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10+ Hidden Details In DC Movies Fans Didn't Notice

The DCEU is the exact opposite of its Marvel counterpart. Their films are gritty, dark, and often incredibly violent. It's a much more grounded approach to comic book storytelling.

To celebrate the incredible achievements of these films, here are 10+ hidden details in DC movies that fans didn't notice. Get ready to shine your bat-light in the sky, because here we go!

1. Lucius Fox foreshadows the arrival of a popular villain *The Dark Knight*.

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At the very beginning of the film, Lucius speaks with Bruce about the new bat-suit he's designed. Bruce asks him how the suit will hold-up against dogs, to which Lucius replies "It should do just fine against cats."

This is a clever tip of the cap to Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman.

2. There's a reference to Bob Kane in Tim Burton's *Batman*.

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Alexander Knox is one of the few reporters in Gotham who actually believes that Batman is real. As a joke, one of his colleagues gives him a hand-drawn sketch of a giant man-bat.

If you look at the signature, it reads Bob Kane. Bob was one of the Batman co-creators, along with Bill Finger.

3. Keep Calm and Call Batman!

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During the epic finale of Man of Steel, when Zod is destroying Wayne Enterprises, a very familiar poster can be seen adorning one of the desks.

It reads "Keep Calm and Call Batman." Wise words to live by and a very tasty Easter Egg as well.

4. A nod to one of the most iconic comic book covers of all-time in *Suicide Squad*.

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You'll likely remember a scene that shows The Joker and Harley Quinn dancing with one another?

That's a reference to Alex Ross, one of the most well-known and respected Batman artists in the history of comics.

5. There's a reference to *Batman: The Animated series in *The Dark Knight Rises*.

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John Daggett was a low-level crime boss, who basically worked as Bane's puppet in the film. His name might not immediately ring any bells, however, Roland Daggett certainly should.

Roland was one of Batman's main recurring antagonists, and was created for the animated series by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

6. Take a closer look at the Joker card in *Batman Begins*.

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The conclusion of Batman Begins is nothing short of epic. The film closes with Gordon telling Batman of a new villain in town, one who like himself, is a fan of theatrics and even leaves a calling card.

The name of the officer who handed in the evidence is J. Kerr.

  1. Kerr is actually short for Joe Kerr, a known alias of The Joker. This means that it was actually The Joker who handed in this piece of evidence, while undercover.

7. Remembering Adam West and Burt Ward in *Joker*.

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Remember the scene where Arthur Fleck has his encounter with a young Bruce Wayne?

Before Arthur calls him over to the gate, Bruce is playing on the climbers in his backyard.

What's important to note is that he doesn't jump off, but rather he slides down a pole to the ground.


This is a clear reference to the 1960's live-action Batman, played by Adam West. In the show, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson would slide down a pair of hidden poles in order to descend into the Batcave.

In full-costume as well, I might add.

8. Another nod to an iconic Joker story in *Joker*.

One of the most important lines spoken throughout the whole film happens after Arthur's neighbor finds him in her apartment. This is also the moment when we realize their relationship only existed in his mind.

Arthur looks up at her and says "I had a bad day."

This is a clear allusion to *The Killing Joke*, the most famous Joker origin story of all time.

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The premise of The Killing Joke is all that separates The Joker and Batman is one bad day. One bad day to turn an otherwise sane man, into a stark-raving lunatic.

This line of dialogue is the moment where Arthur symbolically becomes The Joker.

9. The Riddler's graffiti in *Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice*.

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As Batman prepares the site for battle against Superman, a quick flash to a random patch of graffiti reveals a lot. If you look on the pillar, you'll see the unmistakeable question mark calling card of Edward Nygma.

10. Yet another *Batman: The Animated Series* reference in *Batman & Robin*.

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One of the most beloved episodes from the animated series is called "Heart Of Ice". It tells the origin story of Mr. Freeze.

During an early scene in Batman & Robin, after Freeze is arrested and held at Arkham, we see him stare longingly at a snowglobe held in his hands.

This entire scene is a re-enactment of the episode.


Just like Arnold does in the film, the animated version of Freeze watches helplessly as a ballet-dancer spins inside the snow globe.

It's at this point that he utters one of the most famous quotes of the series: "This is how I'll always remember you, surrounded by winter, forever young, forever beautiful."

11. The shadow on Selina Kyle's face in *Batman Returns* foreshadows her becoming Catwoman.

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If you take a look at the shadow that is cast on Selina's face during her death scene with Max Shreck, it reveals a lot.

It forms the shape of the mask that Selina eventually comes to wear.