Ex-Friend Writes an Essay on Everything Wrong with Bride-to-Be 📝💔👰

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Imagine receiving a text from a close friend of 9 years, saying they no longer want to be your friend or attend your wedding. 💔😱 Now, picture that same friend writing an essay about everything wrong with you. Would you read it? This bride-to-be faced that exact situation and decided not to give the essay a chance. Let's dive into this rollercoaster of a story! 🎢🍿

Friendship Fades and Wedding Woes 🥀👰

llama67 | llama67

Comforting the Friend in Need 🤗

llama67 | llama67

One-Sided Support 😞

llama67 | llama67

The Bachelorette Party Incident 🎉🚫

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The Friendship Breakup Text 💔📱

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Time to Let It Sink In ⏳

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The Essay Reveal 📝🙅‍♀️

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Friendly Emojis and an Unwanted Essay 😊📚🚫

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Accusations of Selfishness 🤬

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Reflecting on the Situation 🤔

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Edit: Gratitude and Closure 🙏

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To Read or Not to Read: The Essay Dilemma 📚🤷‍♀️

Our bride-to-be found herself in a whirlwind of emotions when her friend of 9 years suddenly ended their friendship and refused to attend her wedding. 💔👰 To make matters worse, the ex-friend penned an essay detailing all her issues with the bride-to-be. 📝😒 Instead of reading the essay, our protagonist chose to block her ex-friend on all platforms. 🚫📱 Was she right to ignore the essay, or should she have given it a chance? Let's dive into the top reactions to this dramatic tale! 🍿🔥

Friend tries to bring down bride-to-be, but she's not having it 🙌

StealthPhoenix88 | StealthPhoenix88

NTA: Drama-seeking friend writes essay, but you can just ghost.

tannag | tannag

Curiosity killed the cat, but not the NTA commenter 😼

Left-Car6520 | Left-Car6520

NTA - A hurtful essay from a former friend can leave lasting scars 😢

ijust_ate_abee | ijust_ate_abee

Avoided toxic letter, focused on personal growth. 💪🏻

llama67 | llama67

NTA: Ex-friend's essay is a**hole move. Age doesn't equal maturity 🥲

Anaaatomy | Anaaatomy

NTA. Who wants to read bad stuff about themselves? 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA... Friends reference: "18 pages.. front and back!" 😂

Lost_Spinach_6988 | Lost_Spinach_6988

NTA. Toxic friend used you as an emotional punching bag 💔

SnooHobbies8729 | SnooHobbies8729

NTA. Ex-friend's one-sided essay on faults. Block and move on 👍

Empress_LC | Empress_LC

NTA, bad friend. Sorry for your loss. Hope parents recover 🙏

profesional-hat | profesional-hat

NTA. Avoid this toxic essay for your own sanity. 🚫

stormywhethers321 | stormywhethers321

Op's ex-friend wrote a hurtful essay about her engagement! NTA!

maat89 | maat89

NTA; her essay is just her issues, not unbiased advice. 🙄

pinkyhc | pinkyhc

NTA, but the essay could have been a fun read 👍

whoweoncewere | whoweoncewere

Ex-friend writes a horrible letter to friend in high school. NTA.

FlamingCupcakess | FlamingCupcakess

NTA. Avoid the letter, narcissists can be cruel 😵

Dixon_Kuntz73 | Dixon_Kuntz73

Uninvited negativity should be just that. Uninvited. 👍

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