10+ Obvious Mistakes From '90s TV Shows

The '90s was a Golden Era for television. Some of the greatest sitcoms in the history of TV were birthed during this tumultuous decade of transition.

As you can imagine, these shows made their fair share of mistakes!

Below are 10+ obvious mistakes from '90s TV shows that fans didn't notice. Prepare to strap in for a heavy-helping of nostalgia as we reflect on some of our faves!

1. What happened to the rake and boxes in *The Simpsons*'s garage?


Right before Marge comes plowing up the driveway, we get a quick shot into the Simpsons' garage.

If you look in the right corner, you'll see an assortment of stacked boxes as well as a yard rake.

But when Homer runs inside the garage to avoid being hit by the car, the boxes and rake are nowhere to be seen!


What makes this mistake even worse is that you can see it every single time you watch an episode of The Simpsons!

2. The ages and birthdays on *Friends*.

These inconsistencies are borderline reckless. In season 1, we're told that Joey is the youngest in the group. Yet he somehow manages to turn 30 before Rachel?

Also, Ross is 29 for 3 years in seasons 3, 4, and 5!

3. Recasting Aunt Viv on *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*.

Granted, this came out of necessity but it doesn't erase the mistake. Recasting an actor is always a bad idea.

At least the writers kept their sense of humor. They couldn't help but introduce the new Aunt Viv in the most tongue-in-cheek way possible.

4. Why is *Frasier* wearing a wedding ring?


This happens in several episodes but you can really spot it in season 8's "Semi-Decent Proposal.

Watch as Frasier speaks to Claire beside the CD racks. You'll notice a wedding band appear on his finger and then vanish!

5. How old is Maxwell in *The Nanny*?


It would appear that Maxwell Sheffield and Ross Gellar have more in common than just being absentee fathers!

Maxwell manages to stay 43 for multiple seasons, and then somehow becomes 41 in season 3?

6. The Jerry Seinfeld cameo in season 7 of *Mad About You* makes absolutely no sense.

In a nutshell, Paul meets Jerry out on the street and is practically starstruck.

It isn't clear whether Jerry is playing himself or his Seinfeld character but it doesn't matter either way.

For one thing, *Mad About You* did a crossover episode with *Seinfeld* in season one.


Paul and Jerry were said to have been neighbors, therefore establishing that neither Jerry Seinfeld the person nor his show exists in the Mad About You universe.

If we're to believe that Jerry was actually playing his character from *Seinfeld*, it makes even less sense.


As I just mentioned, Jerry and Paul used to be neighbors!

So why would Paul be starstruck at all? It's messy, to say the least.

7. Those guns aren't actually firing in *The Sopranos*.

You can pretty much pick any random scene from any given season to notice this error.

Tony and his crew use semi-automatic pistols, often firing off multiple rounds at a time. If you watch closely, you'll see that the slides on the guns don't move at all.

8. Where exactly do Uncle Jesse and Rebecca live in *Full House*?


As you all no doubt remember, Uncle Jesse's attic apartment was massive. He lived there with Rebecca for years, along with their twin boys Nicky and Alex.

So tell me, judging from this picture, how on earth could this house have an attic apartment?

9. Since when do vampires cast a reflection in *Buffy The Vampire Slayer*?

One of the oldest pieces of vampire lore that the show clung to was the notion that vampires don't cast a reflection. The reason being that they are soulless.

Yet there are multiple times when you can see both Angel, as well as Spike, casting a reflection in tiny mirrors and pieces of broken glass scattered in random scenes.

10. How is Robert a police officer with the NYPD in *Everybody Loves Raymond*?

The show takes place in the town of Lynbrook, Long Island, where Robert is often seen patrolling the streets. Lynbrook has its own police department.

Furthermore, if Robert wanted to be a member of the NYPD — he'd have to live in New York City.

11. Every single time Jerry breaks character on *Seinfeld*.


What is the deal with Jerry Seinfeld? I've never understood his comedy and his performances on Seinfeld used to infuriate me!

Multiple times per episode, you can see Jerry snickering or clearly holding back laughter. There's nothing worse than a comedian who laughs at his own jokes.

12. Where did Nick get those albums in *Freaks And Geeks*?


This show is not only criminally underrated but it may just be the best thing that Judd Apatow has ever put his name to.

In Nick's room, you can see ZZ Top's Eliminator, as well as Loverboy's Get Lucky LP. The show takes place in 1980 and those albums weren't released until 1981 and 1983.