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10+ Obscure Facts About DC Movies That'll Change Some Perspectives

While admittedly not even in the same stratosphere as their Marvel counterpart, DC movies still have a part to play. The dark, often gritty undertones are a much more realistic approach to comic book storytelling.

There have been countless DC films released over the years. So how about we get nostalgic together and check out these 10+ completely random facts about DC movies fans didn't know!?

An irrational fear almost prevented Michael Keaton from becoming *Batman*.

"I was very claustrophobic. The first time I was locked in, I thought, ‘This is never going to happen, I’m never gonna do it.’"

Luckily Michael was able to push through the fear and turn in a historic performance.

Michelle Pfeiffer wasn't the first choice to play Catwoman in *Batman Returns*.

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Michelle said in an interview:

"When I heard that Tim was making the film and Catwoman had already been cast, I was devastated. At the time, it was Annette Bening. Then she became pregnant. The rest is history."

There's an extra star on all the flags in *Watchmen*.

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This is due to the fact that Vietnam becomes the 51st state in the film's alternate universe. The war is effectively put to an end by Dr. Manhattan.

It's an incredibly cool subtle detail.

The domino scene in *V For Vendetta* was incredibly complicated.

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The scene called for an astounding 22,000 individual dominos to be placed into the perfect position.

It took a team of four professionals some 200 hours to complete the task.

Henry Cavill refused to take steroids or use any CGI body modification in *Man Of Steel*.

"It was a big responsibility. It was very important to represent the character’s physicality in the right way. I was living and breathing Superman. I just wanted to do this right."

Zachary Levi gained 20 lbs of muscle in a month for *Shazam!*.

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Not only was Zach working out on average 5-6 times a week, he was also consuming an insane amount of calories, roughly 3700 a day according to Levi.

That's about 1000 calories more than the recommended consumption.

Temuera Morrison has Jason Mamoa to thank for his role in *Aquaman*.

According to Jason, Tom (Temuera) was one of his early acting idols. When the time came for production to cast Arthur Curry's (Jason) father, Mamoa threw Morrison's name into the ring.

Gal Gadot also hit the gym for *Wonder Woman*.

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"Since I've started, I've gained about 17 lbs., and it's all muscle," Gal said in an interview. "I feel so much better now. When you feel strong, it changes everything — your posture, the way you walk. I look at photos from five years ago and think, 'Whoa, I was too skinny. It's not cool.'"

Heath Ledger locked himself in a motel room for *The Dark Knight*.

Heath rented a room in a rundown motel and stayed in complete isolation for roughly six weeks. When asked why he chose to do this, he said it was so that he could better explore the psychosis of the Joker.

Tom Hardy's transformation into Bane was incredibly hard on his body.

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"I haven’t damaged my body, but I’m certainly a bit achier than I used to be! I certainly have joints that click that probably shouldn’t click, you know what I mean? And carrying my children is a little bit harder than it used to be—but don’t tell them!”

Cillian Murphy holds a DCEU record.

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Cillian (scarecrow) is the only villain to appear in all three of the Christopher Nolan Batman films.

No other actor (villain) has ever made more than a single appearance in a live-action DC movie.

Kevin Spacey was always in character while filming *Superman Returns*.

Spacey even went to the trouble of purchasing a golfcart with the decal "Lex's Super Buster". He was known to drive around with a Superman doll tied to the back and would scream "Kill Superman!" through a megaphone.

Mark Hamill has been the voice of the Joker in the DCAU for nearly 30 years.

That's right, Luke Skywalker himself is none other than Gotham's 'Clown Prince of Crime'! Mark first began his vocal work on the groundbreaking series Batman The Animated Series. Since then, he's appeared in countless films, TV shows, and even video games!

Ryan Reynolds met his future wife while filming *Green Lantern*.

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"I remember it was funny because for about a year after Green Lantern had come and gone and we were both single. We went on a double date. She was on a date with another guy and I was on a date with another girl."

Tragedy struck while filming *Justice League*.

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Director Zack Snyder had to step down from the film after his daughter sadly took her own life

"I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me. They are all having a hard time. I’m having a hard time.”