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Miley Cyrus Threw Major Shade At Liam Hemsworth At The VMAs

With arguably the most ANTICIPATED VMAs performance of the night, Miley had a lot to live up to.

And in the words of Ms. Cyrus herself, "SWEET NIBLETS!"

The VMAs debut of her latest very ~raw~ and ~emotional~ single, "Slide Away" left fans stunned and V emotional!!!

The VMAs kept teasing the performance so we knew she was gonna be good.

The dramatic black and white aesthetic set the stage for the emotional performance.

Her hair had that gloriously difficult to achieve WET look, but it worked, ya know?

Her vocals were HONESTLY really good.

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I was sitting and crying like a proud mamma Tish.

Her new song "Slide Away" is basically a full on letter to ex-hubby Liam.

Some of her lyrics include, "I want my house in the hills/ Don't want the whiskey and pills/ Move on we're not 17/ I'm not who I used to be."

The emotion was PALPABLE through our screens.

It was impossible NOT to get chills while watching and hearing Miley sing to Liam and to the whole DAMN WORLD.

And to think, just six years ago Miley was on that VMAs stage with a very different performance.

Robin Thicke just HAD to remind us of this performance from 2013:

(Because he hasn't done anything of relevance since but y'all didn't hear that from me.)

And to be fair, Miley has SERVED amazing performances since ~ that ~ happened.

But this one has been my fav by far.

"Slide Away" was released just a week and a half ago, and it's already a total fan fav.

As it absolutely should be.

We hope Liam never watches this because he will cry, and we'd hate that for him :(

Can we be both team Miley and team Liam??

Watch the full, emotional performance below: