10+ 'Big Bang Theory' Mistakes Fans Missed

There's a lot more to unravel in The Big Bang Theory than just math, science, and history.

As smart as the show was, they still got away with their fair share of mistakes.

Below are 10+ The Big Bang Theory mistakes fans missed. Some are so glaringly obvious, you'll wonder how you missed them the first time around, but that's why we are here.

Howard would never be able to pass an astronaut's physical.


Let's run the gauntlet of Howard Walowitz's health hazards, shall we? First of all, he's a high risk of heart disease. Howard suffers from a severe nut allergy (a staple for astronauts), and he's also an asthmatic.

NASA wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole.

Those are salt & pepper grinders, not shakers.


Pay close attention whenever you see the guys in the cafeteria having lunch. They hardly ever eat their food but you will see them use the salt and pepper quite often.

However, they're clearly grinders and they use them as if they were shakers!

Isn't Sheldon supposed to be allergic to cats?

Sheldon is sure to make mention of his feline aversion early on in the series, so how is it that he's able to adopt not just one but six cats in 'The Zazzy Substitution'?

Why wasn't Penny's sister at her wedding?

We've definitely heard Penny mention her sister Lisa on more than one occasion. Her mother, father, and brother Randall were all at the wedding, so where was Lisa?

Did she have something better to do than to watch her sister get married?

Why are there so many inconsistencies with celebrities?


The gang seems to revere the likes of Wil Wheaton, Stan Lee, and Leonard Nemoy. So how is it that they weren't able to put two and two together when Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) makes an appearance?

Isn't it supposed to be one of their favorite shows!?

If Sheldon is so germaphobic, how would he have been able to perform CPR?

During an episode titled "The Agreement Dissection", Sheldon recalls how he once gave CPR to a nun on a bus. Apparently, she'd passed out from heat exhaustion.

There is no way that a young Sheldon, at the height of his phobia, would ever lock-lips with a stranger. No matter how dire the situation.

Penny calls her father by two different names.


This one kind of defies logic or rationale.

But early on we hear Penny refer to her father as Bob, but later when he becomes a more recurring character, his name is changed to Wyatt.

What's the deal with Leonard's snoring?

Early on we hear Penny confirm that Leonard doesn't snore. Sheldon even goes so far as to list it as one of Leonard's good roommate qualities.

So how does Leonard all of a sudden get a deviated septum?

Sheldon's logic for not cashing his paychecks doesn't make any sense.

Sheldon explains that he doesn't cash his paychecks because he doesn't trust banks. This is laughable. A check is not a guaranteed source of funds. It's a promissory note from a financial institution and is only worth anything after the bank cashes it.

Sheldon's far too intelligent to not understand this basic concept.

Did Raj just speak?!


We all remember Raj's fears with women, as well as the only thing that alleviated said fear.

However, in the seventh episode of the show's first season, he speaks to Leonard while Penny is still in the room! How does that happen?

Why hasn't anyone fixed the elevator!?


I'm sorry but this just bugs me. Howard is a freaking engineer! Something that he built is literally on Mars for goodness sake!

How is it that with the combined brainpower of he, Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj, no one can figure out why an elevator isn't going up and down?

It's the Age of Aquarius!

This is admittedly a minor inconsistency, but it's one worth mentioning. Sheldon states that his zodiac symbol is Taurus, but his birthday is actually in February!

This would make Sheldon an Aquarius, not a Taurus.

How can Penny afford to live alone but Leonard and Sheldon can't?


Penny is an out of work actress, working at The Cheesecake Factory to make ends meet. Leonard and Sheldon have doctoral certificates and are employed by the California Insitute of Technology.

Maybe it's because Sheldon wasn't cashing his paychecks?

If Sheldon was actually trapped in a room filled with helium, it wouldn't be quite so funny...


To put it bluntly: he'd be dead. Logic dictates that in a room filled with that much helium, there'd be very little oxygen in the air.

Sheldon would have suffocated before his interview was over.

WOW! Penny's gaming laptop isn't even turned on!


In an incredibly memorable episode titled "The Barbarian Sublimation", Sheldon introduces Penny to the wonderful world of online gaming. She, like many who came before her, becomes totally enthralled and hopelessly addicted.

Taking a closer look at her laptop, however, reveals that the PC isn't even turned on!