PhD Wife Shuts Down 'Missing the D' Jokes in Most Epic Way 👏

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🌈 Buckle up, folks! This story is a wild ride through the world of lockdown struggles, straight vs. gay couple dynamics, and the ever-present "missing the D" jokes. 😅 As a happily married woman in a same-sex relationship, our protagonist finds herself navigating the treacherous waters of Zoom calls and text messages with her straight friends who just can't seem to stop obsessing over the almighty penis. 🍆 Get ready for some witty banter, awkward moments, and a whole lot of drama! 🍿

🌈 Lockdown Struggles: Straight vs. Gay Couples 🔒

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😏 Straight Friends Can't Stop Joking About Missing the D 🍆

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🙄 Batting Back with Witty Comebacks

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😷 Lockdown Hits Straight Couples Harder

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🤐 Keeping Quiet and Sympathizing

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💻 Zoom Call Turns into Husband Complaints

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🤨 Friend Questions Our Equal Partnership

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😬 Awkward Moment: Friend Implies Wife's Work is More Important

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👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 My Wife Puts Kids First, Friend Takes it Personally

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😅 Agreeing to Avoid Conflict

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🍆 The Inevitable "Missing the D" Joke Strikes Again

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😂 Friends Laugh, One Suggests Getting a Wife with a Penis

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📱 Texts Fly: Friend Claims to be in a Fragile Place

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🏳️‍🌈 Accused of Evangelizing Lesbianism

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🤔 AITA for Standing Up for Myself?

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😱 Straight Friend Accuses Bi Woman of Evangelizing Lesbianism After D Joke Goes Wrong! 🌈🍆

Well, well, well... looks like our straight friend couldn't handle a taste of her own medicine! 💊 After constantly joking about our protagonist missing the D, she finally clapped back with a witty retort about having plenty of D at home without the baggage of a man attached. 😂 Apparently, that was too much for Little Miss Fragile, who stormed off the call and started accusing our girl of evangelizing lesbianism! 🙄 The internet had a field day with this one, so let's dive into the juiciest responses and see what the masses have to say about this D-rama! 🍿🔥

Pushing back against biphobia in a witty way 👏

greenmilk79 | greenmilk79

NTA, friends' jokes about 'missing the D' are disrespectful and annoying 👎

Edhie421 | Edhie421

Friend defends PhD wife against inappropriate 'missing the D' joke.

Evil_SugarCookie | Evil_SugarCookie

NTA shuts down friend's double standard on domestic work.

CozyCozyCozyCat | CozyCozyCozyCat

NTA shuts down negative 'friend' suggesting a positive outlook 😊

MissMurderpants | MissMurderpants

NTA. Comment invalidates relationship. Girlfriend relates w/ advanced degrees confusion.

slamminotsalami | slamminotsalami

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for pushing back.

gator3246 | gator3246

NTA fires back at bashing and mutes fragile friend 💯

An_Awkward_Owl | An_Awkward_Owl

Standing up to micro-aggressions is a NTA power move 💪

firehawk349 | firehawk349

Empathetic comment about relationship dynamics with a cooking metaphor 👨‍🏻‍👩‍🏻‍🍳

gia_sesshoumaru | gia_sesshoumaru

Supportive comment on relationship and sex positivity 👏

ReinaDulce | ReinaDulce

Lesbian shuts down 'missing the D' jokes with humor 👏

rockybaby_ | rockybaby_

Bi erasure and biphobia called out with a dash of humor 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive reply to NTA who stood up for their relationship 👏

eelhugs | eelhugs

NTA shuts down projection and insecurity behind putting others down.

CopsaLau | CopsaLau

Redditor points out ESH situation in missing the D post.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries is important, and mind-reading isn't necessary. 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

When success ruins friendships. NTA but it happens.

Anon02450 | Anon02450

Supportive comment shuts down toxic friend's hate 👏

alex_of_all | alex_of_all

Setting boundaries is important, NTA handled it well. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Commenter praises OP's equitable partnership and criticizes friends' biphobia.

blobofdepression | blobofdepression

Woman shuts down uterus comments with epic response 👏

MrsChuckLiddell1011 | MrsChuckLiddell1011

Supportive comment from a husband with a unique marriage 👭👨‍👦👨‍👦 and baby 👶🏻

JJSwagger | JJSwagger

Woman shuts down 'missing the D' jokes with epic response 👏

Readingreddit12345 | Readingreddit12345

Support for standing up against subtle homo/biphobia in jokes. 👍

Richie3953 | Richie3953

Shutting down trashy friends who make bi-phobic jokes 🔥

just-a-gay-chandler | just-a-gay-chandler

User calls out sexism and bad partners in comments. YTA.

Zombiethrowawaygo | Zombiethrowawaygo

Fairness only goes so far, but taking the high road matters 👍

IncompetentFrog | IncompetentFrog

Biphobic friends meet their match with dark sexual humor 💪

PaperOperator | PaperOperator

Bisexual woman supports PhD wife's clapback against belittling friend 👏

ArtilliaTheHun622 | ArtilliaTheHun622

Choosing to be a better friend is better than being right 👍

Awaiyawa | Awaiyawa

Friend projecting insecurity about relationship onto OP for having healthier one 😕

Hella_Potato | Hella_Potato

Friends' obsession with vagina is suspect, NTA shuts them down 👏

CheesecakeStirFry | CheesecakeStirFry

Standing up against biphobia and toxic friends is empowering 💪

koyfysh | koyfysh

NTA shuts down 'missing the D' jokes, calls out relationship issues 👏

laced-and-dangerous | laced-and-dangerous

Why make 'missing the D' jokes? NTA shuts it down.

SnooPeppers1641 | SnooPeppers1641

NTA defends wife's reaction to inappropriate joke with grace 👏

psygaud | psygaud

Biphobia shut down in most epic way 👏

Ohmalley-thealliecat | Ohmalley-thealliecat

NTA. Heteronormative gender norms are bs, fellas should be *dynamite* 💪

gillandred | gillandred

NTA comment defends the PhD wife and suggests dropping 'miss the D' jokes.

thezbrooke | thezbrooke

Calling out a jokester in the most epic way 💯

suss2it | suss2it

NTA shuts down 'lesbian' joke with epic clapback 😩

lesbiven | lesbiven

Supportive comment applauds PhD wife's relationship and work ethics 👏

shades-of-gray312 | shades-of-gray312

Standing up against biphobia and transphobia. NTA 👏

Ferret_Brain | Ferret_Brain

Playful reply defends jokester's right to joke without malice.

amanyggvv | amanyggvv

Projection much? Commenter defends PhD wife against unwarranted jokes.

ModsCanLickMyBallz | ModsCanLickMyBallz

Domestic frustration or not, NTA for shutting down jokes 👏

Prysorra2 | Prysorra2

Friend tries to make herself feel better, gets shut down 👏

Octopus-Pants | Octopus-Pants

User defends 'missing the D' joke, but misses the point

Stella430 | Stella430

Friendship or not, her behavior was unacceptable. NTA 👏

ShadowCatHunter | ShadowCatHunter

Homophobia accusation in response to NTA comment

Bubbilility | Bubbilility

NTA: Friend invalidating marriage with 'missing the D' jokes 😑

SDJericho | SDJericho

Setting boundaries with friends over disrespectful jokes. 👏

EpitaFelis | EpitaFelis

NTA shuts down homophobic and biphobic comments in friendship banter 👏

TheDwiin | TheDwiin

Lesbian shuts down 'missing the D' jokes, NTA wins.

gayburgergal | gayburgergal

NTA, but be careful not to generalize all men negatively.

WonDahMan | WonDahMan

Heterosexual comment applauds PhD wife shutting down missing D jokes 👏

Hippofuzz | Hippofuzz

Unpopular opinion: YTA for pushing the 'D' jokes. ESH now.

saturnsqsoul | saturnsqsoul

Defending oneself and SO from unwarranted 'criticism' 💪

Th4tRedditorII | Th4tRedditorII

User calls out missing the 'D' jokes and toxic masculinity.

CackleberryOmelettes | CackleberryOmelettes

Bisexual erasure is not a joke. Shut it down! 👏

clumsybartender | clumsybartender

Biphobia is rampant. Bi-folks face so many intrusive questions. NTA.

CaptainLollygag | CaptainLollygag

OP's secure response shuts down homophobic 'joke'. 💯

IAmAllOfTheSith | IAmAllOfTheSith

Calling out generalized insults with a dose of humor 😂

Canyonbreeze81 | Canyonbreeze81

NTA friend may be jealous and resentful of husband's behavior 😐

sageflower1855 | sageflower1855

Repetitive jokes aren't funny, says PhD wife 😑

Smarre101 | Smarre101

NTA. Relationship work is not reliant on genitalia. 👏

B0B_Spldbckwrds | B0B_Spldbckwrds

NTA shuts down 'missing the D' joke with epic response 👏

Unsolicitedadvice13 | Unsolicitedadvice13

NTA shuts down homophobic jokes and promotes healthy relationships 🏳️‍🌈❤️

lokisfatpussy | lokisfatpussy

The commenter defends the husband's response to an inappropriate joke.

rougarousmooch | rougarousmooch

Defending your partner and calling out sexist jokes is important! 👏

oozeneutral | oozeneutral

Friend makes 'missing the D' joke, gets called out for hypocrisy 👏

LizzyrdCE | LizzyrdCE

NTA shuts down friend's double standard with logical response 💪

Caitmk | Caitmk

Friend won't drop 'missing the D' joke, NTA shuts her down 👏

StargazerTomura | StargazerTomura

Insightful comment on aggression and status in conflicts. 🤔


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