'Ozark' Fans Point Glaring Mistake In Season 3

While many fans are still reeling from that final scene at the end of Season 3, others have spent their time noticing a few glaring mistakes about the Netflix show.

This is a pretty big deal since the show is so beloved by fans and has even won several major awards.

Keep reading to find out what these mistakes are!

Warning: Season 3 Spoilers Ahead.

There's no denying that *Ozark* is one of the best shows out there.


The Netflix series, now in its third season, centers around married couple Marty and Wendy Bird as they do everything they can to stay alive while working for the Mexican Cartel.

But even amazing shows have their flaws (cough, *Game of Thrones* and that coffee cup).

For Ozark, fans have found not one, not two, but three glaring mistakes in the beloved crime show.

The first involves Wendy and the nasty punch she received from Darlene after she called her a "redneck."

For some backstory, Wendy picked a fight with Darlene at the farmer's market to get her to hit her.


Her plan was simple:

If Darlene hit her, which she did, then she could brand her as a violent and unfit mother and use that to get custody of baby Zeke.

While Wendy's plan didn't work in the end (thanks to Wyatt testifying), something else wasn't right.


Wendy's face was bruised, swollen, and bloody from the punch, but by episode four "Boss Fight," there were hardly any markings.

In the end, it was like it never even happened.

It's not certain whether this was a continuity error or whether Wendy's bruise was covered by the dark tint producers use for the show.


Regardless, the next mistake that some believe the show made was showing the drug kingpin, Omar Navarro, too early.

By doing this, it ruined the mystique behind the once-faceless character.


Before, he was simply a name that held a lot of fear and weight.

Even after Marty was kidnapped and then released by Navarro, he revealed that he wasn't as afraid of him anymore.

"I spent a decade afraid of something and when it finally arrived, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be, and I wasn't who I thought I would be," he said.

But with the series showrunner Chris Mundy revealing back in April 2019 that the show might only have two more seasons left, it seemed a good time to introduce Navarro to fans.

This brings us to the last huge mistake found in *Ozark* Season 3.


Back in May, Reddit user, 'The _Area_Manager,' posed this question to the show's official SubReddit:

"How come nobody in Ozark ever wears a seat belt while driving?"

"Is it not mandatory in Missouri like it is in the UK where I live?" they added.


This caused many more fans of the show to weigh in with their thoughts.

"They rarely show people wearing seat belts in TV shows. It’s just not something people normally pay attention to. Like using empty coffee cups,' wrote this Reddit user.

Another person pointed out how most actors aren't actually driving vehicles while filming.

In addition to this, most actors don't actually drink or eat on set.

"I think the only person I remember seeing who actually eats their food is Wendys brother," wrote this user.

If fans were to go back to Season 1, they would see that Wendy and Marty (played by Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, respectively) did buckle up quite a bit.

But by Season 3, it's rare. This may have a lot to do with them working with the police and not being afraid of being ticketed.

After all, Jonah avoided a boat police ticket simply by his family name.

Fans on Twitter were also curious about the seatbelt issue in *Ozark*.

"You’d think with all the [expletive] the folks on Ozark are up to they’d at least wear a seatbelt," another added.

Right?? At any time, there could be the need to race away from the Mexican Cartel.

While it's uncertain whether it's related, on May 4, writer Alisa Grauso, posed this question to people on Twitter:

This caused so many TV and movie fans to weigh in about the quirks that drive them insane.

A big one was when the characters hang up the phone without saying goodbye.

Talk about being rude!

Users also found it annoying when characters make plans to meet up somewhere, but then don't discuss where or when they're meeting.

How are you supposed to know where to meet??

Did you notice the cast of *Ozark* not wearing seatbelts in Season 3?


Or in the show's first two seasons?

Also, what are some things characters do on movies or TV that bug the heck out of you?

Let us know in the comments!