tony was also a time traveler?

What is going on with those beer cans?

Universal Films

This happens when Tony and his crew are following the white car from the UN. Whenever the camera shows the interior of the vehicle, the cans appear intact.

But as soon as we're given an exterior shot, the cans are crushed.

The blood on Gina's robe disappears!

Universal Films

After Tony kills Manny in front of Gina, she falls to the ground cradling the body of her dead lover. During this process, her robe becomes covered in blood.

Yet in the very next scene, as she's being led away by Tony's goons, there's no blood anywhere on the robe!

Well, it cuts like a knife...

Universal Films

Watch as Gina enters Tony's office. If you look at the lamp post to Tony's right, you'll notice it's pre-cut.

Then, when Gina fires the gun, the lamp appears to slice in two? How did that happen!?

Why aren't they rioting?

Once again, look back to the riot at Freedom Town.

You can see a number of extras that just all of a sudden stop rioting, clearly thinking that they were off-camera when in fact they were not.

Gina fires one bullet too many.

Universal Films

Near the climax of the film, Gina begins firing a gun at Tony in a fit of rage and grief. The gun she's using is a Smith & Wesson Model 36 five-shot revolver.

Yet she somehow manages to fire-off six rounds?

Frank's lips aren't actually moving.

Universal Films

Clearly production felt that some dubbing needed to be done in order to further accentuate the scene. If you listen, you can hear Frank say "Tony, don't kill me — please!"

Yet his mouth is shut.