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10+ Interesting Things About Demi Lovato Fans Didn't Know

In case you missed it, Demi Lovato got engaged to Max Ehrich recently, and it was basically the cutest, greatest thing to happen in 2020.

After the decade that she has had, this is exactly what she deserves!

So, in the spirit of being happy for her, here are some interesting facts about one of our favorite Disney icons!

1. "Demi" is not her first name.

While we've come to know her as Demi, it is actually just a nickname. Her full given name is: Demetria Devonne Lovato.

Either way, whether it's Demi or Demetria, she has a beautiful moniker!

2. Her mom was a professional cheerleader.

Evidently, performing runs in the family!

Although Demi's mom, Dianna De La Garza, wasn't an actress or a singer, she was an NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys! How cool is that?

3. She has two sisters.

Demi has an older sister named Dallas (coincidentally the team their mom was a cheerleader for), and a younger half-sister on her mom's side, who's also an actress, named Madison De La Garza.

4. She used to be a writer for *Seventeen* magazine.

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Not only is Demi an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, performer, and actress, but she is also a writer!

Back in 2011, she was a contributor for the popular teen mag, Seventeen.

5. She dated "Fez" from *That '70s Show*.


Demi has had her fair share of boyfriends over the course of her career.

But notably, she dated Wilmer Valderrama from That '70s Show. The pair met in 2010 and announced their split in 2016.

6. Demi and Selena Gomez have been best friends since they were nearly toddlers!

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Long before their shared film, Princess Protection Program, Demi and Selena had been close friends!

They met on the set of Barney and Friends when they were very young, and have been pals ever since.

Speaking of which, Demi and Selena also went on to have their own YouTube channel.

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In the early 2000s, when YouTube was gaining popularity, it was common for pre-teens to start up a pointless YouTube channel, and Demi and Selena were no different.

Theirs was called The Demi and Selena Show, and it was as cringe as it sounds.

7. Like the Jonas Brothers, Demi — at one point — also used to wear a purity ring.

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This doesn't exactly come as a surprise, seeing as she dated one of the brothers, and worked with them closely on the set of Camp Rock.

But she did, in fact, follow their lead, committing to celibacy when she was a teen.

8. Her favorite Disney princess is Cinderella.

Despite having sang "Let It Go" on the Frozen soundtrack, neither Elsa or Anna are her favorite Disney princesses!

Instead, Demi has stated that her go-to is Cinderella. She even named one of her dogs after her!

9. She was home schooled.

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Nowadays, it's hard to imagine that Demi ever struggled with her peers.

But she revealed that when she was younger, she was actually bullied by her classmates, so she asked to be home schooled instead.

10. When asked what superpower she would choose if she could have any, she chose very practically!

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If Demi could have any superpower, she revealed that she would choose teleportation because of how much traveling she does.

11. She has suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction since she was a teenager.

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β€œI had a sober companion, somebody who was watching me 24/7 and living with me [and] I was able to hide it [the drug use] from them as well," she said.

12. She is engaged!

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Last, but certainly not least, Demi recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Max Ehrich, on July 23rd.

β€œBest night of my life... still soaking it all up.. I love you baby @maxehrich πŸ’,” she wrote on Instagram.

13. She can play multiple instruments.

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On top of her powerhouse vocal abilities, Demi is a well-rounded musician!

She can play drums, guitar, and piano as well β€” something not many pop-stars can say the same for!

14. She is allergic to cats.

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After adopting a kitten, Demi had to bring it back to the shelter due to her severe allergies!

β€œI actually couldn't keep the cat, I had to give it back the next day because I'm allergic," she said.