Girlfriend REFUSES to Babysit BF's EIGHT Siblings After New Baby! 😱

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Picture this: you're 19 years old and living with your boyfriend, Jake, in a cozy 3-bedroom rental. Life is good, right? 😌 But wait, there's a twist! Jake's mom, Vicky, has 8 other kids and one more on the way. 😱 With their 4-bedroom house already bursting at the seams, Vicky has a request for you and Jake: babysit the younger kids for a few weeks after the new baby is born. But you've already had a taste of babysitting and it wasn't exactly a walk in the park. 🥴 So, what do you do? 🤔 Let's dive into this story and find out!

Living Together with Jake 🏠

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Moving In Together 📦

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Meet the Big Family 👩‍👧‍👦

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Cramped Living Space 🏘️

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Vicky's Request 🤰

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Not Up for Babysitting 🙅‍♀️

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Previous Babysitting Experience 😩

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Vicky's Persistence 😒

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The Real Reason? 🤔

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Alternative Proposal 🛋️

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Jake's Guilt 😔

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Enabling or Not? 🤷‍♀️

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Feeling Like the A**hole 😟

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Babysitting Dilemma: A Big Family's Big Request 🍼

Our protagonist finds herself in a tricky situation. She and her boyfriend, Jake, live in a 3-bedroom rental, while Jake's mom, Vicky, has a house full of kids and another one on the way. 🤯 Vicky asks the couple to babysit the younger kids for a few weeks after the new baby is born. However, our protagonist isn't too keen on the idea, especially after a previous babysitting experience that left them spending their own money on the kids. 😓 Vicky persists, even suggesting they come stay on the family's sofa to help out. Jake feels guilty, knowing his parents are overwhelmed, but our protagonist can't help but feel like it's immoral to enable them. 😕 So, what does the internet think of this situation? Let's check out some top responses! 🍿

NTA suggests birth control for struggling parents of 8 siblings. 😱

bw2082 | bw2082

NTA. Babysitting 4 kids under 10 is a full-time job 😱

000-Hotaru_Tomoe | 000-Hotaru_Tomoe

NTA refuses to babysit BF's 8 siblings after new baby

Fartin_Scorsese | Fartin_Scorsese

"Waiting" for the baby? More like expecting free babysitting. 😑

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

NTA stands up to unreasonable request to babysit eight siblings. 🙌

AngeloPappas | AngeloPappas

NTA. Plans to guilt you into babysitting multiple children. Say no. 😱

NoSurprise82 | NoSurprise82

NTA. Refusing to babysit 8 siblings for weeks at 19 😱

JGalKnit | JGalKnit

User suggests sending Jake to take care of siblings. NTA.

InternationalFee2825 | InternationalFee2825

Don't let them guilt you into enabling their poor choices. 👍

becoming_maxine | becoming_maxine

Supportive comment, advises against giving in to family pressure. ❤

11SkiHill | 11SkiHill

Stand your ground against irresponsible behavior. You're NTA. 💪

RayTX | RayTX

NTA. Conversation needed. Parents should not force kids on others.

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

NTA and being parentified at 19? Hell no! 😱

VinylHighway | VinylHighway

Setting boundaries with overwhelming family. Offer alternative help. NTA.

PoetRevolutionary160 | PoetRevolutionary160

You're NTA for not babysitting BF's siblings. But how are you managing 4 kids for weeks? 🤔

SpaceJesusIsHere | SpaceJesusIsHere

NTA. It's not your responsibility to babysit, but consider compromising 🙂

CuriousJackfruit6609 | CuriousJackfruit6609

NTA, siblings shouldn't be solely responsible for childcare. 👏

1962Michael | 1962Michael

NTA stands firm in refusing to babysit boyfriend's siblings. 🙌

friendlily | friendlily

NTA. Jake's girlfriend is not responsible for his siblings. 👍

ladyteruki | ladyteruki

NTA. It's not your responsibility to babysit eight siblings. 🚫

Necessary_Working475 | Necessary_Working475

User rolls eyes at planned 10th child and predicts girlfriend as default babysitter, calls NTA sound "fun" 😂

YouthNAsia63 | YouthNAsia63

Choosing to have more kids, not your responsibility. Stand firm. 💪

Lunar-Eclipse0204 | Lunar-Eclipse0204

No way am I babysitting 8 siblings, not even one.

Tianoccio | Tianoccio

NTA, NTA and NTA again. 👏 No need to enable irresponsible parents.

FragrantEconomist386 | FragrantEconomist386

Supportive comment suggests moving away from overwhelming family situation.

qtcyclone | qtcyclone

User finds it sad that the couple has 10 kids and won't look after 4. Asks valid questions about birth control. NTA.

meradiostalker | meradiostalker

User calls out irresponsible parenting and warns against babysitting.

CrankyNurse68 | CrankyNurse68

NTA suggests contraceptive for irresponsible mother. 😳

gemma0718 | gemma0718

User refuses to babysit BF's 8 siblings after new baby! 😱

Jerseygirl2468 | Jerseygirl2468

Setting boundaries is healthy and necessary. Stick to your guns! 👍

KizzyHew | KizzyHew

Birth control suggestion sparks agreement. NTA wins the thread! 💯

Left_Wolverine_222 | Left_Wolverine_222

Setting boundaries is important! NTA 👍

AndSoItGoes24 | AndSoItGoes24

Setting boundaries with family planning 👨‍🎲

Altruistic-Bunny | Altruistic-Bunny

Not responsible for BF's siblings. Don't fall for Vicky's manipulation. 🙅

RayEd29 | RayEd29

NTA suggests calling CPS and setting firm boundaries with BF.

Tal_Tos_72 | Tal_Tos_72

Don't let anyone guilt you into babysitting! 🙌

Adorable-Reaction887 | Adorable-Reaction887

User suggests girlfriend not responsible for BF's siblings, sparks debate.

No-Asparagus-2974 | No-Asparagus-2974

NTA stands up against irresponsible parent with too many kids 🙌

WholeAd2742 | WholeAd2742

NTA. Having 8 children isn't an excuse for entitlement. 🚫

Tranqup | Tranqup

User refuses to babysit BF's eight siblings after new baby 😱

External_Expert_2069 | External_Expert_2069

Don't let them manipulate you into becoming a permanent babysitter. 😱

Anxious-Routine-5526 | Anxious-Routine-5526

Taking care of 10 kids is a lot, NTA suggests paid sitters.

Ihateyou1975 | Ihateyou1975

Don't let guilt control you, lay down the law 💪

Top_Organization5417 | Top_Organization5417

Strongly opinionated comment against babysitting sparks no replies.

jaggedlittlepill1967 | jaggedlittlepill1967

NTA stands up for respecting boundaries and responsibility.

plm56 | plm56

Setting boundaries and calling CPS if necessary. 💪

Cursd818 | Cursd818

NTA - Parents shouldn't expect adult children to be babysitters 👍

Alert_Golf_6567 | Alert_Golf_6567

Taking care of 8 siblings is not babysitting, NTA.

likecommentsurvive | likecommentsurvive

Nope nope and nope 😱 Consequences of their choices.

planet-seems-lost | planet-seems-lost

Don't be a babysitter, be a boss 💪

Deana-Marie | Deana-Marie

Girlfriend not obligated to babysit BF's 8 siblings after new baby 🙏

2_old_for_this_spit | 2_old_for_this_spit

Set boundaries now to avoid a lifetime of guilt trips 🙏

TexasForever361 | TexasForever361

No babysitting for irresponsible breeders. NTA! 😈

BrinaGu3 | BrinaGu3

NTA for not babysitting BF's siblings after new baby 👍

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

NTA. Responsibility and age are important factors.

SockMaster9273 | SockMaster9273

NTA! His parents' entitlement is insane. Stand your ground! 💪

glimmerseeker | glimmerseeker

User refuses to babysit BF's siblings, predicts permanent burden. 🚫👶

atwin96 | atwin96

User advises to run from girlfriend's family planning obsession. 😱


Opinion on large families and attention for newborns. 🤔

thatkindofgirl55 | thatkindofgirl55

Think twice before getting involved with a huge dumpster fire 😱

ggrandmaleo | ggrandmaleo

Moving in together doesn't make you a free babysitter! 🚫🍼

similar_name4489 | similar_name4489

Don't let them pressure you into babysitting! 🙌

KezarLake | KezarLake

Supportive comment suggests therapy for boyfriend's parentification trauma and setting boundaries 💪

SorchitaFilly | SorchitaFilly

Don't become her babysitter and ATM. Suggest social services help 👍

proud_didi | proud_didi

Don't let them dump their kids on you. Call CPS 📞

BonusMomSays | BonusMomSays

Kind advice for a helpful but cautious NTA.

Holiday_Trainer_2657 | Holiday_Trainer_2657

Being helpful without being taken for granted. 🤩

Purple_Paper_Bag | Purple_Paper_Bag

Responsibility for siblings' kids isn't yours. Stand your ground! 💪

Amazing_Teaching2733 | Amazing_Teaching2733

NTA, BF needs to set boundaries and Vicky needs birth control 😱

nerdyconstructiongal | nerdyconstructiongal

NTA stands firm against babysitting BF's siblings after new baby 🙈

shinifox | shinifox

Boundaries are important. NTA for standing up for yourself. 👍

chocolate_chip_kirsy | chocolate_chip_kirsy

Savage comment shuts down irresponsible parents. 💯

1000thatbeyotch | 1000thatbeyotch

Don't be guilt-tripped into babysitting your BF's 8 siblings! 🙌

OnlymyOP | OnlymyOP

NTA, boyfriends' parents need to stop having kids 😱

Kukka63 | Kukka63

NTA stands their ground on babysitting for irresponsible parents.

Ornery-Wasabi-473 | Ornery-Wasabi-473

Taking care of 8 siblings after new baby? NTA.

DazzleLove | DazzleLove

NTA for not babysitting BF's siblings. Where is their Dad?

TryAgainGirlie | TryAgainGirlie

Don't sacrifice your dreams for others. NTA 👍

Any-Refrigerator-966 | Any-Refrigerator-966

Questioning the family planning decisions, NTA takes a stand 💪

Special_Lychee_6847 | Special_Lychee_6847

Responsibility of boyfriend's siblings isn't yours. NTA 👍

yeeleh | yeeleh

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