When Love, Money, and Friendship Collide: A Tale of Trust Funds and Prenups 💔💰

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We all have that one friend who's head over heels in love, right? But what happens when that love story involves a hefty trust fund, a questionable proposal, and a concerned friend? Meet Katy, a trust fund heiress, and her boyfriend John, an aspiring 'hydroponic farmer'. When John proposes without a ring or any fanfare, Katy's lawyer friend senses something fishy. She suggests a prenup, but Katy isn't having it. Now, their friendship hangs in the balance. Let's dive into this tangled web of love, money, and friendship. 💔💰

Meet Katy and John: Love or Money? 💑💰

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John's Big Dreams: Engineer to Hydroponic Farmer 🌿

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The Trust Fund: Strings Attached 💸

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The Proposal: No Ring, No Romance 💍❌

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The Prenup Suggestion: A Friendship on the Rocks 📜💔

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The Fallout: Silence and Stubbornness 🙊

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The Update: A Conversation and a Decision 🗣️

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The Conclusion: A Friend, Not a Lawyer 👩‍💼👭

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Friendship, Love, and Money: A Complex Cocktail 🍸💔

In a whirlwind of love, trust funds, and prenups, Katy and her lawyer friend find their friendship tested. Despite her friend's concerns, Katy remains steadfast in her belief that John, her boyfriend, is not after her money. With no ring, no romance, and a sudden interest in her trust fund, it's hard not to question John's intentions. But Katy is in love, and sometimes, love blinds us to reality. As for her friend, she's decided to step back, not as a lawyer, but as a friend, ready to support Katy no matter what. Let's see how the internet feels about this tangled tale of love, money, and friendship. 🍿

NTA. He's just using her for her money 💰. She should sign a prenup. 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: She's happy being used, but you can't help her.

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

NTA. Lawyer advises OP to be honest and supportive to friend 👍

Stabbmaster | Stabbmaster

NTA. Great advice! You're a good friend and lawyer 👍

Walktothebrook | Walktothebrook

NTA - Give advice, apologize, and let her make her choice 💔

SmoothBase | SmoothBase

Offering unsolicited advice can go really well or really badly 😱

hurricane9txy | hurricane9txy

NTA. Prenups are vital for financial imbalance. Lawyer up 👨‍�👥

alvarkresh | alvarkresh

Friend looks out for best interests, predicts future fallout 🤔

FlexSmash | FlexSmash

NTA but apologize for not disclosing your legal expertise 👨‍�

Exact_Roll_4048 | Exact_Roll_4048

"ESH. You need to be outside validation of her worth." 💛

KittyKiitos | KittyKiitos

Honesty is key, even if it's not what they want to hear. 💔

buck_nasty123 | buck_nasty123

Anonymous tip to trust manager? 📞 That's a clever move!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Sensible advice given. Be ready to help with divorce.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engaging with empathy: NTA lawyer advises on prenup approach 💔

HiddingHero | HiddingHero

NTA. Prenups are prudent and friends should watch out 👍

Papaya_Hot | Papaya_Hot

NTA, friend vulnerable to emotional abuse. Hope she realizes soon 😢

rantingraccoon | rantingraccoon

Katy's hard lesson: NTA, but she'll learn the expensive way. 💔

Kittenwithawhip987 | Kittenwithawhip987

NTA: Friend ignoring red flags, you're better off cutting ties 👋

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Run for the hills or get a prenup! 💔

dominiqlane | dominiqlane

Age question answered: Katy is 37, John is 34. 👨‍👩‍👦

One-Needleworker1406 | One-Needleworker1406

🌹💔 Leave it be, she's in the rose tinted glasses stage.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respecting boundaries: Supporting without controlling. 💖

Tanooki07 | Tanooki07

NTA. Prenups: Love, Money, and Insanity collide. Protect yourself wisely! 💔💰

Eastern-Water9701 | Eastern-Water9701

NTA, warned friend about losing inheritance to 'soulmate', her choice.

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

NTA but John is. She's in deep and won't listen.

Imaginary_Cow_6379 | Imaginary_Cow_6379

NTA warns woman about potential financial ruin. Hard lessons ahead. 💔💰

chowur60 | chowur60

🚩 Show her the post and protect her inheritance! 🤑

ikeavinter | ikeavinter

Smart move to protect assets in case of divorce 💔

StandUpTall66 | StandUpTall66

NTA. Logical vs. emotional: A lesson in friendship and boundaries.

aurora4000 | aurora4000

Love, money, and tears: When reason fails in relationships 💔

rediitbuju | rediitbuju

Engaging comment suggests intervention for friend's impending financial disaster.

Nomada88 | Nomada88

Protect your friend's happiness. Have a calm conversation about prenups 💔

lilEve77 | lilEve77

NAH for expressing concern, but trust that things will work out 💔

gobledegerkin | gobledegerkin

NTA - Friend warns about manipulative partner draining trust fund 💔

ambamshazam | ambamshazam

NTA. Run fast and far or get a prenup. 💔💰

HonPhryneFisher | HonPhryneFisher

Uncover his secrets 🕵️‍♀️ and expose his hidden agenda!

Smudgikins | Smudgikins

Money can't buy love, but it can attract some gold diggers 💰

MizzyvonMuffling | MizzyvonMuffling

NTA and her reaction is because she knows you're right.

catzrob89 | catzrob89

Katy's doomed fate: NTA, she's in for a rude awakening 😱

kitt3nfarts | kitt3nfarts

NTA. Send her articles on lovebombing and future faking. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Katy's questionable decisions are raising some eyebrows 🤔

Hairy_Sherbet4115 | Hairy_Sherbet4115

NTA: You warned her, now sit back and watch the chaos 🙈

Mycatsitslikehesppl | Mycatsitslikehesppl

NTA: A cautionary tale of love, money, and immaturity. 💔💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friendship loyalty tested: NTA, but is revenge the answer? 🤔

Blackstar1401 | Blackstar1401

Walking bankruptcy waiting to happen 😱

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Wake her up! Share this post and show her the truth! NTA

kate05_ | kate05_

Protect your assets! Get a prenup and avoid messy divorces! 💔💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Prenups: The key to a successful and flexible marriage 💔

AkatorSkullz6908 | AkatorSkullz6908

Empathetic advice on repairing a strained relationship with delicate words.

callmeeeow | callmeeeow

NTA warns girl about potential divorce and financial loss. 🚨

animalwitch | animalwitch

Prenups for all! Protecting love and assets, no shady behavior.

jadwy916 | jadwy916

Looking out for your girl's best interests 💔👭

GreenThumbCottage | GreenThumbCottage

Financial advisor could protect her inheritance from random guy. 💰

obleak1 | obleak1

NTA. Shady situation, friend in denial. Prenups are crucial 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Apologize for unsolicited advice or risk being an a**hole 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggesting a prenup? NTA, but be ready for the trainwreck 🍅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive advice: Let her make her own choices 👍

indianajoes | indianajoes

Apologize to Katy to protect her money, but downplay the situation.

HoldFastO2 | HoldFastO2

NTA. Prenups are crucial. Red flags abound. Support your friend 💔

eaca02124 | eaca02124

NTA: You warned her, now be there for her when needed.

Worldly-Customer8718 | Worldly-Customer8718

🚩🚩🚩 Trust fund, prenup, attorney: a recipe for disaster! 💔

LucyDominique2 | LucyDominique2

Take control of your prenup and protect your assets! 💰

quarterfast | quarterfast

Not the a**hole. Tell us more about this juicy drama! 😍

CdnPoster | CdnPoster

Not the a**hole. Tell us more about this juicy drama! 🤪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Not the a**hole. What happened? Tell us your story! 💔

mpurdey12 | mpurdey12

NTA or YTA? Mind your own business or give your opinion?

sv_homer | sv_homer

"We want prenup! We want prenup!" - A confident NTA

markxtang | markxtang

Not the a**hole, but what happened? Tell us more! 🤔

financiallysoundcat | financiallysoundcat

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