Man Threatens to Cut Wife's Spending Privileges Over Sister's Dependency 😱💸

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Picture this: a man, tired of his wife's incessant spending on her sister, decides to take matters into his own hands. His wife (25F) has a sister (20F) who is somewhat disabled, making working difficult but not impossible. The wife has been financially supporting her sister for years, and the husband has had enough. He's now threatening to take away his wife's spending privileges if she doesn't put her foot down. But is he going too far? 🤔💥

Sister's Disability and Relationship 🤕👭

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Wife's Financial Support 💸

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Growing Resentment 😤

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Sister's Financial Expectations 🙄💰

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Fed Up with Sister's Dependency 😡

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Sister's Freelancing Claims 🤔

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Wife's Money, Husband's Problem? 💔

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Prioritizing Their Daughter 👶

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Ultimatum Issued ⚠️

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Wife's Reaction 😱

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Clarifying the Situation 📝

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Financial Struggles 💔💰

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Man's Ultimatum: Wife Must Choose Between Sister and Spending 💥🤯

In a desperate attempt to regain control over his family's finances, this husband has issued an ultimatum: either his wife stops being a pushover and tells her sister to grow up, or he'll take away her spending privileges. The wife, who has been financially supporting her somewhat disabled sister for years, is devastated by her husband's demands. But is he really the bad guy here, or is he just trying to protect his family's financial future? Let's see what the internet thinks of this explosive situation... 💣💬

ESH - Framing the situation poorly, financial abuse concerns raised 😱

jrm1102 | jrm1102

ESH: Concerning take on spending, controlling behavior, and enabling

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA. Controlling move to use wife's income to control her." 😱

morgaine125 | morgaine125

Whiplash-inducing change in tone, but YTA for threatening wife's finances 🤷‍♂️

atealein | atealein

ESH. OP and wife both need financial boundaries and communication 💸

Snackinpenguin | Snackinpenguin

YTA thinks wife's unpaid labor justifies controlling her spending 😱

Elleketel | Elleketel

ESH: Chauvinistic views, shared responsibilities, and financial ruin 😱

pixelated_fun | pixelated_fun

NTA for wanting wife to stop enabling sister's dependency 👏

Hoperos_ | Hoperos_

ESH. Dude, you're married, that money belongs to both of you 😱

No-Yam-1231 | No-Yam-1231

Who needs financial independence more: the sister or the wife? 🤔

superjudy1 | superjudy1

"NTA, it's financial abuse for her to keep giving away assets to her sister. Cutting access is fair. 🙏"

bgieseler | bgieseler

"YTA for minimizing sister's disability and threatening wife's money. 😱"

SporadicCounsel | SporadicCounsel

Commenter calls OP an a**hole, but realizes they're not

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Tough love might be necessary to stop the dependency."

lazaros742 | lazaros742

NTA. Discuss budget with wife to set boundaries for sister.

3xlduck | 3xlduck

"Stop being abusive. This girl needs help, not control!" 😱

literaryhogwartian | literaryhogwartian

NTA: Cutting off sister's money, not wife's, for household expenses 💸

bfol32 | bfol32

NTA - Single income family, sister-in-law's dependency, compromise with conditions.

Puzzled_Record_3611 | Puzzled_Record_3611

NTA. Wife enabling sister, but poor choice of words in title.

nmatenumber34667 | nmatenumber34667

Commenter suggests setting boundaries on spending, but receives criticism.

Alarming_Reply_6286 | Alarming_Reply_6286

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