Thanksgiving Showdown: Hostess vs Pregnant Sister-in-Law. Who's Right? 🦃🤰

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Imagine hosting your family's annual Thanksgiving dinner, a tradition you've come to love and cherish. Now, imagine your pregnant sister-in-law sending you a list of demands that would completely change the way you've celebrated for years. She can't handle the smell of poultry or alcohol, wants the meal served early to accommodate her nap time, and prefers quiet conversation over the family's usual games. How would you react? 😲 Let's dive into this intriguing tale of family drama, tradition, and the challenges of accommodating a pregnant family member.

The Thanksgiving Tradition 🦃

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The Expectant Couple 👫

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The List of Demands 📜

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The Rules of Becky 🚫

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The Hostess's Dilemma 😕

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The Compromise 🤝

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The Backlash 😠

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The Uninvitation 🚪

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The Aftermath 🍁

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Thanksgiving Turmoil: A Family Divided Over Dinner 🍽️

Our hostess found herself in a pickle when her pregnant sister-in-law's demands threatened to overturn their cherished Thanksgiving traditions. Despite her attempts to compromise, the expectant mother's refusal to budge led to a family fallout, with both her and her husband choosing to skip the festivities. The hostess is left questioning if she was too harsh, while also mourning the absence of her family members. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 👀

"NTA. If Becky wants a Thanksgiving organized to her specifications 🤰"

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Pregnant-zilla" demands special treatment. NTA for not indulging her. 😂

KronkLaSworda | KronkLaSworda

Pregnancy isn't a disability, but OP's SIL's demands were unreasonable. NTA.

confused-88 | confused-88

Pregnant sister-in-law wants everyone to accommodate her, but reasonable compromises offered. NTA 🙌

Select-Run-2394 | Select-Run-2394

Pregnant sister-in-law's demands spark debate. NTA for setting boundaries 🤰

WoodenPickle1272 | WoodenPickle1272

"Pregnant women think they're god making tiny humans" 🤣


Compromising is key! NTA for accommodating her and the family 👏

LoubyAnnoyed | LoubyAnnoyed

NTA. Being pregnant doesn't mean the world revolves around you. 🤰

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: You offered a compromise, but they're being selfish 😒

mctlrk10 | mctlrk10

NTA: Compromise involves compromise, not giving me everything I want. 🦃🤰

Truth_From_Lies | Truth_From_Lies

"In The Olden Days, it was considered terribly impolite to provide demands to your host(s). You're NTA."

nothisTrophyWife | nothisTrophyWife

Pregnant women share their experiences with food aversions during holidays. 🦃

Agatha-Christie12 | Agatha-Christie12

Setting boundaries for Thanksgiving. You're not the a**hole (NTA)

TWAndrewz | TWAndrewz

NTA: Becky should consider others and not demand special treatment. 👏

Jenmarvan | Jenmarvan

NTA. New mom Becky's demands vs. a literal nightmare 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unreasonable demands? NTA! Thanksgiving showdown with pregnant sister-in-law. 🦃🤰

OrcEight | OrcEight

NTA. Entitled sister-in-law causes Thanksgiving drama. Surprising support.

sassy_spungeldinger | sassy_spungeldinger

NTA - Sweet compromises offered, but sister-in-law excluded herself 🙄

Fantastic-Dance-5250 | Fantastic-Dance-5250

You're not the a**hole! You offered alternatives. 🙌

ManukaC | ManukaC

Pregnant sister-in-law wants to ruin Thanksgiving. NTA for refusing!

francesknows | francesknows

Pregnant woman thinks she's the only one who matters. 🙄

MamaTumaini | MamaTumaini

Pregnant sister-in-law tries to dictate Thanksgiving, but OP stands firm. NTA

StrawberryPincushion | StrawberryPincushion

Thanksgiving dinner was great, but Christmas might be Becky-free! 😂

BuzzFabbs | BuzzFabbs

NTA. Uncomfortable demands, compromise rejected. Selfishness over pregnancy. 🙄

MaterialImplement411 | MaterialImplement411

NTA: Stick to your guns, it's your house and your turkey! 🦃

purple235 | purple235

Pregnancy hormones can make you out of touch with reality 🤰

WanderlustCryptid | WanderlustCryptid

Pregnancy aversions and fatigue: NTA for setting reasonable boundaries. 🦃

InannasPocket | InannasPocket

NTA. Pregnant sister-in-law's demanding behavior puts her in Assholleville.

himmelkatten | himmelkatten

NTA - Cooking showdown with a pregnant sister-in-law. No compromise!

Rage-Parrot | Rage-Parrot

"NTA leaning, demands were ridiculous. Smells can make you puke."

PrincessClaw | PrincessClaw

Absurd demands? Laugh it off! You're NTA in this showdown. 😂

MaryContrary26 | MaryContrary26

NTA. Pregnant sister-in-law expects too much. Entitlement is mind blowing. 🤯

Important-Lawyer-350 | Important-Lawyer-350

NTA. Don't let her unreasonable request ruin your Thanksgiving! 🦃🤰

Such-Awareness-2960 | Such-Awareness-2960

NTA. Becky expected everyone to bend to her rules. 🙄

RequirementWide6557 | RequirementWide6557

Pregnant sister-in-law oversteps boundaries, NTA handles it gracefully 🤰

EquivalentTwo1 | EquivalentTwo1

🦃 NTA vs Spoiled Brat: Thanksgiving poultry drama! 😱

Flintejae | Flintejae

Pregnant SIL demands no alcohol at Thanksgiving? NTA, entitled AF! 🤰

OutlandishnessOk6811 | OutlandishnessOk6811

SIL is entitled AF! You're NTA! 🤯

s0me_us3r_name | s0me_us3r_name

Pregnant sister-in-law demands vs. OP's perspective. NTA 🤰

-Regina-Filange | -Regina-Filange

Pregzillas demanding special treatment? NTA, make them apologize! 😠

papadapper | papadapper

NTA offers reasonable compromises, but sister-in-law insists on her way. 👏

tanyalei | tanyalei

"Hell no!! Why should everyone else suffer because of her."

Apprehensive_Fan_539 | Apprehensive_Fan_539

NTA: Compromise offered, but pregnant sister-in-law made unreasonable demands. 🤰

Adept_Active_6247 | Adept_Active_6247

Pregnant and furious: Thanksgiving without poultry? No presents for baby?

SarouchkaMeringue | SarouchkaMeringue

"Pregnant sister-in-law's demands: no turkey, no alcohol, no games. Seriously?"

dopaminehoarder | dopaminehoarder

NTA: Pregnant sister-in-law's demands were over the top 🤰

Harvest877 | Harvest877

Pregnant sister-in-law sacrificed Thanksgiving feast for family. 😍

Unlucky_Welcome9193 | Unlucky_Welcome9193

NTA refuses to compromise, calls pregnant sister-in-law selfish. 🤰

Yogi-and-BooBoo | Yogi-and-BooBoo

NTA: You tried to compromise, she should've offered to host. 👏

Adorable_Raisin3640 | Adorable_Raisin3640

NTA: Pregnant sister-in-law expects special treatment. No coddling allowed! 🤰

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Sensory issue led to separate meals. Respectful compromise. 👏

Screamscaper | Screamscaper

Christmas chaos: NTA sparks family feud. 🎄

FredStone2020 | FredStone2020

NTA vs AH: Thanksgiving showdown between demanding sister-in-law and accommodating brother

Famous_Variation4729 | Famous_Variation4729

NTA. Your house, your rules. Becky was being ridiculous. 🙄

Royallyclouded | Royallyclouded

Pregnant sister-in-law's unreasonable demands vs. reasonable compromise. NTA! 🤰

chriswillar | chriswillar

Pregnant sister-in-law's demands: Nightmare or justifiable? 🤰

Mysterious-Choice568 | Mysterious-Choice568

Planning ahead is key! NTA for sticking to your plans. 👍

preppy-sweater | preppy-sweater

Reasonable compromise offered, let her host herself 👍

tatasz | tatasz

Pregnant sister-in-law's food aversion vs Thanksgiving traditions. NTA 🦃

Random_user_of_doom | Random_user_of_doom

Pregnant sister-in-law vs. Thanksgiving games: Who's being entitled? 🤰

woodenpickle17 | woodenpickle17

👍 NTA for not adjusting Thanksgiving plans for pregnant sister-in-law

msmew25 | msmew25

Becky's entitlement sparks debate on parenting priorities. 🤰

Wisdomofpearl | Wisdomofpearl

Pregnant lady defends Thanksgiving traditions while acknowledging challenges. 🦃

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unreasonable pregnant sister-in-law refuses Thanksgiving compromise. NTA 🙅

Zieglest | Zieglest

Pregnant sister-in-law demands everyone cater to her needs. NTA!

Plenty_Metal_1304 | Plenty_Metal_1304

NTA. Setting boundaries with entitled sister-in-law. Keep the evidence! 😂

Myay-4111 | Myay-4111

Pregnancy isn't an excuse to be demanding. NTA 🤰

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: A fiery comment calling out entitlement and demanding compromise.

Seashelllzz | Seashelllzz

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