Dad Cuts Off Ex-Wife's 'Child' Support for Adult Kids, Sparks Outrage 😲

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Divorce can be messy, and when it comes to child support, things can get even more complicated. One dad, who's been divorced for almost 15 years, has found himself in hot water with his ex-wife after he stopped paying her 'child' support for their now-adult daughters, aged 19 and 21. Despite always being there for his girls and never missing a payment, he's now facing the wrath of 'mama bear' as he tries to support his daughters directly instead of through his ex-wife. 😳 Let's dive into the story!

A Divorce and Two Bright Daughters 🌟

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Dad's Financial Struggles and Dedication 💸

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Active Role in Their Lives 🤗

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Terminating Child Support Payments ⛔

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Voluntarily Paying Extra 💰

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Ex-Wife Turns Grizzly 🐻

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No College Expense Agreements 📚

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Supporting the Girls Directly 🎓

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Ex-Wife's Claims and Dad's Frustration 😤

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Supporting Adult Children Directly 🤔

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Dad's Dilemma: Supporting Adult Kids Directly or Through Ex-Wife? 🎢

This dad has always been there for his daughters, never missing a child support payment and even voluntarily paying extra for years. Now that his girls are adults and in college, he's decided to stop paying his ex-wife and support them directly instead. But 'mama bear' has turned grizzly, demanding he continues payments to her for the next three years. Frustrated and confused, the dad questions if he's really in the wrong for wanting to support his adult children directly. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿

Ex-wife wants spousal support, not child support. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA cuts off ex-wife's child support for adult kids, sparks outrage 😲

boinktheclown | boinktheclown

NTA cuts off ex-wife's 'child' support for adult kids. Justified outrage.

ImpossibleBop | ImpossibleBop

Mom's money ran out, NTA dad cuts off support. 👏

Dwade703 | Dwade703

Cutting off 'child' support for adult kids: NTA or ESH?

Buttsofthenugget | Buttsofthenugget

NTA dad gets support and some petty satisfaction from situation 😊

scrappy8350 | scrappy8350

Is ex-wife TA for asking child support for adult kids?

unrepentantbanshee | unrepentantbanshee

Should the ex-wife receive support for adult kids living with her? 🤔

Slight_Following_471 | Slight_Following_471

Divorce decree defines child emancipation, valid reasons for child support termination.

WhiskyEchoTango | WhiskyEchoTango

Does living arrangements justify child support for adult kids? 🤔

SnipesCC | SnipesCC

Empathetic comment about the impact of divorce on children.

goo_goo_gajoob | goo_goo_gajoob

Parental agreement and state law determine if NTA for dad.

posessedhouse | posessedhouse

Ex-wife gets cut off, commenters agree dad is NTA 👍

shantae420 | shantae420

Father stops 'child' support for adult kids, wife misused funds. NTA 👍

cillianellis | cillianellis

Ex-wife's bad lawyer, NTA for cutting off 'child' support 👍

phedrebeth | phedrebeth

Late child support adjustment causes shock, but NTA move. 👍

Affectionate-Meat-98 | Affectionate-Meat-98

Confusion over child support impact on younger child's tuition 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-wife misused child support money, NTA for cutting it off 👏

Thia-M | Thia-M

Taking care of his girls, not his ex-wife's adult kids 💪

mslauren2930 | mslauren2930

Supporting adult children? NTA. Ex-wife's entitlement? Outrageous 😡

farsighted451 | farsighted451

NTA dad stops 'child' support for adult kids, sparks outrage 😲

rmric0 | rmric0

Divorced parents navigate child support and home ownership. 👨🏻‍💻

Sea_Spirit_55 | Sea_Spirit_55

Agreed time for child support over, NTA for stopping payments. 👍

panic_bread | panic_bread

Supporting adult kids through college, NTA according to comment.

Feisty-Donkey | Feisty-Donkey

Savage suggestion to block ex after cutting off 'child' support 😂

RedBlow22 | RedBlow22

Unapologetic dad stands his ground against entitled ex-wife 😎

Harsh_Truth__ | Harsh_Truth__

NTA, but avoid involving kids in child support disputes 🙏

periodicallystressed | periodicallystressed

Redditors agree: OP is NTA for cutting off ex-wife's support

ElectricTranceDude | ElectricTranceDude

NTA. Ex-wife misusing child support, dad cuts her off. 💯

CottonCandyCult | CottonCandyCult

NTA cuts off ex-wife's 'child' support for adult kids, sparks outrage 😲

DogsAreMyDawgs | DogsAreMyDawgs

Taking child support for adult kids is wrong. NTA 👍

BekahDekah | BekahDekah

NTA, prioritize relationship with children, not ex's manipulation 👍

Tato269 | Tato269

Ex-wife upset she's not getting cut of child support 🤷‍♂️

xcher14 | xcher14

Confused commenter seeks clarification on child support payment laws.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supporting adult kids? NTA according to this comment.

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Father takes control of supporting adult children, NTA 👏

tofthefaintsmile | tofthefaintsmile

NTA suggests a reasonable solution to ex-wife's interference 👍

Well_Lit_Kiwi | Well_Lit_Kiwi

Father stops 'child' support for adult kids, deemed NTA by commenter.

Vagrant123 | Vagrant123

Divorced dad praised for cutting off adult 'child' support 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supporting adult kids directly, NTA. Ex-wife can stew 😏

mezlabor | mezlabor

Father stops 'child' support for adult kids, sparks support. 👏

hecknono | hecknono

NTA, but is the ex-wife really using the money for kids? 🤔

Unlikely_Jellyfish55 | Unlikely_Jellyfish55

NTA. Heartwarming story of a dad supporting his child's education 😍

Pais08 | Pais08

Ex-husband stops 'child' support, internet agrees she should work 💪

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Ex-wife wants money for herself, NTA for cutting support 👍

PhoenixQueenAzula | PhoenixQueenAzula

Ex-wife supports dad's decision to end child support. 👏

Cuppycake0972 | Cuppycake0972

NTA for cutting off 'child' support. Wife misses extra cash 👍

whitethrowblanket | whitethrowblanket

Supporting adult kids, NTA. Ex-wife misused funds? 👍

sociablemonkey74 | sociablemonkey74

Ex-wife seeking alimony? NTA for cutting off 'child' support 👏

Koraxious | Koraxious

NTA if you help your daughters directly 👍. Continuing to send money to ex-wife is enabling behavior.

devon_336 | devon_336

Supporting adult children directly, NTA sparks outrage 😲

itsaphoebee | itsaphoebee

Pay the child directly with stipulation, NTA 👏

Lillllammamamma | Lillllammamamma

Father praised for cutting off 'child' support for adult kids. NTA 💪

Expletive-Deleted- | Expletive-Deleted-

NTA dad stops child support for adult kids, sparks outrage 😲

but3rf1y | but3rf1y

Divorced dad receives support for cutting off adult 'child' support 💸

Cognitive_Disavowal | Cognitive_Disavowal

NTA stands firm on child support, not required to support ex-wife 💪

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

NTA for cutting off 'child' support for adult kids 👏

circlecircledotdot77 | circlecircledotdot77

Directly dealing with adult kids, NTA. Cut off support.

shinshlong | shinshlong

Divorced dad of two admits to being NTA but a dumbass 🤦‍♂️

Wingnuttage | Wingnuttage

Sarcastic NTA comment suggests financial education for ex-wife's kids 💰

ti-theleis | ti-theleis

Divorcee's decision to cut off child support sparks agreement and empathy 🙏

systemmeltdownnn | systemmeltdownnn

NTA refuses to pay adult kids' support, sparks outrage 😱

AxellAcce | AxellAcce

Cutting off 'child' support for adult kids: NTA or ESH?

megenekel | megenekel

Cutting off 'child' support for adult kids. NTA wins.

AnnaBanana3468 | AnnaBanana3468

Cutting off ex-wife's child support: NTA, she's a money grabber 👍

Dependent-Salad-4413 | Dependent-Salad-4413

NTA. A dad stopped child support but supported his child's needs. 👍

XxhumanguineapigxX | XxhumanguineapigxX

NTA dad stops 'child' support for adults, sparks outrage 😲

Idejbfp | Idejbfp

Child support misused by selfish ex, NTA dad praised 👏

Kabexlu | Kabexlu

Dad stops 'child' support for adult kids, sparks NTA outrage 😍

nebunala4328 | nebunala4328

NTA cuts off ex-wife's 'child' support for adult kids 😍

_VideogamemasterVGM | _VideogamemasterVGM

Ex-wife bitter over stopped child support for adult kids. NTA 👍

spud_gun04 | spud_gun04

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