Roommate's Bathroom Anxiety: A Costly Quirk or a Serious Problem? 🚿🎶

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Living with roommates can be a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when their quirks start affecting your daily life. One man found himself in a tricky situation when his female roommate's bathroom anxiety began to take a toll on their utility bills and his hot showers. He's now left wondering if it's time to address the issue or let it slide. Let's dive into this bathroom drama! 🛁🎭

The Roommate Situation

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A Wonderful Change

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Budgeting During Quarantine

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Financial Differences

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The Job Hunt Struggle

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Old-Fashioned Beliefs

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Bathroom Anxiety

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No Judgments Here

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The Unusual Routine

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Drawing Attention

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The Costly Consequence

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A Sensitive Subject

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To Address or Not to Address?

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A Delicate Dilemma: Time to Speak Up? 🤔

Our protagonist finds himself in a delicate situation as his roommate's bathroom anxiety leads to increased utility bills and icy showers. Her routine of running the shower and blasting music for nearly half an hour has left him wondering if it's time to address the issue or let it slide. Despite a previous attempt to discuss the matter, she shut it down hard, leaving him unsure of how to proceed. Let's see what the internet thinks about this bathroom conundrum... 🚿🎶

Roommate's bathroom anxiety leads to euphemisms and water conservation tips.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's bathroom anxiety sparks heated debate over shower usage 😱

ScarlettsLetters | ScarlettsLetters

Compromise with 'I feel' statements and make her pay water bill 👍

JenovaCelestia | JenovaCelestia

Suggest compromise for roommate's bathroom anxiety without being rude 😊

Blackcatfrommars | Blackcatfrommars

Buy her some headphones. NTA suggests roommate needs help.

ChewMyFudge | ChewMyFudge

Water waste concerns raised in response to bathroom anxiety.

SwiftAlliegator | SwiftAlliegator

The struggle of bathroom anxiety and ways to help. 🙏

f4llentides | f4llentides

Suggest an app to help with bathroom anxiety and save water 👍

lickedmurderweapon | lickedmurderweapon

Running cold water to mask bathroom sounds is wasteful and inexcusable 🚫💧

joskelb | joskelb

Fair compromise suggested for roommate's bathroom anxiety. 👍

The_Stone_Fox | The_Stone_Fox

NAH. Running water anxiety is a sensitive issue, approach carefully. 🙏

ThatsJaicist | ThatsJaicist

Bathroom anxiety can be a serious problem, be empathetic 🙏

whatsarigatoni | whatsarigatoni

Shower anxiety or quirky bathroom habits? You decide! 😂

flowers4u | flowers4u

Breaking the stigma: Roommate's bathroom anxiety causing water bill concerns.

PanamaViejo | PanamaViejo

Encourage roommate to be comfortable with poop 💩, not psychiatrist.

HomoeroticPosing | HomoeroticPosing

Solving bathroom anxiety with white noise and cold water 💦

aquara_themermaid | aquara_themermaid

Using hot water for anxiety not ok. Suggest white noise machine.

GarlicBread_Genocide | GarlicBread_Genocide

Living with bathroom anxiety: A serious issue or costly quirk?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate with bathroom anxiety causing high water bills. NTA suggests solutions. 👍

o_suspicioustaco | o_suspicioustaco

Suggests a diplomatic approach to roommate's excessive hot water usage. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's bathroom anxiety: who should pay the water bill? 💰💦

seba_make | seba_make

Toilet paper lifehack and fiber intake advice for splash anxiety. 😂

I4getstuff | I4getstuff

Encouraging roommate to be comfortable with body and stop wasting water 👍

ClarksCatCarl | ClarksCatCarl

Suggesting a book for roommate's bathroom anxiety 📚📝, with tactful advice. 👍

DasDash63 | DasDash63

Shame and guilt won't solve this. NTA, approach with care. 🙏

UnDeadPuff | UnDeadPuff

Taking cold showers to accommodate roommate's bathroom anxiety. YWNBTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's bathroom anxiety: NTA suggests therapy for unhealthy behavior. 😳

CCDestroyer | CCDestroyer

Creative solution to a roommate's bathroom anxiety 😂

Sweb76 | Sweb76

Bathroom anxiety: flushing or poop sound? More info needed 🤔

ohdearitsrichardiii | ohdearitsrichardiii

A commenter questions the logic of running hot water 🤔

bobert3469 | bobert3469

Suggests exposure therapy via Taco Bell for roommate's bathroom anxiety.

dan_is_not_here | dan_is_not_here

Keeping a radio in the bathroom for consistency 🎶

PetrinaTheCat | PetrinaTheCat

Off-topic comment about finger etiquette at tea parties.

queenofthera | queenofthera

Suggests a considerate approach to roommate's bathroom anxiety 🙏

throwaway1999000 | throwaway1999000

Suggesting a well-timed scream to cover bathroom noises 😂

SyntheticGod8 | SyntheticGod8

Gentle approach to roommate's bathroom anxiety saves bills and water 👌

2catsaretheminimum | 2catsaretheminimum

The dangers of untreated bathroom anxiety 😱

Bearacolypse | Bearacolypse

Possible learned behaviors from abuse affecting roommate's bathroom habits. 🤷🏼‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect her privacy, but don't foot her utility bills 💰

BNE_Jimmy | BNE_Jimmy

Roommate's bathroom habits causing hot water shortage. NTA suggests solution.

Eight216 | Eight216

Suggest gentle solutions in writing to avoid awkward confrontation. 👍

throwawayanylogic | throwawayanylogic

Roommate's bathroom habits spark awkward confrontation. 😳

misspiggie | misspiggie

Roommate's shower quirk raises eyebrows, but OP not at fault 🙂

possiblethrowaway369 | possiblethrowaway369

Hot water for noise? NTA wonders if roommate's okay. 🤔

MedusaStone | MedusaStone

Bold suggestion to combat roommate's bathroom anxiety sparks amusement.


Roommate's bathroom anxiety is understandable. Suggest solutions with empathy. 🙏

jhonotan1 | jhonotan1

Roommate's bathroom routine wastes water and therapy could help her.

damn_turkledog | damn_turkledog

Boundaries and solutions suggested for roommate's bathroom anxiety. 🙌

lethologica5 | lethologica5

Breaking the stigma around bathroom anxiety with empathy and communication.

jdragonz | jdragonz

Respectful advice for a roommate with excessive showering habits. 👍

coturi | coturi

Music or cold water could solve bathroom anxiety, but wastefulness remains.

kacapica | kacapica

Suggests a solution to roommate's bathroom anxiety with a hint of sarcasm.

Vena_Mala | Vena_Mala

Bathroom anxiety is real, but running the shower for half an hour is wasteful. NTA suggests a white noise machine app.

TeamChaos17 | TeamChaos17

Tips for dealing with a roommate's bathroom anxiety 😊

idkwhatever6158755 | idkwhatever6158755

Saving water or saving money? NTA's perspective on bathroom anxiety 🤔


Suggest a noise machine or scented candle to ease anxiety 🙏

justcallmephil35 | justcallmephil35

Cold showers for bathroom anxiety? Not a solution. 😕

Futonxs | Futonxs

Simple solutions for a hot water and noise problem. NTA.

perpIndignant | perpIndignant

Being considerate of roommate's anxiety about bathroom, but approach carefully. 🙏

blameitoncities | blameitoncities

Confusion over roommate's bathroom habits sparks bewilderment and concern. 🤔

jmn242 | jmn242

Turning on cold water may help roommate with bathroom anxiety 😐

motherofECgoldens | motherofECgoldens

Overcoming bathroom anxiety: a personal struggle with a hopeful outcome 🙏

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Roommate's hot water anxiety causing costly waste. NTA solution suggested.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Humorous reply to bathroom anxiety comment. 😂

Pickso | Pickso

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