Mother OUTRAGED After Being Banned from Disabled Parents' Support Group 🚫

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🤔 Imagine being part of a tight-knit support group for disabled parents, a safe space where you can share your struggles and triumphs without judgment. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 It's not about the kids, it's about YOU and your unique challenges as a parent with a disability. 🆕 But then, a new mom shows up with her disabled son, and things take an unexpected turn... 😲 Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as we dive into this parenting group dilemma! 🎢

🤔 A Dilemma in the Disabled Parents' Group

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Many Members Have Disabled Kids, But That's Not the Focus

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

🆕 A New Woman Wants to Join the Group

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

🙏 The Son Was Sweet, But Mom Wasn't Participating

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

😲 Plot Twist: The Mother Isn't Disabled!

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

🤷‍♀️ That's Not Really Relevant, Though...

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

😠 The Mother Gets Offended and Talks About Her Son

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

🎈 There Are Other Groups for Disabled Kids

disabledmom2 | disabledmom2

🛡️ This Group Is Our Safe Space

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😕 We Feel Bad, But Also...

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The Shocking Twist That Divided a Disabled Parents' Group!

Well, well, well... looks like this disabled parents' group got more than they bargained for when a new mom showed up with her wheelchair-bound son! The plot thickens when it's revealed that the mother herself isn't disabled at all - gasp! Cue the drama, the heated discussions, and the ultimate decision to exclude her from the group. But wait, there's more! The mom fires back, calling them 'hypocritical c-words' for not accepting her son. Ouch! Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy tale of support group shenanigans.

Mother banned from support group for calling members the c-word 💩

kevipants | kevipants

Group's purpose matters, not the person. NTA ✌️

herdingcats2020 | herdingcats2020

Mother banned from support group for disabled parents, commenter defends NTA

togocann49 | togocann49

The commenter sympathizes with the poster's frustration and confusion.

canvasshoes2 | canvasshoes2

Not the a**hole for enforcing group qualifications 👏

Zealousideal-Toe1860 | Zealousideal-Toe1860

Playgroups are for parents to find friends, not just for kids 😊

BabyCake2004 | BabyCake2004

Parent with disabilities ousted from support group, NTA verdict.

4682458 | 4682458

Misunderstanding leads to ban from support group. NTA.

lisa-www | lisa-www

Excluding entitled members for group productivity 🙌

Puzzled_Libra_77345 | Puzzled_Libra_77345

Clear membership requirements explained but still called the C-word? NTA 🚫🤬

fallingfaster345 | fallingfaster345

Support group mix-up: This isn't for parents of disabled children 🙄

pigandpom | pigandpom

NTA for explaining group's purpose, offering alternative support options ⭐

Aure3222 | Aure3222

Support group for disabled parents is necessary and not exclusive.

HexStarlight | HexStarlight

Selective listening and blame-shifting are classic traits of narcissists.

Pyewacket62 | Pyewacket62

NTA. The commenter points out the lack of empathy and understanding.

Natural_Garbage7674 | Natural_Garbage7674

Group is for parents w/ disabilities only. NTA for banning.

Knightseason | Knightseason

Don't invade spaces meant for vulnerable communities! 😠

WaxyWingie | WaxyWingie

Empathetic comment with no replies

Mammoth-Effective384 | Mammoth-Effective384

Navigating parenting as a disabled person can be a nightmare. NTA.

Idioteva | Idioteva

Creating safe spaces for marginalized groups is important. 💪

paul_rudds_drag_race | paul_rudds_drag_race

Exclusion justified. Support group for disabled parents only 👍

Normal-Height-8577 | Normal-Height-8577

OP starts subreddit for disabled parents, provides support outlet 👍

EsharaLight | EsharaLight

NTA commenter defends OP against unreasonable expectations. 💪

AbaddonAbsinthe | AbaddonAbsinthe

Heartless exclusion of disabled parent from support group 😢

yoyots | yoyots

NTA suggests revenge plan, no replies yet 😎

Legitimate-Meal-2290 | Legitimate-Meal-2290

Support group member defends group against entitled mother.

marcusdj813 | marcusdj813

Woman not meeting group criteria gets rightfully called out 🚫

corvidcastles | corvidcastles

Kind suggestion for disabled child-friendly play groups. NTA.

bethytie | bethytie

Exclusion from parents' group: NTA comment shuts down argument 🚫

melympia | melympia

Mother's entitlement receives backlash from commenters 🤬

CielWolfsbane | CielWolfsbane

Parents joining disability support groups can make things difficult for members.

Medium-Fan440 | Medium-Fan440

NTA suggests clarifying group info to potential members for better experience 🙂

DiscombobulatedTill | DiscombobulatedTill

NTA commenter suggests solution to entitled parent's misunderstanding 🙌

Keksapfel | Keksapfel

Creating a safe space is important 💪🏻

Taranadon88 | Taranadon88

Misunderstanding the group's purpose causes frustration for mother.

always-indifferent | always-indifferent

Misunderstanding leads to awkward situation in disabled parents' group 😐

Trice316 | Trice316

Misunderstood mother banned from support group. NTA, but misguided.

thr-oh-noes | thr-oh-noes

Son not a parent, mother should not have joined. #NTA

FirebirdWriter | FirebirdWriter

Understanding the group's purpose is important before joining. 🚫

McNallyJoJo34 | McNallyJoJo34

Mother's intrusion into disabled support group deemed unacceptable. NTA.

mydeadmom | mydeadmom

Misunderstanding leads to mother's ban from support group 😕

ChaosAndMischeif | ChaosAndMischeif

Exclusion justified: NTA member unfit for Disabled Support Group 🚫

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

Group meant for disabled parents, not non-disabled parents. NTA.

thygrimpire | thygrimpire

Clear NTA response and accusation of free childcare seeking 😕

frangipanihawaii | frangipanihawaii

Parent reminded of the purpose of disabled parents' support group 💪

Possible_Laugh_9139 | Possible_Laugh_9139

Mother banned from support group for exploiting its purpose. NTA.

AilsaTheHamster | AilsaTheHamster

Standing up for yourself and others is never a**hole behavior 👍

StopTheAbbrevs | StopTheAbbrevs

Support group not free childcare. NTA for setting boundaries 👏

crackerjackq | crackerjackq

Setting boundaries with grace and firmness. 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA supports protected characteristic groups' safe spaces. Hypocrisy called out.

RiriTomoron | RiriTomoron

Correcting a typo with humor 😂

endorphin-neuron | endorphin-neuron

Clear group description could avoid confusion and future conflicts. NTA 👍

carolineecouture | carolineecouture

Misunderstanding cleared. NTA, you did nothing wrong 😊

itsjustnotforme | itsjustnotforme

Sassy reply shuts down accusation of fake disability 😎

Amanita_deVice | Amanita_deVice

Helpful correction of word usage and NTA opinion agreement 👍

Pangolindrome | Pangolindrome

Parent defends support group's no kids policy, NTA.

jma7400 | jma7400

NTA comment suggests creating a group for disabled kids 👍

RuncibleFoon | RuncibleFoon

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