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After Five Months Of Dating, Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Got Matching Tattoos

Things are getting serious between Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson.

First, they got tattoos together after two weeks of dating and now, they got matching ones!

Unless you've been living under a rock for oh, the past year, you'd know that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split up last summer.

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They did so after being married for only eight months.

Before that, they had an off-and-on relationship that spanned almost a decade.

After their split, Miley didn't waste *any* time moving on from the "Hunger Games" actor.

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She was soon connected to Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner's ex-wife.

The ladies were first pictured kissing while on vacay in Italy. This was the same day that news broke about Miley and Liam's split.

The two ladies were hot and heavy for a while.

They were photographed holding hands after Miley's "Slide Away" (a song allegedly about Liam) performance at the VMA's and there were even reports that the two were living together.

Soon, though, Miley called it quits.

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A source close to the star told People that Miley broke things off was because she “doesn’t want a serious relationship."

“She and Kaitlynn spent every day together, and it just wasn’t anything that Miley wanted to continue doing," they said.

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"She wants to focus on her career. It wasn’t an easy decision, but this is ultimately what she wants.”

But it wasn't long until Miley entered into a serious relationship with Australian singer, Cody Simpson.

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They've been inseparable ever since.

"We keep each other in a good place,” Simpson said about their relationship on The Kyle and Jackie O Show adding that they bonded over their sobriety.

"That’s what’s really healthy about it and I think that’s the first time I’ve had that in a relationship. We’re very, very much on the same page.”

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The pair are also the same page musically.

For instance, Miley is doing the World Tour Bushfire Relief charity concert in Australia this month and Cody has been creating new music.

When Cody shared this image of him working hard in the studio, Miley took it upon herself to leave a very NSFW comment...

"Where’s the screen shot of me flashing my boobies while u record. Tip: smiling when you sing helps pitch by brightening the sound! You’re welcome for all the above!" she wrote.

Ah, that's so Miley.

Speaking of NSFW, the pair have heated things up on Instagram a few times before...

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Cody shared this very steamy image of them back in November.

Their relationship has gone through the deep times, too. The 22-year-old was there for Cyrus after she landed in the hospital for tonsillitis this past fall.

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"This sweeeeeet guy came to visit and the hospital and sang the sweeeeeetest song he wrote just for me," Miley shared on social media.

Then, this past Halloween, they joined forces for an amazing couple's costume.

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If you haven't already guessed, they went as Billy Idol and Perri Lister.

But that's not the only time these two were matching...

After five months of dating, the pair got matching trident tattoos recently.

For this, they went to tattoo artist Nico Bassill in Los Angeles.

While the trident tats are giving us serious "Little Mermaid" ~vibez~, that's not why they got them.

Most likely, it's a nod to the poetry book, Prince Neptune that Cody is releasing on April 7.

Seeing as how he's already written a song inspired by Cyrus (go check "Golden Girl" out), it's *very* likely that there will be lots of poems inspired by her in the book.

Who knows, maybe there's even a poem about them showing each other their privates in the studio, so they can sing better...

BTW, this isn’t the first time Miley and Cody got tattoos together.

They got tattoos together back in October after just two weeks of dating.

You know what they say, the couple that gets inked together regrets it stays together!