Husband's Shocking Reaction to Wife's Tragic News 😱💔

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Losing a loved one is never easy, and it's even harder when you're already dealing with a lot of stress. Our storyteller today was juggling work, her son, and her brother's illness when tragedy struck. But instead of receiving comfort from her husband, she got something completely unexpected. 😔💔 Let's dive into her story...

Brother's Tragic Passing 😢

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Husband's Unusual Communication 📱

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Texting Instead of Talking 🤐

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Silent Treatment Continues 😶

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A Wife in Need of Support 💔

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Hoping for Change 🙏

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Devastating News Arrives 😔

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Sharing the Heartbreaking News 💔

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Husband's Unbelievable Reaction 😱

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An Insensitive Text Message 😔📱

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No Words, Just Texts 😢

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Emotions Boil Over 🌋

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Husband Finally Speaks Up 🗣️

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Apologies and Escaping to Mom's 🏡

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Mom's Advice on Lashing Out 🗣️

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A Text Message in a Time of Grief 😔💔

Our storyteller was already dealing with so much stress when her brother tragically passed away. Instead of comforting her, her husband continued his silent treatment and sent her a text message saying "I'm sorry" after hearing the news. She couldn't take it anymore and blew up at him, only for him to say that it wasn't his fault her brother died. After escaping to her mom's house, her mother advised her not to lash out at her husband because it won't solve the issue. Let's see how the internet feels about this heart-wrenching situation... 💬

Wife's husband fails to support her in tragic moment. NTA. 😱💔

bullzeye1983 | bullzeye1983

Husband texts during wife's tragedy, commenter calls out cruelty. 😱

no_rxn | no_rxn

Supportive comment applauds OP for standing up to immature husband.

jenzo2 | jenzo2

Supportive comment recommends therapy after husband's insensitive behavior.

Ilovegifsofjif | Ilovegifsofjif

Wife dealing with family crisis gets no help from husband 😡

Disastrous_Ad_8561 | Disastrous_Ad_8561

Wife shares husband's cold reaction to tragic news. NTA.

magicbeen | magicbeen

Husband's lack of empathy during wife's tragedy. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Insensitive husband's behavior after tragedy. Commenter offers support and advice.

The_Slutty_Ghost | The_Slutty_Ghost

Condolences given, commenter supports OP's reaction to husband's behavior. NTA 👍

WaDaEp | WaDaEp

Encouraging support for NTA and suggestion for couples counseling 👍

nothingrhymeswithnat | nothingrhymeswithnat

Prioritizing ego over partner's feelings is a marriage ender 😔

aegeanblud | aegeanblud

Husband's pride overshadows wife's tragedy. Seek help. 😢

the_prophecy_is_true | the_prophecy_is_true

Husband's lack of empathy shocks commenters. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Insensitive husband chooses silence over comforting grieving wife 😔

princessofperky | princessofperky

Spouse's lack of support in tough times - NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Asking about the issue that triggered husband's appalling response 🤔

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

Husband's unsupportive behavior during wife's tragedy - commenters side with her 💔

lemonpaloma | lemonpaloma

Husband's text-only communication after tragic news makes him a**hat. NTA.

semerien | semerien

Narcissistic husband punishes wife to hurt her. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Husband's emotional abuse towards grieving wife is unforgivable 😱

bethan2406 | bethan2406

Husband's lack of empathy shocks commenters. NTA.

Badger-of-Horrors | Badger-of-Horrors

Husband prioritized his feelings over wife's tragic news. 😱

Bondo_Wallace | Bondo_Wallace

Wife called NTA, husband's reaction 'over the top unreasonable' 😱

gamemamawarlock | gamemamawarlock

Husband's behavior before and after brother's death. 😕💔

izzygrtt | izzygrtt

NTA suggests divorce or apology for unsupportive husband. 😕

Even_Speech570 | Even_Speech570

Husband's lack of empathy after tragic news is 'insensitive' NTA.

NightOwl119 | NightOwl119

NTA. Communication is key in a healthy relationship 💌

jellybinnie | jellybinnie

Husband's behavior is worse than being TA 😱

Kare6Bear6 | Kare6Bear6

Heartbreaking loss exposes husband's lack of love and empathy 💔

Grace_Alcock | Grace_Alcock

Focus on your son, not MIL's child. Send him back.

ScammerC | ScammerC

NTA. Husband's cruel behavior should not be your priority right now 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Lack of empathy from husband sparks concern in comment section 🤔

BDThrills | BDThrills

Lack of empathy from partner after tragedy is evil 😱

radarsteddybear4077 | radarsteddybear4077

Insensitive husband behavior criticized by empathetic commenter. 😢

ajnabee1234 | ajnabee1234

A heartwarming story of a supportive husband during tough times ❤️

asgoodasicanget | asgoodasicanget

NTA. Silent treatment is emotional abuse. He meant to hurt you 😡

Snoo96130 | Snoo96130

🤔 Did OP leave out important details in their post?

superduperthrowawayb | superduperthrowawayb

Divorce is the only solution. Don't let him manipulate you. 👍

Youcannotbeforreal2 | Youcannotbeforreal2

Supportive comment advises divorce from unsupportive husband 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment offers condolences and understanding. ❤️

MiaouMiaou27 | MiaouMiaou27

Heartbroken commenter sympathizes with wife's tragic news 💔

Asifdude | Asifdude

Cutting toxic people out of your life 👍

konatada | konatada

Husband's lack of support during wife's tragedy, NTA

ghostforest | ghostforest

Engaging in a debate about communication tactics during grief 😕

PaintedJay | PaintedJay

Emotional abuse is never okay. Divorce him. 💔

wossnim | wossnim

Heartbreaking loss compounded by SO's lack of empathy 💔

misanthropydestroyer | misanthropydestroyer

Husband's lack of empathy towards wife's tragedy, divorce recommended 💔

rahruh | rahruh

Ex's surprising reaction to tragedy, regrets not working out.

Original_Impression2 | Original_Impression2

Emotional abuse is never okay. Seek help and stay safe. 👏

Chaliskis | Chaliskis

Husband gives silent treatment for 2 weeks after wife's brother dies 😡

MotherofDaleks | MotherofDaleks

Supportive comment offers condolences and condemns husband's behavior. 😢

UnicornCackle | UnicornCackle

Wife receives a heartless text from husband, commenter suggests divorce.

Meedusa13 | Meedusa13

Heartless husband's behavior is unforgivable. NTA. 😢

LiLadybug81 | LiLadybug81

Supportive comment calls out husband's behavior and suggests divorce lawyer.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Heartfelt condolences. NTA. Husband needs counseling for selfish behavior.

EnchantedSunrise | EnchantedSunrise

Supportive comment section with offers for co-parenting assistance.

Sea_Title_7577 | Sea_Title_7577

Loss, grief, and a husband's shocking reaction 😔💔

Chiya77 | Chiya77

Husband's lack of empathy towards wife's tragedy is unacceptable 😡

Skippy2716 | Skippy2716

Spouse's lack of support during tragedy is unacceptable 😡

GoodIntelligent2867 | GoodIntelligent2867

Encouraging therapy for emotionally stunted husband. NTA.

wigglywriggler | wigglywriggler

Husband gave her the silent treatment after a disagreement. When her brother died, he texted instead of hugging her. Marriage counseling needed.

hecknono | hecknono

Insensitive husband causes wife to blow up after tragic news 😱💔

frankyhart | frankyhart

Expecting comfort from SO, not indifference. NTA 👍

Keyluver | Keyluver

NTA. Husband's weaponized silence is blatant manipulation and abuse tactic. 👏

thymeCapsule | thymeCapsule

🚨DIVORCE ALERT🚨 NTA comment calls for drastic action

Lion_ebony___ | Lion_ebony___

Emotional stress, unsupportive spouse, and divorce-worthy offense. NTA.

Rbw7673 | Rbw7673

Partner should be supportive, have a serious talk. NTA 👍

coatrack68 | coatrack68

When words fail, pen and paper prevail? 🤔

SeePerspectives | SeePerspectives

NTA commenter advises leaving husband for immature behavior 👋

AnotherRusskiPianist | AnotherRusskiPianist

Condolences to OP. Partner's silent tantrum is unacceptable behavior. NTA.

AJinxedWytch | AJinxedWytch

User recommends divorce after husband's cold-hearted reaction 😱

PoisedGaze | PoisedGaze

Husband's behavior is beyond being an a**hole. NTA.

painkilleraddict6373 | painkilleraddict6373

NTA, but is it worth staying with someone so callous? 😕

gnimmuc6898 | gnimmuc6898

Condolences for loss, husband's behavior unacceptable. You deserve better.

GinnyFromTheBlock96 | GinnyFromTheBlock96

Wife suggests therapy after husband's shocking reaction to tragedy. 🙌

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Surviving grief and considering marriage counseling or divorce attorneys.

Mary-U | Mary-U

Supportive comment to woman dealing with cruel husband 👏

misswinterbottom | misswinterbottom

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