10+ TV Characters Who Would Be Awful As Real People

Television has no shortages of great bad guys. They're practically awash everywhere you look on the small screen. But just because we find them amusing, doesn't mean we'd like them in real life.

Below are examples of TV characters who would be just plain awful as real people. While their oddball tendencies may make them fun to watch, by no means would you actually want to spend time with any member of this group!

Angelica Pickles from *Rug Rats*.

Angelica is every parent's worst nightmare. She's a spoiled brat and rotten to the core.

This little hellraiser absolutely delights in torturing her little cousin and manipulating others to do her bidding.

She's a blossoming psychopath.

Bill Compton from *True Blood*.


It isn't very often that a show makes you cheer for the villain and hate the hero. But somehow, Bill Compton manages to make audiences do just that.

He's annoying, manipulative, and duller than dishwater.

The Governor from *The Walking Dead*.


I don't know about you but I try to limit my interactions with people who have a penchant for pickling body parts to a minimum.

The Governor is easily one of the vilest villains ever to grace the small screen.

Charles Montgomery Burns from *The Simpsons*.

Mr. Burns is one seriously evil old man. He's motivated solely by money, material gains and is willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

He's selfish, cunning, and manipulative.

Eric Cartman from *South Park*.

Comedy Central

I can't even begin to start listing all the atrocities committed by Eric Cartman. This sweet smiling psychopath is one of the most dangerous TV minds that was ever devised.

Just ask Scott Tenorman...

Joffrey Baratheon from *Game Of Thrones*.


Could you imagine a world where Joffrey actually existed? How terrifying would that be?! Joffrey collects heads like most kids his age collect comic books or sports cards.

No thanks, Westeros. You can keep him.

Dennis Reynolds from *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia*.


The word 'sociopath' gets thrown around a lot these days. But if ever there was a TV character who embodied every sense of the word, it's Dennis Reynolds.

The way his mind works is truly terrifying.

Livia Soprano from *The Sopranos*.

Livia Soprano silently ruled The Soprano crew from the shadows for years. Guilt was her greatest weapon and nihilism her preferred vessel. Don't be fooled by her meek demeanor.

She has all the warmth and cunning of a rattlesnake.

Walter White from *Breaking Bad*.


There's an old saying that talks about how the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Walt's sacrifice becomes lost in a sea of pride, ego, and anger.

He gained the world but lost his soul.

Barney Stinson from *How I Met Your Mother*.


Barney Stinson is a walking contradiction. I'm sorry, but you can't quote from "The Bro Code" whenever it suits you and completely negate the rules when you see fit.

Also, no bro would ever sleep with his best friend's ex-girlfriend. Much less make-out with his mother.

Andy Bernard from *The Office*.

Do you want to talk about annoying characters? Well, move on over Michael Scott. Andy Bernard is the new Sherriff in town!

Andy is the very worst aspect of Michael's character with absolutely none of his redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Kimmy Gibbler from *Fuller House*.


The last thing that this world needs is more annoying neighbors. Kimmy is cringeworthy in absolutely everything she does.

If she ever moved in next door to me, I'd have to move. Otherwise, you'd be reading about me in the newspaper the next day...

Wilhelm 'The Wolf' Zuchs in *Hunters*.

Although Wilhelm Zuchs may be fictional in principle, sadly there were many men just like him in real life. His twisted, perverted ideologies were only surpassed by his obsession.

He's the worst, most dangerous kind of man there is.

George Costanza from *Seinfeld*.


George Costanza is a horrible human being. We're talking about a man who once pushed an elderly woman and a group of kids to the floor in order to escape an apartment fire.

He's a black hole of a human being.

Clay Morrow from *Sons Of Anarchy*.


Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The self-proclaimed King of Charming is practically Shakespearean in his mechanizations.

Clay is like a wounded animal stuck in a trap: scared, vicious, and dangerous. Great acting, though.