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10+ Movie Characters We Would Never Want To Meet In Real Life

As much as audiences enjoy watching the hero save the day, what they truly love is a villain. Someone who defies the status quo and introduces a little anarchy into the equation.

Below are 10+ movie characters who would be just plain awful as real people.

Just because we love them on the screen, doesn't mean you'd want to spend an evening with any member of this nefarious bunch.

Thanos from *Avengers: Infinity War*.

Well isn't this one kind of obvious? One snap and POOF you're erased from existence! If someone gave you a pill and said "there's a 50/50 chance that this will either kill you or make you stronger," would you take it?

Of course, not!

Anakin Skywalker from *Star Wars: Episode II - The Clone Wars*.

Notice how I was very careful not to say "Darth Vader". That's because Hayden Christiansen's portrayal of Anakin Skywalker is far more damaging than Darth ever was.

Anakin is the human embodiment of watching paint dry. Only he also comes equipped with scary mind control powers and mood swings.

Nicky Santoro from *Casino*.

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Sure, Nicky could probably show you a good time, but at what cost? The guy's a certified hot-head who's always looking to find quarrel in a straw.

One wrong word and he'd have your head in a vice! No, thank you.

Loki from *The Avengers*.

Just to be clear, I'm not limiting my version of Loki to a single film. I'll admit he does have his redeeming moments, but he's still a trickster through and through.

You just can't trust a guy like that at the end of the day.

Nurse Ratched from *One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest*.

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Nurse Ratched is the ultimate example of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. She's an abusive ego-maniac who would always need to have things her way.

Good luck trying to watch the ball game while she's in the room...

Ursula from *The Little Mermaid*.

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A lot of people say Jaws is the reason that they're afraid to go back in the water. For me, it's Ursula.

Can you imagine if this terrifying sea witch actually existed? It would wreak havoc on the Disney Cruise business I can tell you that much.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter from *The Silence Of The Lambs*.

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Why not Hannibal, you ask? For one thing, his taste in music is incredibly elitist. He's a bit on the picky side when it comes to his appetite and knowing me, I'd probably end up bringing the wrong vintage of Chianti.

Then I'd really be in trouble...

Annie Wilkes in *Misery*.

Be wary of fanatics who also keep sledgehammers within reach!

Annie's conflict resolution needs serious work. Although given her affinity for breaking legs, she could have a promising career as a low-level enforcer in the criminal underworld.

The Joker from *The Dark Knight*.

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Alfred said it best: "some men just want to watch the world burn."

That's the Joker in spades. Besides, how are you supposed to relax around a guy when you know at any moment he could squirt a flower full of acid in your face?

Dolores Umbridge in *Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix*.

Steven King once said that Dolores Umbridge was the evilest fictional character since Hannibal Lecter. If you need any more reason than that as to why she'd be a bit of a pill in the real world, then I don't know what to tell you?

Fletcher in *Whiplash*.

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Fletcher may not exist in real life, but his archetype certainly does. While I've never had a music teacher slap me in the face, I've certainly made a few scream at me pretty darn good.

I draw the line at chair-throwing and child abuse, though.

Milton Glenn in *Murder In The First*.

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A lot of people tend to forget about Associate Warden, Milton Glenn. Among his laundry list of atrocities, he locked up Henri Young in solitary confinement for more than three years.

That's beyond vindictive. It's just evil.

Freddy Kruger from *A Nightmare On Elm Street*.

I love a good cup of coffee, but even I couldn't stomach enough of the stuff to "never sleep again". A world where Freddy Kruger really is haunting dreams is no world for me.

In fact, that's my worst nightmare, defined.

Regina George in *Mean Girls*.

Just like I mentioned earlier, I think we've known people like Regina George. She's the Platonic Form of awfulness.

Regina also shows some shockingly alarming sociopathic tendencies that are probably best left in the realm of fiction.

Grandpa Joe in *Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory*.

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In my humble opinion, Grandpa Joe is one of the most wretched characters of all time. Think about it: he lays around in bed all day long while his only daughter works, cooks, and cleans.

Then, as soon as Charlie finds a Golden Ticket, he springs out of bed and can miraculously walk? I know a schemer when I see one, Joe...