Ivy League Grad Breaks Up with 'Dumb' Fiancé - His Revenge Is UNBELIEVABLE! 😲

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🎓💕 Buckle up, folks! We've got a tale of love, loss, and intellectual incompatibility that'll have you questioning everything you thought you knew about relationships. Meet our brilliant protagonist, a 25-year-old woman who grew up in a strict Asian household where academics reigned supreme. 📚 But when she met her fun-loving, extroverted ex, it was like stepping into a whole new world. 🌍 Little did she know, their whirlwind romance would lead to a surprise engagement and a shocking breakup that left her wondering: AITAH? 🤔

🎓 Strict Asian Upbringing: A Life of Academics 📚

[deleted] | [deleted]

🎹 Piano and Fencing: The Only Allowed Activities 🤺

[deleted] | [deleted]

🌍 Opposites Attract: Exploring a New World Together 🧭

[deleted] | [deleted]

🍽️ Adventures Galore: Food, Places, and Activities 🌄

[deleted] | [deleted]

💍 Surprise Engagement: Saying Yes in the Heat of the Moment 🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

💭 Second Thoughts: Imagining Life Together 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

💼 Work Woes: Disinterest and Misunderstandings 😞

[deleted] | [deleted]

📚 Intellectual Incompatibility: Craving Meaningful Conversations 🗣️

[deleted] | [deleted]

💔 Breaking Up: A Peaceful Parting... Or So She Thought 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

😡 Trashed Place and Accusations: The Aftermath of the Breakup 🗑️

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤷‍♀️ AITAH: Seeking Judgment from the Internet Jury 👨‍⚖️

[deleted] | [deleted]

🎭 Love, Loss, and Intellectual Incompatibility: A Modern-Day Romance Gone Wrong 💔

Our protagonist's journey from a strict academic upbringing to a whirlwind romance with her polar opposite is a story that'll have you hooked from start to finish. 📖 But as the cracks in their relationship began to show, she realized that their intellectual incompatibility was too much to bear. 😞 The breakup seemed peaceful at first, but the aftermath was anything but. 😳 Now, she's turning to the internet for judgment: was she an a-hole for leaving her fiance because she thought he was dumb? 🤔 Let's see what the online jury has to say about this modern-day romance gone wrong! 👨‍⚖️

Breaking up amicably: NTA for wanting common interests in partner. 👍

Rohkea1 | Rohkea1

Dodged a bullet with a violent fiancé. NTA 👏

OfAnOldRepublic | OfAnOldRepublic

Dodged a bullet! NTA. Consider pressing charges for trashing.

annebonnell | annebonnell

Breaking up with a moron: NTA's satisfying revenge 🙌

BorisDirk | BorisDirk

Dodged a bullet with a fun but immature ex-fiancé. File a police report and get a restraining order. 💪

she_who_knits | she_who_knits

NTA but could've handled the breakup better. Communication is key 💬

AmphibianFantastic53 | AmphibianFantastic53

Don't settle for a beautiful idiot in a long-term relationship. 😉

QueenScarebear | QueenScarebear

Proposed without discussion? NTA for breaking up.

deathtoallants | deathtoallants

NTA, incompatible and insensitive proposal. He proved his dumbness 🤦‍♀️

RevengencerAlf | RevengencerAlf

NTA for breaking up with a violent fiancé who couldn't hold a conversation 🤔

Fun_Comparison4973 | Fun_Comparison4973

NTA for breaking up, but learn humility and don't be a snob 🤓

MurderClanMan | MurderClanMan

Stay strong and move on, don't look back! 👍

rightbutbanned | rightbutbanned

Don't settle for less, find someone on your intellectual level. 👊

SapphireFarmer | SapphireFarmer

Staying in a relationship for intellectual stimulation? 😳 NTA

VeganCaramellCoffee | VeganCaramellCoffee

Ex-fiancé vandalizes place, dodged a bullet. Change locks ASAP! 🚨

BeachinLife1 | BeachinLife1

A reminder that it's okay to end unhappy relationships. 👍

Music_withRocks_In | Music_withRocks_In

Engagement surprise gone wrong. Communication is key 🤷‍♂️

keifluff | keifluff

Breaking up because of lack of interest, NTA 👍

Moon_Ray_77 | Moon_Ray_77

Breaking up because of lack of partnership and understanding. 👍

fleurdubien971 | fleurdubien971

Breaking up with an ignorant fiancé, NTA 4000%. 🙅‍♀️👋

tenpen65 | tenpen65

Married to 'dumb' for 3 years 😬 Mutual separation.

O_Ammi_G | O_Ammi_G

Seeking a partner who matches intellectual curiosity and kindness 🙌

Professional_Ad_7674 | Professional_Ad_7674

When it comes to dating, intelligence is a dealbreaker 😬

TigerXtrm2 | TigerXtrm2

Public proposal was a red flag, but his revenge was unforgivable 😠

natteringly | natteringly

Intelligence matters in relationships: NTA comment sparks agreement.


Dumped fiancé seeks revenge by trashing the place. NTA.

big_bob_c | big_bob_c

NTA, but hope you reached out to *their* parents 😊

Kittytigris | Kittytigris

Dumped fiance trashes ex-girlfriend's place, she made the right choice. 👍

CocoaAlmondsRock | CocoaAlmondsRock

Dodged a bullet! NTA for breaking up with violent ex 💯

mollydotdot | mollydotdot

Thoughtful comment about values and childhood in relationship advice.

wpnsc | wpnsc

Legitimate reason to break up, but trashing her place is scary 😱

cmuratt | cmuratt

NTA suggests reporting ex-fiancé and friends to police for illegal act 🚨

Spirited_Complex_903 | Spirited_Complex_903

Supportive comment offers legal advice after ex-fiance damages property 💪

Primary_Ad_4260 | Primary_Ad_4260

Breaking up over intelligence differences makes her NTA, but looking down on him is AH 🤯

Stage_Party | Stage_Party

Breaking up because of intelligence mismatch: NTA wins!

HomeschoolingDad | HomeschoolingDad

Dumping a dumb fiancé who trashed your place? NTA, obviously 😊

Acceptable-Map-3490 | Acceptable-Map-3490

Wishing the best for a successful woman. 🙏

Station51 | Station51

Breaking up was the right choice. Time to move on. 👋

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Degree-holding woman breaks up, ex trashes house, NTA obviously 😱

delinaX | delinaX

Fiancé trashes house after break up? Lucky escape, scary situation. 😱

HighRiseCat | HighRiseCat

Learning to appreciate differences and grow in a relationship. 💖

Accomplished-Past508 | Accomplished-Past508

Love is more than just intelligence 💖

Naillian603 | Naillian603

Don't settle for dumb children! NTA for breaking up.

boringbobby | boringbobby

Ex-fiancé trashes her place after being called dumb 🤯

nyanvi | nyanvi

Dodged a bullet with a tantrum-throwing toddler 😂

Many-Talk8511 | Many-Talk8511

Breaking off a relationship without respect is a major red flag 👀

uncertainnewb | uncertainnewb

Dumped fiancé trashes ex's place - advice to call police 🚨

kujahlegend | kujahlegend

Bullet dodged! 💣 Move on, you deserve better. 👍

GChambers46038 | GChambers46038

Debating the value of fencing in college applications 🤔

One_Conversation8009 | One_Conversation8009

Find a partner with shared values and strengths, NTA! 👏

roadkill4snacks | roadkill4snacks

Realizing differences before marriage, no a**hole here 🙂

honeybee1909 | honeybee1909

Moving on from a failed engagement with grace 👏

ThyNaughtyJesus | ThyNaughtyJesus

Opposites attract, and differences make us better. NTA.

No_Mistake_5961 | No_Mistake_5961

Breaking up is okay, but did you try to learn? 🤔

lordcommander55 | lordcommander55

NTA calls out ex-fiance for being a narcissistic goofball 😳

Ok-Bee-Bee | Ok-Bee-Bee

Hookup vs lifelong partner confusion and NTA for breaking up

kenny133773 | kenny133773

NTA, appreciate who he is, he needs to get a grip 😒

mayfeelthis | mayfeelthis

Fun turned into a mess! Proposal needs conversations. NTA. 😊

SirRevolutionary1299 | SirRevolutionary1299

Choosing to be with someone 'dumb' doesn't make you TA 🙏, but his revenge is unforgivable 😱

TheMisanthropicGuy | TheMisanthropicGuy

Partner material? Nah. Intellectually uncurious? Definitely. NTA.

IanDOsmond | IanDOsmond

Don't be the a**hole by dating men like him again.

StockCasinoMember | StockCasinoMember

Breaking up for lack of intellectual connection, not dumbness. Valid. 😂

Action-a-go-go-baby | Action-a-go-go-baby

Public proposals are trashy and his reaction was a**hole-ish 🤷‍♀️

alactusman | alactusman

Breaking up was tough, but necessary. Support is important 👍

creakyoldlady | creakyoldlady

Outrage over ex's destructive behavior, mental health concerns raised.

fiveohthreebee | fiveohthreebee

Is excluding family from an engagement party a red flag? 🤔

Dogmom0519 | Dogmom0519

Dump the dumb, find someone intelligent and fun! 👍

geepy66 | geepy66

Loopholes and greed drive gas prices, not geopolitical conflicts. 💪

Ezodan | Ezodan

Dump your dumb fiancé before it's too late. NTA 🙄

TheGreenInYourBlunt | TheGreenInYourBlunt

Dodged a bullet with a mean-spirited, infantile ex-fiancé. NTA 💯

blackcain | blackcain

"NTA" commenter defends OP's breakup with insensitive fiancé 👏

prove____it | prove____it

NTA and finding a Ukraine-knowing partner? Easy peasy 😎

Just_a_Word_RS | Just_a_Word_RS

Engaging with partner who belittles your expertise? NTA 👏

Dismal-Ad160 | Dismal-Ad160

Ex-fiancé trashes her place, NTA dodged a bullet. 💯

MadSpaceYT | MadSpaceYT

Fiancé invites only friends to engagement, trashes house. #NTA

Onanadventure_14 | Onanadventure_14

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