Debra Messing Went From Size Eight To Size Two On 'Will & Grace' Due To Pressure

For 11 wonderful seasons, Debra Messing played Grace on Will & Grace.

But for many of those seasons, the actress was secretly struggling with body image, which is unsurprising for Hollywood. She had even gone from a size eight to a size two during filming.

All this and more was recently revealed during an episode of the I Weigh podcast with Jameela Jamil.

This is Debra Messing.

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Fans probably know her best from her iconic role as Grace on the late '90s sitcom, Will & Grace.

She starred on the show from 1998 to 2006, when the show wrapped up for its first time after eight seasons.

You might also recognize her from movie roles, such as *The Wedding Date, Along Came Polly*, and more!


But I think we can all agree that Will & Grace was her best and her most iconic role of all time.

The NBC sitcom was even brought back to life in 2017!

In addition to loose ends being tied up, we were also introduced to new, exciting storylines.

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This included Grace being pregnant and Will (Eric McCormack) expecting a child via surrogate, with singer Demi Lovato playing his surrogate.

It was a blast to watch.

But good things came to an end, once again, when the show wrapped up for good on April 23, 2020.

Debra had shared the sad news with fans on Instagram ahead of the final season.

"To the best fans IN THE WORLD, W&G fans, we wanted to tell you that this will be the last season of the Reboot," she wrote.

"The creative team got together and we decided it was the right time. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to reunite and do the show AGAIN."

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She continued on, sharing why the revival was ending.

"It was only supposed to be 10 episodes, but because of you, the fans, it has turned into 3 YEARS. What a miracle."

"We are all committed to making this season the best ever, and to wrap up the story of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen in a way that feels meaningful and right."

Co-star Eric McCormack also shared his thoughts with his own post on Twitter.

While *Will & Grace* has been laid to bed, that doesn't mean that people are done talking about it.

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For one, there are new behind-the-scenes secrets being revealed all of the time.

And for two, Messing has been revealing some secrets of her own.

This took place recently on actress Jameela Jamil's *I Weigh* podcast.

There, Debra revealed that she went from a size eight to a size two during her first run on the NBC sitcom.

"When I started Will & Grace, I was a size 8," she told The Good Place star.

"And what happened was, every time I would go in for a fitting, I couldn't fit into clothes," she continued.

"You know, 80 percent of it I couldn't fit into, and I would leave just hating my body and hating myself."

She shared how the show's costumer designer would tell her not to fret over her weight.

But that didn't stop her from feeling self-conscious whenever larger-sized clothing had to be ordered for her.


"I thought, 'My life would be so much easier, and it would be easier on everybody trying to do their job, if I just lost weight,'" she shared.

To make this happen, she changed her lifestyle.

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"So I started doing yoga every single day and I did one of those meal delivery services. I started to get smaller and then I was a 6, and they were like, 'You're losing weight, you look amazing!'"

Sadly, this started messing (no pun intended) with Messing's head.

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She started to think: "Oh, this is making them happy, so I should do more of it."

She even felt "fat" and "ugly" when standing next to other actresses at the Emmys and Golden Globes.

This is what propelled her to get down to a size two.


"I was way too skinny," she confessed.

"But, you know, going in for those fittings, I fit into everything. And all of a sudden, I literally could fit into anything that was high fashion. So all of a sudden, everything seemed to open up for me, because I was a 2."

"For a while there, I was maintaining that, and then I got sick," the star added.

She told host Jamil that her body could not hold out.

"My adrenals crashed, I was exhausted and it just became clear to me that I couldn’t be healthy and a size 2 at the same time."

Thankfully, she's done a lot of healing — inside and out — to come to a place of "grace" with her size.

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"I look back at those pictures and I was beautiful," she shared.

"I mourn the fact that that was my interpretation of reality and that was the torture that I put myself through."

You can listen to the full interview yourself here.