😱 Couple's Dream House on Hold Due to Shocking Family Fraud Discovery! 🏠

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Imagine working hard for years to save up for your dream house, only to have it slip through your fingers due to a shocking betrayal by a family member. That's exactly what happened to this couple, who have been together for 5 years and were finally ready to buy a house. They found the perfect property and put down an initial deposit, but their dreams were shattered when they discovered a dark secret lurking in the boyfriend's credit history. 😱💔

A Dream House in Sight 🏠

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Mortgage Talks and a Shocking Discovery 😲

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Uncovering the Fraud 🚨

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The Family Member's Betrayal 😡

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The Debt and Default 💸

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What Was the Money Spent On? 🛍️

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Boyfriend Kept in the Dark 🌑

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The Family Member's Cover-Up 🕵️

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Dream House Plans Derailed 🚂

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Two Options, One Tough Decision 🤔

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The Alternative: A Long Wait 😞

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The Impact on Their Future 👨‍👩‍👧

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Boyfriend's Business Dreams Crushed 💔

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A Devastating Blow 😢

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Boyfriend's Conflict-Avoiding Choice 🕊️

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Family Member's Rough Time? 🤷

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The Girlfriend's Push for Justice ⚖️

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A Heartbreaking Dilemma: Justice or Family Loyalty? 💔

This couple's dream of owning a house and starting a family has been derailed by a shocking discovery: a family member has been secretly using the boyfriend's credit card and racking up debt, causing his credit score to plummet. Now, they're faced with a heartbreaking decision: pursue fraud charges against the family member and potentially secure their future, or pay off the debt themselves and wait years for their lives to get back on track. The boyfriend, who hates conflict, wants to let the issue slide, while the girlfriend is pushing for justice. What do you think they should do? Let's see what the internet has to say about this heart-wrenching situation... 💬

Partner's willingness to pay off fraudulent debt raises red flags 🚨

dauphineep | dauphineep

Survivor of family fraud offers helpful advice. NTA 💪

zadidoll | zadidoll

Partner's lack of action may lead to relationship fallout. 🤭

4thxtofollowtherules | 4thxtofollowtherules

Family fraud jeopardizes couple's dream home, business, and relationship. 😱

RhubarbDiva | RhubarbDiva

Partner's empathy for fraudsters is putting our future on hold 😠

uhno28 | uhno28

💳 NTA - Sue the thief and build your dream house! 🏠

Silly_philosopher_ | Silly_philosopher_

Skeptical comment raises doubts about family fraud discovery.

sra8682 | sra8682

💡Expert warns of long-term credit damage if BF pays debt. Check all records!

halfwaygonetoo | halfwaygonetoo

Family fraud exposes loyalty conflict in relationship. 🤔

believingunbeliever | believingunbeliever

Credit card companies are masters at tracking people down when they get behind on payments. Something is hinkey here and not just the relative. NTA

corgilover32000 | corgilover32000

Encouraging comment to stand up against family fraud with warning ⚠️

lincmidd | lincmidd

Fraud discovery won't be a quick fix for credit issues 😔

Stoat__King | Stoat__King

Fraud affects couple, not just BF. NTA for feeling neglected. 🙅

Old_Blue_Haired_Lady | Old_Blue_Haired_Lady

NTA. Partner's family fraud shouldn't derail your dream house. 🚫

lkbird8 | lkbird8

🤔 Partner's attitude towards fraud may affect relationship, NTA.

jammy913 | jammy913

NTA advises documenting financial transactions to avoid future credit issues. 📝

embracedthegrey | embracedthegrey

NTA but BF's refusal to push fraud investigation makes him one.

EvieJC | EvieJC

NTA charges family member with fraud to end financial abuse. 💯

HousingAggressive752 | HousingAggressive752

Charge them! NTA. Default affects credit score for 6 years. 💳

ThelmaHorse | ThelmaHorse

Buying a house with someone who isn't your spouse? Eek! 😱

No-Reply7070 | No-Reply7070

👀 Watch out for red flags in relationships. 👀

theycallhertammi | theycallhertammi

Family fraud discovery puts dream house on hold. NTA comment.

RamenNoodles620 | RamenNoodles620

Navigating power dynamics in relationships. 💔

IntrospectiveIso | IntrospectiveIso

🤔 Is the boyfriend putting his own convenience over their dreams?

flashesOfQuincee | flashesOfQuincee

🚨 Demand justice or leave! Don't risk your finances and future.

Outsidedave123 | Outsidedave123

Encouraging NTA comment advises filing police report for identity theft.

valathel | valathel

🤔 Is it fair to expect your partner to pay for family fraud?

Electrical_Visual_68 | Electrical_Visual_68

Betraying family trust is worse than fraud against strangers. NTA 👏

soap---poisoning | soap---poisoning

🤔 Consider the long-term impact of your partner's family dynamics.

TonarinoTotoro1719 | TonarinoTotoro1719

NTA. Boyfriend's family fraud ruined his credit. Press charges ASAP. 💳

darklinghate | darklinghate

Dump the doormat BF and find a man. 💪👋

tessafer55 | tessafer55

🚨 Don't buy property or have kids with him until justice served.

mental_out | mental_out

🚨 Financial fraud in the family causing relationship strain. 🤔

DeshaMustFly | DeshaMustFly

Stand up for what's right 💪🏼 Don't let fraud hold you back

laughingsbetter | laughingsbetter

Taking a loan for a business dream is a dicey proposition 🤔

Relevant-Position-43 | Relevant-Position-43

Buying a house with someone you're not married to? 💸🔥

AccioHermionesIUD | AccioHermionesIUD

Standing up for yourself is always worth it. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

👍 Standing up against fraud is important in any relationship.

moriquendi37 | moriquendi37

NTA. Suggests confronting family member with fraud and setting terms. 👍

TwoCentsPsychologist | TwoCentsPsychologist

🚨 Beware of future family conflicts. 🤔

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

🚨 Beware of unresolved family conflicts before making big decisions.

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

🏠 Buying a house with someone who's okay with stolen money?

SmileyFaceLols | SmileyFaceLols

Don't let fear hold you back from financial security 💵

PollyPocket3985 | PollyPocket3985

👍Agree, it's fraud. Boyfriend needs to press charges or reconsider.

Seabastial | Seabastial

Don't let family fraud ruin your dream house 🚫. Stand up for yourself.

RadientCrone | RadientCrone

NTA. Partner's conflict avoidance could lead to future family fraud issues. 😱

pokethejellyfish | pokethejellyfish

Partner's lack of action on fraud discovery raises red flags 🚨

M3g4d37h | M3g4d37h

🤔 Is it worth being with someone who avoids conflict entirely?

sevenumbrellas | sevenumbrellas

Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. 🔒

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

Get involved! NTA for wanting to protect your finances 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner's reluctance to confront family fraud jeopardizes shared future. 🤔

Maggaggie | Maggaggie

Don't let family fraud delay your dream house. NTA.

pdhot65ton | pdhot65ton

Hold the person accountable or reconsider your future together. 👊

Suckerforcats | Suckerforcats

Family can hurt you the most. Don't hesitate to fight back. 💪

SodaJefe | SodaJefe

NTA. Discovering fraud on credit report. Don't marry a thief.

dasbarr | dasbarr

Don't ignore fraud discovery for the sake of avoiding conflict. 🚨

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Don't rush to leave without understanding why he's hesitant 👉‍♀️

whereismosfw | whereismosfw

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