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Jane Fonda Believes Trump Is Bad For The Environment: 'The Sooner We Move Beyond Him, The Better'

Actress and activist Jane Fonda is passionate about the environment and isn't afraid to call our elected leaders for their lack of action against the environmental crisis.

While speaking with CNN, Fonda said she didn't care whether President Donald Trump faces impeachment or 2020 voters, as long as he's removed from the White House.


"He is an oil President. His Cabinet is an oil Cabinet," she told CNN's Don Lemon on Wednesday night.

"He is bought off by fossil fuels. And a lot of people in the Senate, a lot of Republican candidates, are too."

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"We can't solve the problem when we have elected officials who are paid by the fossil fuel industry," she continued.

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"And so the sooner that we move beyond him, the better, whether it's through the elections or through impeachment or whatever."

Fonda was arrested during her climate protest on October 26th, something she deems as a necessity.

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"We have to be out there. We have to be risking arrest. We have to engage in civil disobedience because we have very little time and what has to happen is so huge."

The actress concluded, "we can't elect anybody to office that isn't really brave."

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You tell 'em, Ms. Fonda!

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