Girl Calls Friend's GF Creepy for Obsessing Over Her Race 😳

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We've all encountered people who just can't seem to let go of a topic, but what happens when that topic is your race? One woman found herself in the middle of a friendship meltdown when her friend's girlfriend, Josie, couldn't stop bringing up her racial background. Tired of the constant racial comments, our girl finally snapped and called Josie creepy. Now, their friend group is divided, and everyone's wondering if she went too far. 🤔🍿

Meet the Group

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Josie Joins the Gang

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Racial Comments Begin

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Trying to Change the Topic

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Nick's Explanation

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Different Cultures

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Boat Day Drama

racerelationslol | racerelationslol

Josie's Intrusive Question

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Enough is Enough

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Calling Josie Creepy

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Apology Rejected

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Nick's Reaction

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Not My Problem

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Friend Group Divided

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Was She Too Harsh? 🤷‍♀️

Tired of Josie's constant racial comments, our girl finally snapped and called her creepy. Now, their friend group is divided, with some siding with Nick and Josie. She doesn't think she was wrong for wanting to be respected like everyone else, but others think she was too harsh. So, what does the internet think of this situation? Let's dive into the top responses and find out! 😉

NTA. Calling out friend's obsession with race leads to messy situation 😳

Auntie-Mam69 | Auntie-Mam69

Friend's girlfriend implies OP is white-washed, annoying! NTA 😳

Tough_Crazy_8362 | Tough_Crazy_8362

NTA: Friend's obsession with race is projecting her insecurities 😳

Nyankitty666 | Nyankitty666

NTA: Set boundaries with friend's GF obsessed with race 😳

MelodyRaine | MelodyRaine

ESH. Misunderstandings and hurt feelings escalated into a heated public confrontation 😳

Chance-Bread-315 | Chance-Bread-315

Blowing up over a common annoyance? YTA. Communicate earlier 😳

J-Nightshade | J-Nightshade

NTA: Josie Grossie needs to mind her own 😳

BlindOnARocketcycle | BlindOnARocketcycle

Did you talk it out or immediately escalate the situation? 😳

Friendly_Ad6063 | Friendly_Ad6063

"Josie's racial comments sparked a deep discussion on identity and allyship."

Traditional-Wing8714 | Traditional-Wing8714

"YTA tbh. You could have communicated your discomfort more clearly."

lokisvendetta | lokisvendetta

NTA - You spoke your truth about race, she needs to respect it 😳


Miscommunication leads to a racial conversation gone wrong 😳

BNM899 | BNM899

Insightful comments from black readers on racial obsession and validation 👁

happymama314 | happymama314

Discussing race is important, but why avoid the conversation?

Refroof25 | Refroof25

YTA for calling her a creep instead of discussing it calmly 😳

Wrattie | Wrattie

OP accused of racism, but commenters think they overreacted. YTA.

InevitableSquirrel64 | InevitableSquirrel64

Is public humiliation necessary to correct someone's behavior? 🤔

blonderlustt | blonderlustt

YTA accused of hypocrisy for dismissing friend's GF's racial concerns 🤔


NTA, Nick prioritizes his GF's feelings over yours. Not a good friend 😳

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Accused of racism? You may have some unresolved issues... 🤔

CoconutChoice2502 | CoconutChoice2502

YTA for insulting her without discussing your discomfort first 🤷‍♀️

1Person23 | 1Person23

NTA: Friend's GF's creepy obsession with race is not okay 😳

BoyoDee | BoyoDee

Mixed race perspective on the importance of race in identity. ESH.

saros_syzygy | saros_syzygy

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