10+ 'Big Bang Theory' Plot Holes Fans Can't Get Over

I recently revisited The Big Bang Theory and I have to say that the show has me in a bit of a hot dense state.

As great as it is, there were some things that left me scratching my head.

Below are 10+ The Big Bang Theory plotholes that fans, like myself, just can't manage to get over or look past. They'll make you wonder how you ever managed to miss them in the first place.

Isn't Sheldon allergic to cats?

He certainly didn't seem to be in "The Zazzy Substitution". Sheldon hastily adopts six cats and seems to have no reaction to the cute cats whatsoever!

This doesn't make a lot of sense since he's mentioned multiple times before that he is indeed allergic.

How on earth is Howard an astronaut?


It goes without saying that Howard Walowitz would never be considered for a space mission. He has a deadly nut allergy, heart problems, asthma, and a plethora of other ailments.

He'd be a walking liability.

Why does Penny's father have two names?


Before we meet Penny's father for the first time, she refers to him by name as Bob.

However, in later seasons when he actually becomes a recurring character, his name has changed to Wyatt.

Just how did the elevator actually break?


In season 1's "The Nerdvana Annihilation", the elevator is said to have already been broken for two years.

However, in season 3, it's revealed that the elevator actually broke when one of Leonard's experiments went terribly wrong. So which is it?

Sheldon only sometimes seems to care about his spot on the couch.


Sheldon only seems to care about his spot on the couch when it's convenient for a laugh.

Literally every single member of the gang has sat in his spot at one time or another and Sheldon hasn't said a word.

Sheldon is pretty sarcastic for someone who doesn't understand sarcasm.

If Sheldon doesn't understand sarcasm, then how is it that he manages to be so snarky toward Penny and Leonard?

Can he just not hear the sarcasm in others? He seems to have it mastered when it comes to passive-aggressive insults?

How does Sheldon forget things if he has an eidetic memory?


Sheldon seems to forget things at will. He misremembers scenes from movies, attributes misdeeds to historical figures, and even has to consult his own handwriting at times.

Sheldon should be able to recall all of this and more.

How long were Leonard and Joyce Kim involved for?


There's a bit of discrepancy as far as the timeline is concerned. In the episode titled "The Staircase Implementation", Leonard claims to have known Joyce for only twelve hours.

In a previous episode, "The White Asparagus Triangulation', their relationship is said to have lasted a full twenty-seven days!

Why do they make fun of Howard's mother for being overweight?


Other than the fact that it's pretty funny (you know it's true), it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense?

The pictures of Mrs. Walowitz that can be seen on the mantel certainly don't allude to her being overweight?

Was Sheldon lying about not knowing how to dance?

Yet another example of the show forgoing continuity altogether, just to get a laugh. Sheldon repeatedly mentions in several previous episodes not only that he can't dance, but that he has zero desire to do so.

Then out of nowhere he becomes Sheldon Cooper, "Lord of the Dance", and reveals that he was forced to take cotillion lessons as a child.

Why would Sheldon care about a parking spot when he doesn't drive?


I never really understood this episode.

Yes, Sheldon and Howard have always held a particular disdain for one another, but the fact that Sheldon became so preoccupied with something that he never gave a second thought to just seemed like a waste of his time. It was a stretch, even for someone as OCD as him!

When did Bernadette get pregnant?

Several TV shows have fallen victim to the 'pregnancy paradox', as I call it. If you track the time from when we first learn of Bernadette's pregnancy, until the moment that she gives birth, the numbers simply don't add up.

She's pregnant for close to a full year.

What is Sheldon's zodiac?


To be fair, this one does appear to be a bit of an early oversight opposed to a glaring plothole. But after listening to Sheldon expound on how astrology is nothing but "hokum", Penny replies with "Blah blah blah, typical Taurus."

Sheldon is actually born in February, which would make him a Pisces. This is corrected later on.

Was Leonard at Comic-Con or the Arctic?


To the best of my recollection, the guys never managed to invent a 'matter transporter'. Sheldon never ended up cracking the secrets of String Theory, so it's pretty safe to say that Leonard can't have been in two places at once.

How then does he have a sketch of himself at Comic-Con when he was supposed to be in the Arctic?

If Sheldon is germaphobic, how is he hand-feeding Penny?

Sheldon seems to abandon this when it's convenient, as he does with a number of his more notable eccentricities.

There's no way that someone who is as severely germaphobic as Sheldon would put their hands anywhere near another person's mouth.