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Jane Fonda Wears 6-Year-Old Gown To The Oscars After Announcing She's 'Not Buying Any More Clothes'

Jane Fonda is our outspoken environmental activist QUEEN who practices what she preaches.

Case in point: last night at the Oscars.

The 2020 Oscars was definitely a night to remember.

Brad Pitt kicked off the night by winning his very first Oscar for acting.

Keanu Reeves took his mother as his date.

Which was basically the cutest thing in the whole entire world.

Eminem was there for some reason.

And the audience had nothing but iconic reactions to it.

Seriously, if anyone knows why he was there singing "Lose Yourself" 18 years after it's release, let us know.

"Parasite" became the first foreign language film to win Best Picture category.

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Talk about making Oscars history!

And despite all of these truly iconic moments, one that stood out Jane Fonda's dress.

The 82-year-old actress looked absolutely stunning last night in her ruby red Elie Saab gown.

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And if you think you're having deja-vu, you're totally RIGHT.

Jane wore this dress SIX (!!!!) years ago to the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

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Looks as good now as it did back then!

Jane Fonda is aiming to recycle her couture collection in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

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This move comes after Jane announced she hopes to never buy new clothing again.

"We don’t really need to keep shopping," she told the crowd at her fourth Capitol Hill protest arrest.

She went on to discuss her now infamous red coat (the one she wears to all the protests).

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She vowed it'd be the last piece of clothing she ever bought.

"You see this coat? I needed something red and I went out and found this coat on sale. This is the last article of clothing that I will ever buy."

Queen of being arrested in a red coat!

She continued: "We shouldn’t look to shopping for our identity. We don’t need more stuff,’ I have to walk the talk. So I’m not buying any more clothes.”

You bet your bottom DOLLAR Jane brought the iconic coat to the Oscars.


Jane's jewellery for the night was even eco-friendly!

"At Oscars wearing Pomellato jewelry because it only uses responsible, ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds," she wrote.

While the dress may have stayed the same, Jane's hair sure DIDN'T!

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The Hollywood icon debuted her new 'do just hours before she hit the red carpet!

"Watching Oscars from dressing room with Jonathan Hanousek, my hair stylist. Don’t go on till last," Jane wrote on Insta.

Instagram | @janefonda

She was there to present Best Picture!

Cheers to you and your eco-friendly ways, Jane!

Iconic queen!

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