Man Storms Out of Dinner with Girlfriend's Family 😱🍽️

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Imagine being invited to your girlfriend's family dinner, only to find yourself excluded from the conversation because they keep speaking a language you don't understand. That's exactly what happened to one man from Galicia, Spain, when he visited his girlfriend's Catalan-speaking family in Barcelona. Despite multiple polite reminders that he couldn't understand Catalan, the family continued to exclude him from their conversations. Frustrated and feeling disrespected, he decided to leave the dinner early. But was his decision justified, or did he overreact? Let's dive into the story. 🤔

The Language Barrier 🗣️

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The Spanish Situation 🇪🇸

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Catalan Nationalism 🏴

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The Family Dinner Invitation 🍽️

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A Negative Vibe? 😒

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The Language Switching Game 🔄

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Taking a Breather 😤

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The Father's Zoom Call 📞

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Back to the Dinner Table 🍽️

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The Father's Reaction 😠

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The Final Confrontation 🤬

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Missed Calls and Silence 📵

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The Great Language Debate: Was He Right to Leave? 🤔

Our protagonist found himself in a sticky situation when he attended a family dinner at his girlfriend's house in Barcelona. Despite being from Spain, he couldn't understand Catalan, the language spoken by his girlfriend's family. They repeatedly switched between Castilian (which he could understand) and Catalan, leaving him feeling excluded and disrespected. After multiple attempts to remind them of the language barrier, he finally reached his breaking point and left the dinner early, sparking a heated confrontation with his girlfriend's father. With 15 missed calls from his girlfriend and a day of silence, we're left wondering if he made the right decision. Let's see what the internet has to say about this linguistic dilemma... 🌐

Girlfriend's family switches to local language mid-conversation, OP NTA 🚫🗣

kurokomainu | kurokomainu

Being deliberately left out is rude. NTA for feeling upset 🙏

Haunting-Juice983 | Haunting-Juice983

Girlfriend's lack of support leads to uncomfortable situation. NTA. 👍

JudgeJudyScheindlin | JudgeJudyScheindlin

Spanish speaker debunks stereotypes, calls out right wing trolling. YTA.

BooksCatsnStuff | BooksCatsnStuff

NTA for storming out after being excluded from conversation 👍

Itchy-Confusion-5767 | Itchy-Confusion-5767

Language barriers cause tension in relationships and cultures 👥🌍

Maduixa12 | Maduixa12

A comment on rude behavior and escalated responses. 😕

containmentleak | containmentleak

Rude behavior backfires: man storms out of dinner with girlfriend's family

shelltrice | shelltrice

Galician speaker calls out OP's biased reaction to Catalan language use.

an__ski | an__ski

NTA. GF's family gaslit you, GF didn't follow, speak with her.

-KristalG- | -KristalG-

Being disrespected by girlfriend's family led to outburst, everyone sucks.

deathandtaxes2023 | deathandtaxes2023

GF should have translated for OP and stood up for him 👍

Todd_and_Margo | Todd_and_Margo

Insulting future in-laws is a relationship deal-breaker. ESH. 😑

Every_Caterpillar945 | Every_Caterpillar945

NTA for storming out of disrespectful dinner with girlfriend's family 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Guest criticized for demanding language conformity at girlfriend's family dinner 😒

HeadTripDrama | HeadTripDrama

Navigating cultural differences with entitled girlfriend's family 👍

Professional_Sky5261 | Professional_Sky5261

Polite request ignored, AITA calls everyone an a**hole. NTA.

modumberator | modumberator

ESH - Language barrier caused drama, but storming out not cool 😕

quietlycommenting | quietlycommenting

GF's family refuses to speak Castilian, NTA for getting mad 😤

Then-Requirement-772 | Then-Requirement-772

NTA. OP felt unwelcome due to family's behavior and language.

TrashPandaLJTAR | TrashPandaLJTAR

NTA. Nationalism is poison. Let's celebrate cultural diversity instead 🌍

BlueAtolm | BlueAtolm

NTA. Being excluded and insulted in a foreign language is unacceptable 😑

HoldFastO2 | HoldFastO2

OP is YTA for reacting rudely to rude behavior at dinner 😱

JimTheJerseyGuy | JimTheJerseyGuy

Mixed reactions to man leaving dinner with girlfriend's family

hyp_reddit | hyp_reddit

Storming out of dinner, swearing back at them? ESH. Find new GF.

Gyros4Gyrus | Gyros4Gyrus

OP is ESH for being impatient, GF's family for not trying.

HalcyonDreams36 | HalcyonDreams36

NTA, but not quite the most tactful. Challenge them to teach you their language 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Language barrier causes disrespect, apologize but let GF handle family 🙏

UnhappyCryptographer | UnhappyCryptographer

NTA for storming out of dinner due to language disrespect 😱

Watertribe_Girl | Watertribe_Girl

Being culturally insensitive makes you the rude a-hole 😠

TyphoonRocks | TyphoonRocks

Defending oneself against rude behavior: NTA, 10/10 👍

Ramus_N | Ramus_N

Suggests responding in different languages to get the message across 👍

sercialinho | sercialinho

Clear communication and boundaries, NTA. Rude comment escalated situation. 👍

JagZilla_s | JagZilla_s

NTA but storming out and insulting parents was too much 😕

lacyylizzy | lacyylizzy

NTA turned ESH after outburst at disrespectful behavior 😕

perry_da_platypus | perry_da_platypus

Standing up to rude behavior. NTA wins this round. 💪

myatoz | myatoz

NTA for storming out of rude family dinner 😱

Ojos_Claros | Ojos_Claros

Tense dinner with rude family ends in fiery language exchange 😱

LittleFairyOfDeath | LittleFairyOfDeath

Experienced similar disrespect with exMIL over language barrier. NTA for leaving.

Fancy450 | Fancy450

User thinks everyone sucks in the situation and advises a better approach.

Informal_Business682 | Informal_Business682

Bilingualism doesn't excuse rudeness. NTA for speaking up.

ThymeLordess | ThymeLordess

NTA! Relationship may not work if girlfriend defends rude behavior 😕

Deep_Rig_1820 | Deep_Rig_1820

Language barrier leads to insults: NTA. 😕

Madkess | Madkess

ESH, girlfriend's family spoke in foreign language despite OP's requests. OP lost temper and swore, girlfriend didn't defend. Diplomacy needed.

Lastaria | Lastaria

Accusation of fake story and cultural demonization. YTA.

Jan4th3Sm0l | Jan4th3Sm0l

Handling a difficult family dinner in Wales with ESH verdict

ghostoftommyknocker | ghostoftommyknocker

Girlfriend should have shut that down quickly! 👏

pumalumaisheretosay | pumalumaisheretosay

Petty revenge or justified anger? Language barrier solution suggested.

Difficult_Maybe_1999 | Difficult_Maybe_1999

NTA for feeling excluded by girlfriend's family's language choice 😑

No_Plankton6448 | No_Plankton6448

Reconsider the relationship 🤔 Maybe it's time to move on.

Helpful_Entry_6518 | Helpful_Entry_6518

South American Redditor relates to OP's experience with rude family members.

Kind_Preparation9602 | Kind_Preparation9602

YTA for storming out of dinner with girlfriend's family 😱.

Waste-knot | Waste-knot

Language barrier causes tension at dinner with girlfriend's family.

xiayueze | xiayueze

Girlfriend's family excludes him, she thinks it's normal 🤷🏼‍♂️

NinjaHidingintheOpen | NinjaHidingintheOpen

Empathetic comment on dealing with nationalistic Catalans. NTA but cursing not helpful 🤷🏻‍♂️

ResistSpecialist4826 | ResistSpecialist4826

Argentinean living in Valencia calls out rude behavior. YTA 🚫

Solcitunss | Solcitunss

Maintaining good manners and moral high ground is key. NTA.

gordiesgoodies | gordiesgoodies

NTA but anger issues, they'll be glad if daughter leaves 🤯

JohnLennonsNotDead | JohnLennonsNotDead

Moral high ground lost with outburst, but NTA overall 👍

memythememo | memythememo

Language barrier causes dinner disaster, everyone's an a**hole 🤐🤷‍♀️

Affectionate_Ice_936 | Affectionate_Ice_936

Expat shares similar experience and praises Galicia. NTA 👍

Messterio | Messterio

NTA. Language switching is only necessary for communication barriers. 👍

Daughter_of_Dusk | Daughter_of_Dusk

GF's family was rude, NTA. GF needs to apologize 🙄

metallicxstatic | metallicxstatic

NTA for storming out of dinner with girlfriend's family. They provoked you.

prosperosniece | prosperosniece

Speaking Basque only was rude, NTA for feeling uncomfortable 👍

I_am_Tade | I_am_Tade

YTA for storming out of dinner with GF's family 🤯

chatterbox2024 | chatterbox2024

User calls out OP for being intolerant towards Catalan culture. YTA.

Spiritual_Address_18 | Spiritual_Address_18

Storming out of dinner with girlfriend's family - NTA or A-hole?

kweku22 | kweku22

Handling rudeness: ESH comment loses point with poor handling 🤷🏼‍♂️

TipsyBaker_ | TipsyBaker_

In-laws make effort to include me, your girlfriend's family rude 😠

No_Seaweed6718 | No_Seaweed6718

NTA, but watch your language next time 🙈

noccie | noccie

ESH. Commenter calls out OP's behavior and labels them unreliable.

TA_totellornottotell | TA_totellornottotell

Guest is called out for throwing a tantrum 😱

catlifecatwife | catlifecatwife

NTA. Excluded by girlfriend's family, justified in leaving dinner 😱

HankSpringsideOnline | HankSpringsideOnline

ESH but communication could have solved the issue 🤔

Corodix | Corodix

ESH for rude behavior, but leaving calmly would have been better 🤷🏻‍♂️

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

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