10+ Most Iconic 'Big Bang Theory' Moments Of All Time

Over the course of its twelve season run, The Big Bang Theory is packed with memorable moments. Those that make us laugh and even those which made us cry.

Below are 10+ of the most iconic The Big Bang Theory moments of all time. So grab your favorite spot on the couch, order-in some Thai food, and get ready to yell "Bazinga!".

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..."

The first time we hear Penny sing "Soft Kitty" is when Sheldon is sick with a man-cold of truly epic proportions.

It strengthened their bond and over time the song became one of the most beloved running jokes of the series.

When Penny and Sheldon hug.


Penny's Christmas gift to Sheldon is equal parts heart-warming and hilarious! Upon receiving the used napkin of Leonard Nemoy, Sheldon happily exclaims that all he now needs is a healthy ovum to grow his own Dr. Spock!

The hug that ensues between the two is truly a Christmas miracle.

Sheldon's drunk speech.


I don't know why, but for me, there's nothing more hilarious than when Sheldon refers to the Geology department as "the Dirt People."

A close second, however, is when he drunkenly declares his total lack of respect for the field in front of the entire University!

Leonard and Penny's first kiss.


What really made this moment memorable is how out of the blue it was!

It would take some time before they'd finally find one another, but this was the first instance where Penny's true feelings about Leonard were brought to light.


Pretty much every single member of the gang has fallen victim to one of Sheldon's classic practical jokes. The first time he ever says the classic one-liner is all the way back in season 1:

"a) I rarely kid. And b) When I do kid, you will know it by my use of the word 'Bazinga!'"

When Sheldon met Amy.


Were there ever two people more meant for one another? Watching their first meeting was like something out of The Twilight Zone!

From that single exchange, it was clear that Sheldon had found his Paramore: both emotionally and intellectually.

When Leonard and Amy were wedding dates.


Few things are more hilarious than watching Amy Farrah Fowler draw a fake mustache on her finger as a "conversational icebreaker".

This was the beginning of Amy's evolution as a character, the point where she stopped being just a mirror for Sheldon.

Kripke Vs. Cooper.


Sheldon and Kripke have been mortal enemies from the very beginning. In a hilarious war of pranks, Kripke fills Sheldon's office with Helium.

In retaliation, Sheldon rigs a foam bomb to explode in his office - while he's touring the University's Board of Directors!

When Howard performs "Sweet Bernadette".


Howard's musical talents deserve more recognition. The man can really pound the ivories when he wants to.

His apology song "Sweet Bernadette" was one of the first times we saw Howard act like a man, instead of a perverted adolescent.

Sheldon the robot.

The first time Sheldon rolled out of his bedroom as a "Mobile Virtual Presence Device" I almost broke down from laughing so hard.

In my opinion, this is the best episode/moment of the entire series. It's absolutely hysterical!

Amy and Howard bond over their shared love of Neil Diamond.


The best way to mend fences with someone is to start on common ground. For Howard and Amy, that meant a shared love of Neil Diamond.

Their carpool karaoke could put anything by James Corden to shame!

When Sheldon and Amy share a kiss on a train!


What begins as an act of defiance, ends in one of the most surprisingly passionate kiss scenes of the whole series.

It's not just the fact that Sheldon kisses Amy, it's how he slowly moves his body to be closer to hers.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper presents *Fun With Flags* - Episode 1.

OK, I was wrong - this is actually the best/most iconic moment! Who could forget Fun With Flags!?

Sheldon and Amy's combined on-camera awkwardness is riveting and their puns are delightful! Never has there ever been a better video-podcast on "Vexillology."

"Bazinga, punk! Now we're even!"


Could this be the best "Bazinga!" of all time? Yes, it is. Earlier on, Leonard along with Raj and Howard, put Sheldon through a gauntlet of horrors.

Sheldon gets Leonard back by hollowing out the couch, concealing himself inside, and finally popping out screaming at the perfect moment!

Raj loves a good Grasshopper.


For the longest time, Raj had a complete inability to talk to women - or so we thought.

All it took was one giant green Grasshopper, courtesy of Penny the bartender, to loosen his lips.