Roommate's Porcelain Obsession Causes a Lockdown! 😱🔒

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We all have that one thing we cherish, and for this 22-year-old, it's her porcelain collection. She's been collecting since she was 13, and her collection is worth tens of thousands of dollars. But what happens when her roommate can't resist using these precious pieces? Drama unfolds! 🍵🚫

The Porcelain Collector 🕰️

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Priceless Collection 💰

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Roommate's Temptation 😈

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

The Deal 🤝

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Tea Set Obsession 🍵

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Caught Red-Handed! 😠

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Fragile and Valuable 💔

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Lockdown Time 🔒

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Key to the Heart (and Cabinet) 💔🔑

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Overreaction or Justified? 🤔

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Taking Sides 🥊

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Doubting Herself 😟

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Update: Taking Action 🚀

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Locking the Room 🚪🔐

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Insurance and Storage 📦

porcelainthrowaway14 | porcelainthrowaway14

Porcelain War: Who's in the Right? 🤷‍♀️

This porcelain collector has had enough of her roommate using her precious pieces, so she decides to lock her cabinet. But her roommate and others think she's overreacting. Is she really in the wrong for protecting her valuable collection? Or should her roommate respect her boundaries? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💬

Valuable porcelain collection causes roommate tension and storage dilemma.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Valuate and insure your collection; keep it safe from roommate's negligence. 👍

BlackStarBlues | BlackStarBlues

Roommate ignores boundaries, locks protect porcelain collection. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's entitled behavior causes lockdown! NTA for protecting belongings 🔒

TriZARAtops | TriZARAtops

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes AH lockdown and housing dilemma.

DaimonRandom | DaimonRandom

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes concern for commenter's belongings. NTA.

Lotex_Style | Lotex_Style

Suggest deposit for borrowing porcelain set. NTA. 😊

ScammerC | ScammerC

Roommate breaks porcelain rule, definitely T A on this one. 😠

zippykaiyay | zippykaiyay

Roommate's porcelain obsession leads to a NTA's hilarious suggestion 😂

5babyteeth | 5babyteeth

Expensive porcelain collections are not for everyday use. NTA.

stary_sunset | stary_sunset

Roommate violates boundaries, NTA for protecting own property. Insure belongings. 📷🔒

zfsbest | zfsbest

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown, commenter sides with OP. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

First-time accidents can happen even to the most careful people. 😞

jlzania | jlzania

Respect your roommate's boundaries, or face the consequences! 😡

chellaMKM | chellaMKM

NTA for locking up valuables, roommate needs to respect boundaries 👍

RealCyberBunny | RealCyberBunny

Roommate's lack of respect for belongings causes tension. 🤔

HuntJump | HuntJump

Roommate's porcelain obsession leads to trust issues and lockdowns. 😱

Vorpal_Spork | Vorpal_Spork

Roommate's entitled behavior causes porcelain lockdown. NTA for locking cabinet.

ShadyBookDealer | ShadyBookDealer

Secure your valuables and find a new living situation. 👍

BossRedRanger | BossRedRanger

Roommate takes porcelain without permission, NTA stands ground 💪

No-Chemist2719 | No-Chemist2719

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown. NTA suggests storing offsite.

horsendogguy | horsendogguy

Roommate's antique dish obsession causes tension. NTA suggests food safety concerns.

rusty0123 | rusty0123

Respect boundaries and ask permission before using someone's possessions. 👍

theemptyquarto | theemptyquarto

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown, but OP is NTA.

0drag | 0drag

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown and property dispute.

Dear_Analysis_5116 | Dear_Analysis_5116

Protecting your property: NTA locks up porcelain collection 🔒

PattyMcPhattie | PattyMcPhattie

Respect your roommates' belongings and get a lock 🔒

SnooAvocados7671 | SnooAvocados7671

Protect your porcelain collection with insurance and surveillance. NTA.

Dalhara | Dalhara

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown, but NTA for keeping them private

nails_for_breakfast | nails_for_breakfast

Respect and boundaries are key. 🚪🔒

Smitty80015 | Smitty80015

Roommate's porcelain obsession gets validation and insurance suggestion 👍

LittleMoonLily | LittleMoonLily

Roommate uses valuable porcelain without permission, NTA for locking cabinet. 👍

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown. NTA locks it up 🛡

Zillah-The-Broken | Zillah-The-Broken

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown. NTA sets boundaries.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown and potential disaster. NTA.

radleynope | radleynope

Roommate violates boundaries, porcelain collection on lockdown. 😱

Seliphra | Seliphra

Secure your room with a lock and camera to prevent theft. 🔒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Safely store your valuable items in your own room 👍

Angieer5762923 | Angieer5762923

Roommate accused of stealing porcelain, commenter calls her out. 👀

perhapsnew | perhapsnew

Suggests a clever way to handle roommate's porcelain obsession. 👍

CozmicOwl16 | CozmicOwl16

Locking a cabinet to protect valuable items is a logical response 😎 #NTA

littlehappyfeets | littlehappyfeets

Appraise everything for safety and peace of mind. NTA.

weeeesnaw | weeeesnaw

Asserting ownership over belongings. NTA wins this round! 👏

justheretoread88 | justheretoread88

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown. NTA, roommates suck.

1trikkponi | 1trikkponi

NTA, but your roommate needs to respect your valuable porcelain. 💍

cicadasinmyears | cicadasinmyears

Protecting porcelain from entitled roommates 👍

LadyOfSighs | LadyOfSighs

Expensive porcelain, ignored request, NTA. Drama ensues. 🤷‍♀️

akwardashell | akwardashell

Secure your valuables and find a new friend. NTA 👍

AssistPure | AssistPure

Roommate steals porcelain items, get them insured to protect collection. 🏺💰

FortuneWhereThoutBe | FortuneWhereThoutBe

Roommate can't keep hands off valuables, lock them up! 😱

pensaha | pensaha

Roommate's entitlement over shared cabinet causes lockdown. NTA.

TheDevilsAdvokaat | TheDevilsAdvokaat

Sell the porcelain collection and move out to avoid conflict 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Storage unit not recommended, lock room and cabinet instead. NTA.

Mito_sis | Mito_sis

Assertive response to entitled roommate's porcelain obsession. 💪

Brave_Hat34 | Brave_Hat34

Suggests finding a new place to live due to roommate's hostility 😐

Miserable_Panda6979 | Miserable_Panda6979

Roommate's porcelain obsession sparks NTA comment about sharing

MissyCross | MissyCross

Respect boundaries, respect property. Locks were necessary. NTA 👍

Piercedbunny | Piercedbunny

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes tension and potential sabotage. 😬

Defan3 | Defan3

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes tension over usage rights.

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

Protect your porcelain with a lock and camera! 🚪📹

30ught6 | 30ught6

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes tension despite clear boundaries. 😕

Fuck_you_Reddit_Nazi | Fuck_you_Reddit_Nazi

Possessions are possessions, roommates have no say. NTA 👍

Gochukaru | Gochukaru

Setting boundaries with a lock? NTA wins porcelain war. 🙌

DuncanCant | DuncanCant

Asserting property rights is NTA, porcelain obsession causes lockdown 😱

Trippygirl13 | Trippygirl13

Protect your valuables from selfish roommates! Lock them up 👍

mekareami | mekareami

Roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown but NTA and insured collection.

Nickyx13 | Nickyx13

Offer a solution: take her thrifting for her own set 👍

isssssmogen | isssssmogen

Respect people's property, even if you haven't broken anything before! 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting porcelain or overreacting? Valuable vs. fragile items. 🤔

ZFG_Jerky | ZFG_Jerky

Setting boundaries is important and you're NTA for doing so. 👍

Tamstrong | Tamstrong

Respect boundaries: roommate's porcelain obsession causes lockdown. NTA 🙌

Average_Amy | Average_Amy

OP suggests storing roommate's porcelain collection elsewhere to solve problem. 👍

JCWa50 | JCWa50

Asserting ownership and boundaries without being the a**hole. 👍

aurumphallus | aurumphallus

Locking up porcelain: NTA roommate logic doesn't add up 🤔

alaynamul | alaynamul

Protect your belongings and document everything. 👍

buuuuutman | buuuuutman

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