Man Plans to Reject Wife's Advances at Wedding: Is He in the Wrong? 🤔

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Imagine being in a sexless marriage for years, with intimacy only happening a few times annually. One man in his 30s is facing this exact situation. His wife blames her antidepressants and medicinal marijuana for her lack of desire, leaving him feeling increasingly emotionally detached. He's tried to be supportive, but the frustration is building up. The only time his wife seems interested in intimacy is at weddings, and they're attending one this weekend. However, he's considering turning down her advances this time, knowing it will hurt her self-esteem. Is he justified in his decision? Let's dive into the story. 📖

A Sexless Marriage 💔

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Frustration and Resentment 😤

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Fantasies and Temptations 😏

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Wedding Quickies 💒

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A Bold Decision 🚫

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The Consequences 😨

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Clarification 🗣️

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Emotions and Motives 🎭

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A Change of Heart? 💓

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The Dilemma 🤷

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Second Thoughts 💭

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The Final Decision 🏁

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Resentment and Needs 🌪️

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Irrational Thoughts 🌀

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The Root of the Problem 🌳

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Seeking Help 🆘

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A Tough Choice: Rejecting Intimacy or Staying Silent 🤐

This man has been struggling with a sexless marriage for years, and he's reached his breaking point. With a wedding coming up, he knows his wife will likely initiate intimacy, but he's considering turning her down to finally express his frustration. After receiving advice from others, he decides to accept her advances if they happen, but he acknowledges his resentment and the need to address the issue head-on. He plans to suggest counseling after the wedding, hoping to improve communication and work on their relationship. Will this decision help or hurt their marriage? Only time will tell. 💔😔

Suggests counseling and hormone modification to solve intimacy issues. 👨‍👩‍👦

elisakiss | elisakiss

Spicing up the wedding night or just the risk? 😏

betainehydrochloride | betainehydrochloride

Consent is important, regardless of gender. ✌️

Virtual-ins | Virtual-ins

Struggling with intimacy in marriage, seeking advice on coping mechanisms.

Jokester_316 | Jokester_316

User advises to have a serious conversation about intimacy issues 👍

Overall-Scholar-4676 | Overall-Scholar-4676

User advises man to end incompatible relationship and move on. 👍

akillerofjoy | akillerofjoy

Spouse's medication affecting sex life, toys added for intimacy. Encourages communication.

VeggiesArentSoBad | VeggiesArentSoBad

User advises seeking therapy or ending unhappy marriage 💔

MikeFrikinRotch | MikeFrikinRotch

NTA commenter defends OP's right to refuse sex with wife.

[deleted] | [deleted]

User questions wife's sex drive during weddings due to medication use.

Popular-Block-5790 | Popular-Block-5790

NTA spouse seeks medical help for wife's lack of sex drive 👨‍👩‍👦

closebytheside | closebytheside

User shares personal experience of lack of intimacy in marriage.

coreysgal | coreysgal

Incompatible sexual desire can ruin relationships. End it early. 👍

Flux_State | Flux_State

Prioritizing one's own needs is important in a relationship. ❤️

Titsforthewin | Titsforthewin

Exploring the difference between thrill-seeking and emotional sex 💭

StruckFit7273 | StruckFit7273

Refusing sex as retaliation is unhealthy. Counseling may help.

Novaa240 | Novaa240

NTA. A thoughtful response to partner's situational sex drive. 👍

Sashaslicious | Sashaslicious

Communication is key for a successful marriage. 📲

krymer24 | krymer24

Working on being the best partner helped our intimacy 🤝💕

Sonderkin | Sonderkin

NTA if you don't want intimacy at wedding, communicate instead 👍

SkaCahToa | SkaCahToa

Prioritize mental health, not revenge. Seek therapy 💪

hbgbees | hbgbees

Couple seeks therapy to maintain intimacy despite medication side effects 👨‍👩‍👦

FormerRelationship8 | FormerRelationship8

Wife's low libido is not an excuse to neglect her partner. 😒

HyperDsloth | HyperDsloth

A husband shares his experience with his wife's antidepressants. 👍

GenitalWrangler69 | GenitalWrangler69

Choosing spite over love can only make things worse 😔

nth256 | nth256

Empathetic comment offers hope and advice for struggling relationship. 🙏

Frozenthickness | Frozenthickness

Choosing to play games in marriage is not mature 🙅

Able-Classroom9843 | Able-Classroom9843

Curious commenter raises valid questions about the relationship. 🤔

This-Sort7116 | This-Sort7116

User argues for importance of sex in relationships and communication.

Arlaneutique | Arlaneutique

Rejecting advances at wedding: emotional connection > quickie 👍

Hulkslam3 | Hulkslam3

Suggests taking wife on more dates to avoid rejecting advances 💕

acefrosting | acefrosting

Don't let past refusals damage your relationship. 👍

aryareddi | aryareddi

Planning to reject wife's advances at wedding? YTA, Babydoll. 🤯

MrsPinkyNARF | MrsPinkyNARF

Medical marijuana may not affect libido like antidepressants. Couple's counseling recommended. NTA 👍

ThatWhichLurks782 | ThatWhichLurks782

Antidepressants and sex: a personal experience and advice for couples therapy 👨🏻‍💻

OverprotectiveOtter | OverprotectiveOtter

Addressing love languages could improve the dynamic and increase intimacy 💖

MindlessEase7124 | MindlessEase7124

Consider therapy before rejecting advances to avoid divorce. 👨‍👩‍👦

Road-Mundane | Road-Mundane

Don't be a jackass on purpose to teach a lesson 😒

BecomeEnnuisonable | BecomeEnnuisonable

Fixing low libido is important for a healthy relationship 👍

Wintermute815 | Wintermute815

Importance of mutual consent and therapy for sexual issues. 👨🏻‍👩🏻

Sweet_Sheepherder_41 | Sweet_Sheepherder_41

Choosing self-happiness over a toxic relationship 🙌

famouskiwi | famouskiwi

User suggests therapy and communication before wedding to prevent resentment 👍

JayneKadio | JayneKadio

User calls out groom for immature plan to reject wife's advances 😑

Chaoticsleepy89 | Chaoticsleepy89

Planning to reject wife at wedding? YTA according to comment.

maseioavessiprevisto | maseioavessiprevisto

Planning to reject advances to hurt spouse makes YTA. 🙄

whiskeytown79 | whiskeytown79

Rejecting wife's advances at wedding: consequences for sex life? 😱

dog1ived | dog1ived

🚨 YTA for intentionally hurting your wife. Counseling is needed. 🚨

Sinclair8404 | Sinclair8404

Rejecting wife's advances as revenge makes you TA! Try foreplay 😏

Jmfroggie | Jmfroggie

LL spouse offers advice on intimacy and communication in marriage 👨‍👩‍👦

m0ther_0F_myriads | m0ther_0F_myriads

Consent is important, but is revenge a motive for refusal?

CaptainHenner | CaptainHenner

Engage in open communication and respect each other's desires. 👍

xcasandraXspenderx | xcasandraXspenderx

Wife's low libido may be due to hormonal imbalance. Check it!

TheGrapeSlushies | TheGrapeSlushies

Partner's medication affecting intimacy, NTA for setting boundaries.

heavyheavybrobro | heavyheavybrobro

NTA for feeling upset, but denying advances won't solve anything 🙅️. Couples therapy recommended.

Solid_Bumblebee3683 | Solid_Bumblebee3683

Honesty is key, even if it's not what she wants. 👍

franky3987 | franky3987

Suggests counseling to address resentment affecting intimacy in marriage. 👨🤓

WeAreJackStrong | WeAreJackStrong

Rejecting advances out of pettiness is childish. Communicate like adults. NTA.

BirdmanG07 | BirdmanG07

Communication and therapy might help, don't be an a**hole 😉

ReasonableEscape777 | ReasonableEscape777

Counseling may help resolve complex emotions and neglected intimacy issues. 👍

splatterwall | splatterwall

Sex isn't the only way to maintain emotional closeness in marriage. 👭

GoSeeCal_Spot | GoSeeCal_Spot

A commenter shares their experience and advises compassion in relationships. 👍

patronsaintpizza | patronsaintpizza

Weddings shouldn't be the only source of excitement 😕

Boxtrottango | Boxtrottango

ESH. Communication and counseling can help resolve sexual issues in relationships. 👍

cavebot92 | cavebot92

Communication is key. Discussing issues before the wedding is crucial. 👍

docdidactic | docdidactic

Communicate openly with your wife and suggest going to a therapist. 👍

InsideSeesaw1661 | InsideSeesaw1661

Petty payback or not, resentment has ruined this marriage. 💔

serpentine__babou | serpentine__babou

Man plans to reject wife's advances, but is called YTA.

Batticon | Batticon

Suggests seeking help from Jesus to improve marriage. 🙏

beewayne | beewayne

Turning down advances out of spite is gross and YTA.

OddFiction | OddFiction

Suggestion for counseling and addressing intimacy issues in marriage. 👨🏻👩🏻

3JaneTessier | 3JaneTessier

Delta 8 gummies saved their sex life despite medication side effects 😍

Practical_Pudding_54 | Practical_Pudding_54

Wellbutrin may help with low sex drive caused by SSRIs 👍

roxybb27 | roxybb27

Negotiating sex in a marriage: NTA for setting boundaries 😎

OldSeaBrigade | OldSeaBrigade

Overcoming low sex drive from anxiety meds with medical help 👍

motorcycleman58 | motorcycleman58

Changing medication is tough, support your partner through it ♡♡♡

Redlysnap | Redlysnap

Anti-depressants killed orgasm, but rejecting wife won't fix anything 🤔

2ndChanceAtLife | 2ndChanceAtLife

Sexless marriage due to wife's health issues feels like death. 😢

mok-duffy | mok-duffy

Ways to tackle sexual dysfunction due to medication discussed. 👍

Significant_Dog_5909 | Significant_Dog_5909

User advises OP to not waste best years with wife.

IndustryInsider007 | IndustryInsider007

NTA. It's a real double standard to live with. 😔

bknchrs | bknchrs

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