Mom's Ultimatum: Sue for Child Support or Get Out! 😱

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Being a single mom is never easy, but when one of your children becomes a parent themselves, the challenges can multiply. Our 40-year-old single mom has three children, and her 18-year-old daughter, Ava, dropped out of high school after getting pregnant. Ava's baby daddy, Andrew, has since moved away and cut off all contact, leaving Ava jobless and without a plan. Now, this fed-up mom has given Ava an ultimatum: either sue for child support or get out of the house! 🏠💥

Meet the Family

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Ava's Situation

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Andrew's Disappearing Act

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Blocked and Accused

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The Working Sister

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Rent and Responsibilities

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Ava's Expectations

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The Real Problem

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Mom's Tough Love

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Job Suggestions

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"Do High School"

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Ava's Fears

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Mom's Ultimatum

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Reality Check

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Government Assistance

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Andrew's Influence

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Mom's Tough Love: Will Ava Step Up?

This single mom is at her wit's end with her 18-year-old daughter, Ava, who dropped out of high school after getting pregnant. Ava's baby daddy, Andrew, has since moved away and cut off all contact, leaving Ava jobless and without a plan. The mom has now given Ava an ultimatum: either sue for child support or get out of the house! Ava is resistant, fearing Andrew will lose his scholarship or be forced out of college if she files. Will this tough love approach push Ava to take responsibility and make a change? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😬💬

NTA. Daughter needs to be an adult and support her child 👨‍👦. Reasonable compromise offered. 👍

jacksonlove3 | jacksonlove3

Suggests using Mormon church to pressure family into child support settlement

Belaerim | Belaerim

Ex-Mormon suggests reaching out to church for young man's history 😱

angelmakr9 | angelmakr9

Father can't have it both ways. NTA. 👍

Rendogala | Rendogala

User suggests suing for child support and encourages daughter to step up.

MizzyvonMuffling | MizzyvonMuffling

Tough love may be called for here. You're NTA 👏

forgetregret1day | forgetregret1day

Daughter's ex-boyfriend, a Mormon, pressured her against abortion. Sue him!

Sea-Mud5386 | Sea-Mud5386

Offering a plan for Ava's future and holding baby daddy accountable. 👏

Drunkendonkeytail | Drunkendonkeytail

Angry commenter advocates for taking revenge on deadbeat dad. 🗡

PhilMeUpBaby | PhilMeUpBaby

Passionate comment calling out deadbeat dad for gaslighting and religious beliefs. 💪🏼

berriiwitch | berriiwitch

Encouraging NTA comment on facing reality and setting goals. 👏

kikivee612 | kikivee612

Suggests involving Mormon church to make Andrew take responsibility. 👍

notastepfordwife | notastepfordwife

NTA for not wanting to support her baby alone 😱

Wednesday_9873 | Wednesday_9873

Encouraging comment on holding parents accountable for their actions. 💪

NoTeacher9563 | NoTeacher9563

Adult daughter forced to choose between child support or eviction! 🤯

4legsandatail | 4legsandatail

Ava needs to file for support - NTA made the right call 👍

quill3216 | quill3216

Controversial comment sparks no replies, only emojis in response.

masterofallmars | masterofallmars

Compassionate take on daughter's situation and need for support. 🙏

Geezell | Geezell

Grandchild's paternal family should step up to help, not abandon.

NeeliSilverleaf | NeeliSilverleaf

Growing up and tracking down the father for child support 👍

jibaro1953 | jibaro1953

Calling out a deadbeat dad using religion? 👏

rshni67 | rshni67

User calls out parent for not teaching daughter financial responsibility. 💸

sanityjanity | sanityjanity

NTA calls out Andrew's family and warns about DNA test.

Techno_Core | Techno_Core

Father hires attorney for child support, ends up benefiting sperm donor 😱

Electrical-Mud-166 | Electrical-Mud-166

A helpful tip for dealing with deadbeat Mormon fathers 👍

quiettryit | quiettryit

User calls out parent for expecting too much from daughter. 😱

Ok_Motor_4298 | Ok_Motor_4298

Concern over mother's ultimatum to 18-year-old daughter. 🤔

CapJLPicard | CapJLPicard

Taking it to the church? Bold move, but might work! 😉

SidFinch99 | SidFinch99

NTA. Ava needs to take responsibility for her child.

Adorable-Reaction887 | Adorable-Reaction887

Religious hypocrisy called out in unplanned pregnancy situation. 😒

Johnny-Fakehnameh | Johnny-Fakehnameh

Kicking out a pregnant teenager? Definitely the a**hole 😠

LogicalYam7 | LogicalYam7

Criticism of mother's ultimatum to throw out her highschooler daughter.

Gigantkranion | Gigantkranion

Get revenge with the church's help 👍

houseofnim | houseofnim

DNA test and child support: tough love for deadbeat dad 👍

Worldly_Act5867 | Worldly_Act5867

Engaging advice to help Ava get revenge on her cheating ex.

Minniechild | Minniechild

Ex-Mormon suggests possible settlement with church to OP's situation 🤔

TooNoodley | TooNoodley

Supportive comment encourages violence and religious judgement. 🤯

retrobob69 | retrobob69

Get help from LDS or his family to avoid child support 👶

Robinnoodle | Robinnoodle

Get involved with his church to make him pay child support! 😎

rainbowsparkplug | rainbowsparkplug

Daughter needs to take responsibility, not the grandma. NTA 👍

EndStorm | EndStorm

Grandma's tough love approach to daughter's ultimatum. 😰

Paulyanna12 | Paulyanna12

Mormon hypocrisy and child support, NTA calls them out 😱

DeathMetalGolfer | DeathMetalGolfer

Mormon suggests suing for child support and help from church 👏

MissionHelp4454 | MissionHelp4454

Young mother needs to hold father responsible for child support. 👥

BigMax | BigMax

Daughter needs to file for child support, NTA for enforcing it 👍

OneMoreCookie | OneMoreCookie

Proving paternity to the Morman family for child support 👨‍👦

WhyAmIStillHere86 | WhyAmIStillHere86

Use religion to pressure family for child support. 😊

OldAndFluffy | OldAndFluffy

Suggests public shaming at Mormon temple to force child support. 😎

the_amberdrake | the_amberdrake

NTA - Tough love is needed to get child support.

Tuga_Lissabon | Tuga_Lissabon

State benefits can help with child support. No need to sue. 👍

Dorzack | Dorzack

Suggests exploiting the scholarship angle to get child support. NTA 👍

NBQuade | NBQuade

ESH. Mom should sue for child support and help daughter budget 💰

Resident-Path3477 | Resident-Path3477

Encouraging comment suggests applying for child support and education assistance

sillymarilli | sillymarilli

NTA. Daughter's kid is not your responsibility. Don't cave! 👍

Intelligent-Bat1724 | Intelligent-Bat1724

NTA. Tough love is necessary for Ava's wake-up call. 👏

SuperHuckleberry125 | SuperHuckleberry125

User calls out OP for not protecting daughter, supports tough love.

Ok_Composer_9458 | Ok_Composer_9458

Helpful advice on getting child support and government assistance 👏

inarealdaz | inarealdaz

Father labeled as classic deadbeat, daughter selfish and clueless 😔

kennyPowersNet | kennyPowersNet

NTA. Advice on filing for child support and informing Andrew's bishop.

Dull_Exercise_5420 | Dull_Exercise_5420

Get the support your daughter deserves. NTA. 👏

Boudicca- | Boudicca-

Protecting her daughter: a mother's tough love 💖

drewbaby32 | drewbaby32

NTA comment: Taking responsibility for adult decisions 👏

RNGinx3 | RNGinx3

Concerned commenter urges action for immature 18-year-old daughter

ButtleyHugz | ButtleyHugz

Mormon commenter urges accountability and responsibility for premarital sex.

Inevitable_Boss5846 | Inevitable_Boss5846

Single mom deserves support, deadbeat dad must pay up! 💪

BABarracus | BABarracus

Legal action risks baby's safety, tough situation for mom 😞

otiscleancheeks | otiscleancheeks

Creative solution suggested to deal with deadbeat dad. 👍

KoveinCoven | KoveinCoven

Encouraging response to a tough situation. 👍

dogdaysareover__ | dogdaysareover__

NTA comment suggests serving Andrew in front of classmates 😂

WorstHatFreeSoup | WorstHatFreeSoup

Mom needs to file for child support and get a job 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating paternity and custody issues, adoption may be considered 🤔

Internal-Argument218 | Internal-Argument218

Get county aid, file for child support, involve highest Mormon authority 💪

breezfan22 | breezfan22

User has a different perspective, but warns of legal consequences.

JaxGal17 | JaxGal17

Harsh criticism towards family's financial situation. 😕

ChicksSansDicks | ChicksSansDicks

Daughter needs a wake-up call about her new reality. 🙌

az-anime-fan | az-anime-fan

Mormon adoption coercion warning for young and dumb daughter.

stunnedonlooker | stunnedonlooker

Taking legal action for child support. NTA but brace yourself 😱

Nefarious-do-good13 | Nefarious-do-good13

Choosing to forgo child support hurts the child and future partners. #NTA

TheOvercusser | TheOvercusser

Tough love or too harsh? Options for struggling mom. 🤔

james960212 | james960212

ExLDS commenter advises to sue for child support, not seek church help. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

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