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10+ DC Plot Holes Fans Will Never Get Over

I love comic book movies. For my money, there's nothing better than settling in with a big bowl of popcorn and watching Batman go toe-to-toe with the Joker.

That's not to say, however, that they're without fault. In fact, they have very many faults!

See what I mean and check out these 10+ DC plot holes fans can't get over.

1. The not-so-secret identity is borderline insulting in *Man Of Steel*.

Everyone on earth should know that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same.

You're telling me that all Superman has to do to in order to go incognito is to don a cheap pair of glasses?

The same goes for Diana Prince in *Justice League*.

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Diana literally works in a museum restoring old artifacts and paintings. Are we to seriously believe that not a single one of her colleagues ever put two and two together?

At least Clark wears glasses. Diana makes no attempt whatsoever to hide who she is!

2. What was the point of Batman's car chase in *Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice*?

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Batman's entire M.O. is built around stealth. So why would he make such a racket breaking into Luthor's warehouse, destroy half of Gotham, as well as totally wreck the Batmobile, only to end up stealing the kryptonite off-screen?

Shouldn't he have just done it that way in the first place?

3. China would definitely not be OK with Batman flying a plane unannounced into their airspace.

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I'll bite that he may have been able to initially fly-in under the radar (although that's highly unlikely). But there's no way that you could fly a 747 over downtown Hong Kong without having the Chinese government scramble their fighters and shoot you down.

No way he gets out alive. I don't care if he is Batman.

4. The Suicide Squad are incredibly underwhelming.

Amanda Waller's rationale for creating the squad isn't hard to follow. The goal was to create a team that would be able to withstand a Superman-like threat.

If that's true, why would you choose a guy who throws boomerangs, a bi-polar genius psychopath, and a marksman as your A-Team?

5. Sorry Superman, but that's not how time travel works.

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To save Lois Lane's life, Superman goes back in time by rapidly spinning the earth backward. I don't understand time travel but I know enough to know it doesn't work like that.

More than likely, Superman would have ended up killing the entire planet!

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If the earth all of a sudden started spinning even a fraction of a degree off its axis or increased in speed, the consequences would be catastrophic.

Sea levels would rise and temperatures would soar.

6. Lex Luthor contradicts himself in *Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice*.

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Lex's problem with Superman is simple: he doesn't trust him. To Lex, Supes will always be an alien posing as a human.

Therefore, everything he does is designed to destroy Superman for the betterment of mankind.

If he feels that strongly, then why would he have created the Doomsday monster?

Doomsday would've and could've destroyed the entire planet had Clark not stopped him. Isn't that ironic?

The hypocrisy of committing evil to prevent evil is a notion that Lex would never have entertained.

7. Why would Steppenwolf need to interrogate anyone to find out where the Mother Box was?

He can literally feel their pull-through space and time, sometimes even while he's lightyears away.

If he could feel the pull of the Mother Box from Apokalips, how could he not know where to go once he'd arrived on earth?

8. Why didn't the police show up to the Joker's parade in *Batman*?

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Seriously? I mean, they'd been looking for him for the entire film!

But when he goes on public TV and tells them that he's literally throwing a parade in downtown Gotham, the GCPD doesn't even bother to show up?

9. Ra's Al-Ghul's microwave emitter would have killed everyone.

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Ra's uses a microwave emitter to spread the Scarecrow's fear toxin through the air. The only problem with that is that it would have vaporized everyone in its path!

Humans are about 60% water, so you can imagine what something like that could do to a person.

10. How does Bruce get back to Gotham in *The Dark Knight Rises*?

Let's review, shall we? After having his back broken by Bane, Bruce is dumped into this literal prison hole in the earth - thousands of miles away from Gotham.

Not only does his broken back miraculously heal (without surgery) but he somehow manages to find a way back to Gotham! Even though he had no money, no suit, no gadgets, not even a phone.

11. Just how exactly did Selina Kyle survive her fall in *Batman Returns*?

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After Selina is pushed out of the window, she plummets to the ground and is revived by a group of cats who lick and bite at her fingers.

So what happened: did the cats give her powers? Was Selina just lucky, is it a combination of the two? I need to know!

12. The Suicide Squad literally do nothing.

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The entire mission revolves around extracting a high-risk target, who turns out to be...Amanda Waller? How does that make any sense?

Also, did they really need to go through all that fuss just to have Waller walk up the stairs and rendezvous with a helicopter? It's incredibly anti-climactic.