TV Characters Who Really Deserved Better Endings

Not everything ends the way you think it should. More often than not, the characters from the shows we love and cherish don't wrap up the way we wish they would.

Below are 10+ examples of TV characters who deserved better endings than the ones they got. Though they may be gone, they will certainly never be forgotten.

Joey Tribbiani from *Friends*.

Joey remained in a state of arrested development for the entire series of Friends. While everyone else moved on and got married, he remained the same redundant character he always was.

I still think that he and Phoebe should have ended up together...

Daenerys Targaryen from *Game Of Thrones*.


So many things went wrong in the final season of Game of Thrones but perhaps none more so than the treatment of The Mother of Dragons.

She deserved more than a knife between the ribs from Jon Snow.

Harry 'Opie' Winston from *Sons Of Anarchy*.

Watching Opie's death on Sons of Anarchy was one of the most emotional moments of television I've ever seen in my entire life.

It was heartbreaking watching him make his final sacrifice. Throughout the series, no member of the MC gave more than Opie. He deserved better.

Haley Dunphy in *Modern Family*.

Watching Haley grow and evolve over the past few seasons was incredibly rewarding, it finally seemed as if she was getting a handle on herself and growing up!

And then they threw it all away by bringing Dylan back in the picture.

Eric Miles in *Sons Of Anarchy*.


Not a lot of people talk about Eric Miles, but his death is easily the most unjust of any member of SAMCRO. Miles was shot and killed by Juice and then framed for stealing cocaine.

They stripped him of his patch and buried him in an unmarked grave.

Chef in *South Park*.

Comedy Central

Since the beginning, Chef was one of the greatest aspects of South Park. He served as the gap that connected the children to the world of the adults.

After a disagreement over South Park's treatment of Scientology, voice-actor Isaac Hayes abandoned the role. Chef was given a half-hearted send-off and never heard from again.

Glenn Rhee from *The Walking Dead*.

Any comic book fan could have told you that this was coming from a mile away. But it still didn't make the impact any less severe.

Glenn was the eternal optimist, the beacon of hope and morality. When he died, a piece of the show died with him.

Troy McClure/Lionel Hutz in *The Simpsons*


Troy McClure was one of the greatest recurring citizens of Springfield. You may remember him from such films as Earwigs: Eww! and Man Vs. Nature: The Road to Victory!

Actor Phil Hartman was tragically shot and killed, extinguishing the lives of two of The Simpsons most beloved characters.

Rachel Green from *Friends*.


Speaking of characters who threw it all away for deadbeat losers, can we talk about Ross and Rachel? I mean can you believe this guy? He actually tried to say that his son Ben was the reason he couldn't follow Rachel to Paris.

You deserved better, Rach.

Hershel Greene in *The Walking Dead*.


I understand that it was becoming harder and harder to accept that a senior citizen with only one leg would be able to keep escaping a horde of zombies. But did they really have to go and lop-off his head?

I hated the Governor so much! I'm still mad about it.

Tara Maclay from *Buffy The Vampire Slayer*.

Come on, Joss Whedon! You were so close to doing something groundbreaking!

You set a new precedent by showcasing one of the first homosexual relationships on television and at the first sign of controversy, you had her killed off and threw it all away.

Beth Greene from *The Walking Dead*.

Unsurprisingly, more than one character got a bad death on The Walking Dead.

Beth got a huge character arc all to get it taken away from her in one swift move when she got shot by a cop "by accident". It was awful.

Bob Newby in *Stranger Things*.


I was convinced that Bob was bad. He just seemed to good to be true! I felt so guilty when it was confirmed that this was in fact not the case at all.

Bob was a true hero, who shouldn't have had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

ASAC Hank Schrader in *Breaking Bad*.

No, Hank did not deserve to be shot like an animal in the desert. If anything, he should have been the one to bring Walt in.

With that said, his death is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic and tense moments in the entire series.

Dexter Morgan in *Dexter*.


I have never felt more betrayed by a TV character than I have during that final season of Dexter. It was just plain pitiful and an outright travesty on behalf of the writers and creators.

Any true fan of the show would understand that Dexter would never and could never abandon Harrison.