Babysitter Quits Over Unreasonable Demands 😤

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Babysitting can be a tough job, especially when you're not feeling well. But what happens when the person you're working for doesn't seem to care about your well-being? One babysitter faced this exact dilemma and decided to take a stand. Let's dive into the story and see if you think they made the right choice. 😮

The Babysitting Schedule 📅

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A Rough Day 😓

myseryer | myseryer

Feeling Sick 🤢

myseryer | myseryer

Asking for Help 📞

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Desperate Measures 🆘

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Leaving the House 🚶‍♀️

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Confrontation 😠

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Her Response 🙄

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Taking a Stand ✊

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The Other Babysitter's Schedule 🗓️

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The Woman's Plea 🥺

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Feeling Guilty 😔

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A Previous Incident 🚩

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Important Context 🕵️‍♀️

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Babysitting Origins 🌱

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Summary: Babysitter vs. Unreasonable Demands 🥊

So, our brave babysitter was feeling extremely sick and asked the woman they worked for to come home. Instead of showing concern, the woman insisted they hold on until the end of the day. Unable to continue, the babysitter called a friend to cover and left. The woman later confronted them, claiming they didn't sound sick and could've waited. Our babysitter decided they'd had enough and quit. Now, the woman is begging them to return, but they're not sure if they should. Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 🍿

Stand up for yourself and run away from that situation 👏

tbear714 | tbear714

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands. Commenter calls out entitled employer. 😠

11point5characters | 11point5characters

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands 😤. Commenter says NTA and calls out entitlement 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Babysitter quits after unfair treatment by employer. NTA 😊

Tical79 | Tical79

Stand up for yourself! 💪 You deserve respect as a babysitter.

Still-me- | Still-me-

Being sick is natural. Employer should be considerate. #NTA 😊

DogsReadingBooks | DogsReadingBooks

Sick babysitter quits, offers reasonable solution for future jobs 👍

dreghren | dreghren

NTA defends babysitter's decision to quit over unreasonable demands 😤

OldTiredAnnoyed | OldTiredAnnoyed

Babysitter disrespects and makes unreasonable demands, quit and move on 🙌

VampireGirl33 | VampireGirl33

Babysitter's unreasonable demands lead to justified quitting. NTA wins.

4682458 | 4682458

NTA stands up to unreasonable demands 💪

Sure-Mine | Sure-Mine

Babysitter quits after being treated like a disposable employee 😢

The__Riker__Maneuver | The__Riker__Maneuver

Babysitter stands up for herself and might get a raise 💪

d4nkgr1l | d4nkgr1l

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands, comment suggests treating sitters better 👍

MissTheWire | MissTheWire

Babysitter quits after unreasonable demands, commenter calls out selfish mom 😠

KangarooOk2190 | KangarooOk2190

Babysitters aren't slaves. NTA for quitting unreasonable demands. 🙏

Accomplished-Shoe543 | Accomplished-Shoe543

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands, commenter says NTA and advises to stand up for oneself. 💪

paul_rudds_drag_race | paul_rudds_drag_race

Babysitting job not worth the effort. NTA 👍

roxywalker | roxywalker

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands. Commenter supports and empathizes. 👏

canuck_2022 | canuck_2022

Setting boundaries with entitled parents 🙌

AffectionateMine2220 | AffectionateMine2220

Babysitter not at fault, but payment and expectations unclear 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Toxic work environment? NTA, time to quit! 🙌

IFeelNothingness | IFeelNothingness

Empathetic comment supports babysitter's decision to quit. 🙏

Moonboot_Messiah | Moonboot_Messiah

Setting boundaries with unreasonable employers. NTA 😊

diskebbin | diskebbin

Sick babysitter nightmare. NTA, don't work for her again. 😱

cmlobue | cmlobue

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands. NTA, bad employer, bad mother 😤

EvilFinch | EvilFinch

Stand up for yourself! You don't owe them anything. 💪

bizianka | bizianka

Parents need to respect babysitters' time and boundaries 🙏

swordfish2021 | swordfish2021

Supportive comment with no replies. 👍

thewhiterosequeen | thewhiterosequeen

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands and gets NTA support 😊

rmric0 | rmric0

Babysitter called NTA for quitting due to unreasonable demands 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for yourself and the kids 💪🏻👦🏻👧🏼

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands. NTA. Not your problem. 😤

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

Babysitter quits after unreasonable demands. Comment suggests politely declining future work.

Silmariel | Silmariel

Employee mistreated after Covid booster, NTA for quitting. 😡

the805chickenlady | the805chickenlady

Babysitter quits due to illness, praised for responsible decision-making 👍

overannalyze | overannalyze

Stand up for your health and boundaries 💪

Humble-Plankton2217 | Humble-Plankton2217

Concerned commenter advises reporting unreasonable babysitter employer. NTA 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fired for a flat tire? NTA, fire the unreasonable sitter!

disco_has_been | disco_has_been

Babysitter demands higher pay, tells entitled parent off 😎

ImmediateJeweler5066 | ImmediateJeweler5066

Babysitter quits over demands. Commenter defends right to personal time. 💪

Temporary_Pickles | Temporary_Pickles

Quitting a sick babysitter is a**hole move. NTA.

finallygavein_ | finallygavein_

Babysitter quits after parent disregards her health 😡

SteampunkHarley | SteampunkHarley

Babysitting nightmare: NTA babysitter quits over unreasonable demands 😤

curious382 | curious382

Stand up for yourself! 💪 You're not her doormat. NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Babysitter quits after unreasonable demands. NTA for standing up.

ndcollector | ndcollector

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands, gets justified support 💪

Plenty_Metal_1304 | Plenty_Metal_1304

Babysitter quits, but commenter says NTA and offers advice. 👍

Khaleeeesi21 | Khaleeeesi21

Sick babysitter's actions questioned by commenter, deemed NTA 😕

Sea-Ad9057 | Sea-Ad9057

Parenting and career balance is tough. NTA for quitting.

kennedar_1984 | kennedar_1984

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands. Trust issues with employer.

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

Babysitter quits over illness, comment defends decision and offers advice.

Born_Ad8420 | Born_Ad8420

Babysitter quits after unreasonable demands. NTA for leaving early.

christinamd1614 | christinamd1614

Standing up for yourself as a babysitter 💪

synonymroller | synonymroller

Stand up for yourself! You're valuable! 💪🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself, NTA wins 👏

ErixWorxMemes | ErixWorxMemes

Stand up for yourself, don't be a doormat 🙌

Still_Storm7432 | Still_Storm7432

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands, but commenter supports OP's decision. NTA 😊

Chance-Contract-1290 | Chance-Contract-1290

Fake it till you make it, NTA approves 🤒

Sidneyreb | Sidneyreb

NTA calls out babysitter's behavior with a Bushism quote.

vegemitemonstah | vegemitemonstah

Responsible babysitter quits after unreasonable demands from mother. NTA 😊

Accomplished-Dog3715 | Accomplished-Dog3715

NTA stands up for themselves in unreasonable babysitting situation 🙌

hgfkg | hgfkg

Babysitter quits over unreasonable demands. Commenter says NTA with concern for kids' safety.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Babysitter quits after unreasonable demands. Commenter supports decision. 👍

ToditaDeEl | ToditaDeEl

Babysitter quits after unreasonable demands 😤

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with a gaslighting parent. #NTA 🙌

granolagoile | granolagoile

Babysitter stands up for herself and prioritizes her well-being 💪

iowaiseast | iowaiseast

Babysitting horror story with a lesson. NTA.

smdrn66 | smdrn66

Sensible advice for a babysitter dealing with unreasonable demands 🙌

Scarletzoe | Scarletzoe

Dump the babysitter, prioritize your health! NTA 😊

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