Coworker Crosses the Line: Asking Personal Questions About Paraplegic Husband 😲

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Picture this: your husband is paraplegic, and you're attending a work event together. Everything seems to be going well, until a nosy coworker starts bombarding your husband with intrusive questions. 😳 But wait, it gets worse! This coworker then crosses the line and asks about your sex life. 😱 What would you do? Well, one woman found herself in this exact situation, and she's wondering if she was in the wrong for calling her coworker a creep. 🤔 Let's dive into the story...

The Paraplegic Husband 🚑

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Inquisitive Minds at Work 🧐

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BBQ & Wheelchairs 🍖♿

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Enter the Nosy Newbie 🕵️

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The First Meeting 🤝

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Question Time ⏱️

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Endless Curiosity 🔄

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Back to the Questions 🔄

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Crossing the Line 🚫

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Sensitive Topic 😢

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Defending Vincent 💪

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Angry Accusations 😠

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Grateful Husband 🙏

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The Verdict? 🤔

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Nosy Coworker Gets Personal 😳

Our storyteller's husband, Vincent, is paraplegic and uses a wheelchair. They attended a work event together, where they met Miles, the new receptionist. Miles bombarded Vincent with questions about his condition, making everyone uncomfortable. 😬 Despite attempts to change the subject, Miles persisted, eventually asking about their sex life. 😳 Our storyteller called him a creep, causing Miles to get upset. Vincent was grateful, but a coworker thought she was too harsh. Was she right to call him out, or did she go too far? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭

Respectful boundaries at work, NTA shuts down inappropriate question. 👍

Far_Hat_8303 | Far_Hat_8303

Asking about someone's sex life is always inappropriate at work 😬

Sorrelandroan | Sorrelandroan

Calling him a creep was probably the most polite 😂

catskilkid | catskilkid

Report the coworker for intrusive personal questions. NTA. 🚨

Riyokosan | Riyokosan

Defending your spouse never makes you the a**hole 👍

Rich-398 | Rich-398

NTA. Handling inappropriate coworkers with grace 😊

Deep-Manner-4111 | Deep-Manner-4111

Respect privacy, not everyone owes you answers. Find other resources 👍

srgonzo75 | srgonzo75

Defending disabled spouse from nosy coworker: NTA wins. 🥊

beanfiddler | beanfiddler

Office nosiness crosses the line, NTA for firm smackdown 😠

Some_Range_9037 | Some_Range_9037

Standing up for personal boundaries and common sense 💪

International-Fee255 | International-Fee255

Talking to HR is important. Don't let coworkers cross boundaries 🚨

LesbianBagleBoy | LesbianBagleBoy

Standing up against inappropriate questions about personal life 🙅‍♀️

SuzieQbert | SuzieQbert

NTA, report both to HR: Miles for being creepy, coworker for defending

andronicuspark | andronicuspark

NTA shuts down nosy coworker with paraplegic husband question 😊

rojita369 | rojita369

Heartwarming support for a great partner and sweet love story ❤️

FourL3afClov3r | FourL3afClov3r

Asking personal questions without consent is always inappropriate 🙅

OddIcey | OddIcey

Standing up to rude coworkers and personal boundaries 😏

FrogmanBountyHunter | FrogmanBountyHunter

Setting boundaries at work 👊 NTA shuts down nosy coworker

SadAcanthocephala521 | SadAcanthocephala521

Sexual harassment at work? Definitely not okay 😒

BlondeBreveHC | BlondeBreveHC

Shutting down a creepy coworker's rude questions like a boss 👊

rjmythos | rjmythos

Setting boundaries with coworkers is important. NTA for enforcing them. 😊

Wachkuss | Wachkuss

Respect boundaries: don't ask about someone's sex life 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up for boundaries and protecting loved ones from invasive questions 🙌

Smallfrie2k15 | Smallfrie2k15

Hold him accountable! NTA. 💪

kep1ian713 | kep1ian713

Sassy reply shuts down intrusive coworker's personal questions. 😎

Prudent_Plan_6451 | Prudent_Plan_6451

Firm stance against invasive personal questions at workplace. 👊

sickandtired5590 | sickandtired5590

Setting boundaries with creepy coworkers 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending partner's insecurities at work, NTA wins 🙌

SolarAU | SolarAU

Personal boundaries respected, Miles told to f**k off 😎

az_bree123 | az_bree123

Calling out creepy coworker is fully justified 😎

summery_winter | summery_winter

Coworker's inappropriate behavior at work event. NTA for feeling uncomfortable.

momomunch | momomunch

Coworker crosses the line, and a commenter calls out bad intentions 😒

Arius_Keter | Arius_Keter

Setting boundaries with coworkers about personal topics. NTA wins.

matchy_blacks | matchy_blacks

Coworker's invasive questions about paraplegic husband cross the line 😑

itsmeAnna2022 | itsmeAnna2022

Setting boundaries at work. Personal life is off-limits! 🙌

PicsofMyDog119 | PicsofMyDog119

Coworker's insensitive behavior towards disabled husband called out. NTA.

Personal-Listen-4941 | Personal-Listen-4941

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for enforcing them 👍

wosmo | wosmo

Respect boundaries at work functions. NTA shuts down intrusive behavior.

ThrowRA-eternal | ThrowRA-eternal

NTA calls out sexual harassment and suggests revenge tactic 😲

Infamous_fire94 | Infamous_fire94

Coworker's invasive questioning about personal life is inappropriate in workplace. NTA 😲

Quirky-Spirit-5498 | Quirky-Spirit-5498

Respect boundaries when meeting new people. 👍

CelesteDesdemina | CelesteDesdemina

Setting boundaries with inappropriate coworkers at the workplace 🙌

an-enigma- | an-enigma-

Creepy coworker crossed a line, OP not in the wrong 🙌

Wipneus472 | Wipneus472

Sassy response shuts down coworker's inappropriate questioning 😎

Loud-Decision-8444 | Loud-Decision-8444

Boundaries 101: Asking about sex life on first meeting? NTA

Odd-Cheetah6626 | Odd-Cheetah6626

Report it to HR: Miles is WAY outta pocket. 😲

ariankhneferet | ariankhneferet

Asking about a coworker's sex life? Creepy and inappropriate 😒

JarethsBuldge | JarethsBuldge

Perfect handling of creepy coworker 😎

Big-Visual-3659 | Big-Visual-3659

Inappropriate questions about disabilities are gross and biased. NTA.

Ashley9225 | Ashley9225

Standing up for personal boundaries, well done! 💪

Commercial_Board6680 | Commercial_Board6680

Setting boundaries with coworkers 👍

Superliminal_MyAss | Superliminal_MyAss

Coworker crosses the line by asking personal questions about OP's husband. NTA.

messy_tuxedo_cat | messy_tuxedo_cat

Fierce response to inappropriate questions about husband's disability. 😠

ChamomileBrownies | ChamomileBrownies

Coworker's intrusive questions about sex life are unacceptable. #NTA 😱

TonberryDuchess | TonberryDuchess

Coworker's inappropriate questions shut down at barbecue 🍖

Maxwyfe | Maxwyfe

Creepy coworker crosses the line, NTA for reporting him 😡

ladybasecamp | ladybasecamp

Setting boundaries: Shutting down inappropriate questions with NTA comment.

Xx_ShadowHeart_xX | Xx_ShadowHeart_xX

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