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Twitter Is Dragging Kim Kardashian For 'Forgetting' She's White After Asking Fans Not To Judge Her 'Pale' Hand

Now look I get it, everyone's beauty routine has been slipping a little lately. I haven't tweezed my unibrow in like a MONTH!

But Twitter? Twitter isn't gonna let Kim K forget that her "pale hands" are just her naturally colored hands...eep!

It's no secret that Kim likes a good ~tan~ ALL YEAR ROUND.

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The 39-year-old has been accused of cultural appropriation many times in the past due to her decision to dramatically deepen her skin tone.

One of Kim's most recent callouts was during this photoshoot for *Hollywood 7* magazine.

Many Twitter users felt Kim was blackfishing.

And of course, who can forget when Kim infamously used her KKW beauty foundation to darken her hands a few months ago.

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"@kkwbeauty Body Make Up is perfect for hands bc my hands are always pale & our formula is waterproof so you can wash your hands! We used color Light/Medium," she captioned the pic.

Naturally, this very stark skin color contrast made its way around Twitter.

"Dear @KimKardashian, your hands are always pale because you’re white. It’s ok to be yourself," wrote one Twitter user.

Now, Kim's latest blunder came when she asked fans not to judge her "pale hands" during an Insta video. I KNOW RIGHT, ANOTHER STORY ABOUT HER PALE HANDS!!!!

When is she gonna learn?!

Kim posted a video of herself applying a lipgloss from her makeup line.

"Don't judge me for my pale hands," the text on her video read.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot of jokes to make about Kim's hands.

It's tough because Kim's hands are just her natural skin shade.

Needless to say, the self tanner has left the chat *and* Kim's hands.

People began pointing out that we have seen Kim's "pale" hands on *Keeping Up With The Kardashians* many times before!

It's easy to put foundation on your face and neck but the hands? A whole other story!

I mean yes, in comparison to the rest of her body, her hands *are* pale!

But her whole body should match her hands, ya know?!

Kimmy girl, where's that KKW Beauty body foundation at?!

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