Bride-to-Be Uninvites Wife, Loses Handmade Shawl 😱💔

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Lena is a talented crocheter who loves gifting her creations to friends and family. She has a tradition of making shawls for family weddings, and when her oldest brother George was getting married, she agreed to crochet a shawl for his fiancée. However, when Lena was suddenly uninvited from the wedding, her husband decided to take matters into his own hands. 🧶💔

Lena's Crochet Tradition 🧶

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

George's Wedding and a Shawl Request 💍

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Lena Agrees to Make Shawl for Fiancée 🧶

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Shawl Completed and Delivered ✅

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Lena Suddenly Uninvited 😱

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Husband's Anger and Shawl Retrieval 😡

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Leaving a Note 📝

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Family Uproar and Lena's Reaction 😢

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Husband's Dilemma 🤔

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

Edit: Taking Responsibility 💪

WeddingShawl | WeddingShawl

To Give Back or Not to Give Back? 🤷‍♂️

After Lena was uninvited from her brother's wedding, her husband couldn't help but feel that she was used for her crochet skills. In a moment of anger, he took back the shawl she made for the bride-to-be. Now, with Lena upset and the family in an uproar, he's left wondering if he should return the shawl or stand his ground. Let's see what the internet thinks of this tangled situation... 🧶💬

"NTA i would have taken it back. It was extremely rude to uninvite your wife but still “allow” you to come. No point giving the shawl back now. What’s done is done."

No_Tumbleweed_544 | No_Tumbleweed_544

Uninvited wife used for skills and mistreated. Expensive yarn wasted 😱

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

NTA - You're the rock star for standing up to this childish behavior 👏

catskilkid | catskilkid

Defending wife against shawl thief! NTA, family can suck 😠

AdOne8433 | AdOne8433

Taking a stand against toxic family dynamics, but don't discard the shawl without consent. Wife deserves agency and support. NTA.

Dazzling_Walrus6224 | Dazzling_Walrus6224

Bride-to-Be's self-esteem shattered by toxic ex. 💔

Prom_queen52 | Prom_queen52

Defending love wins! NTA for standing up for your wife 👏

clearheaded01 | clearheaded01

"NTA for standing up for your wife's stolen handmade shawl 💔"

crumpledspoon | crumpledspoon

Work tensions and family issues causing wedding stress 😱

Smooth-Cranberry3315 | Smooth-Cranberry3315

NTA... Standing up for your wife and her craftsmanship! 💔

Ruckus292 | Ruckus292

NTA. Your spouse's family deserved it. Stand by each other 💔

Ok-Age-8368 | Ok-Age-8368

"Not all superheroes wear capes.. some steal shawls.." 🥇

FlyonthewallofRed | FlyonthewallofRed

NTA, but expose the abusive family, not just George. 👏

feisty_bookworm | feisty_bookworm

Supportive comment encourages OP to stand up for themselves. 👏

Brutalplanett | Brutalplanett

MIL prioritizes George's happiness, even if it means excluding Lena. 😱

Rose8918 | Rose8918

Bride uninvites wife to get shawl; commenters suggest burning it 🔥

Ellejaek | Ellejaek

Wear the shawl on your date! NTA 😍

DubiousPeoplePleaser | DubiousPeoplePleaser

OP's wife uninvited from wedding, should have been the BIL. NTA 🙌

Happy_Connection5509 | Happy_Connection5509

Supportive spouse stands up for wife. NTA for defending her 💔

Bitter_Animator2514 | Bitter_Animator2514

Defending your wife against family drama, you're better off. 🙌

noca_2002 | noca_2002

Heartbreaking family dynamics 😢

Signal_Wall_8445 | Signal_Wall_8445

"the shawl and I won't be attending" 😂 NTA

Natfreerider | Natfreerider

Crocheters unite! NTA stands up for marginalized crafters. 💔

frivolousopinions | frivolousopinions

Rude bride uninvites wife, loses handmade shawl. No regrets. 😱💔

Emotional_Bonus_934 | Emotional_Bonus_934

Family's double standard: Lena uninvited, George's behavior goes unchecked. NTA! 😱

SuzieQbert | SuzieQbert

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