Daycare Owner's Dilemma: Friends or Their Kids? 🤔

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Ever felt like you're working 24/7? Meet our friend, let's call her 'Daycare Diva', who's been facing a unique dilemma. Running a small daycare, she spends 35 hours a week taking care of children. She loves her job, but after work, she craves some adult-only time to wind down. However, her friends have other plans. Every time they hang out, their children tag along, turning her leisure time into an extension of her workday. Let's dive into her story... 🍿

The Daycare Diva's Daily Grind 🍼

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A Welcome Break...Or So She Thought! 😌

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The Unwanted Guests 👶

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The Unexpected Fifth Wheel 🙄

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The Constant Chaos 🤯

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The Unwanted Babysitter 😤

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The Bar-turned-Babysitting Debacle 🍻

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The Last Straw 👠

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The Honest Confession 💔

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The Unexpected Backlash 😱

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Daycare Diva's Dilemma: Friends, Kids, or Peace of Mind? 🤷‍♀️

Our Daycare Diva, after spending her weekdays taking care of children, yearns for some adult interaction and peace. But her friends' insistence on bringing their kids along on every outing has turned her downtime into an extension of her workday. The final straw? A bar outing turned into a fast food fiasco, with her in heels and a cocktail dress! When she finally voiced her frustration, she was met with a wave of criticism. Is she wrong for wanting some kid-free time? Or are her friends crossing a line? Let's see what the internet has to say about this... 🧐

NTA, frustrated with friends bringing kids, limited childcare options 😔

Samupupu | Samupupu

NTA. Bringing kids to a bar? That's ridiculous! 🙄

Taytoh3ad | Taytoh3ad

Set boundaries and ask for respect when planning adults-only events. 👍

zonitonya | zonitonya

NTA. Parents should respect adult spaces and hire sitters. 🙌

andwhiskersonkittens | andwhiskersonkittens

NTA. Friends hijacked plans, not cool. Mother understands, asks first 👍

bitchslap2017 | bitchslap2017

NTA. Friends need to work during off time. 🤔

RainbowQueen1971 | RainbowQueen1971

Deserving a break from kids? Not the a**hole! 🤔

TheSmamich | TheSmamich

NAH: Balancing friendships and professional boundaries during COVID-19 🙏

SnowMiser26 | SnowMiser26

NTA, friends and gf sound like asses. Stop hanging out. 🚫

MajesticHistorian8 | MajesticHistorian8

Struggling to find sitters? FaceTime Happy Hour is the solution! 🥂

Cayke_Cooky | Cayke_Cooky

NTA for wanting time off from kids, but communication breakdown.

Celimas | Celimas

NAH. Friends understand if you don't want to hang out with kids. 🙏

ogdeloon | ogdeloon

Parents navigating the delicate balance of friendship and childcare. 👥

Gwendolynftw | Gwendolynftw

NTA. Connecting with people is hard when kids are around. 🤷‍♂️

HissingSauce | HissingSauce

INFO: NTA if you politely expressed your need for space 🚫👶

Known_Character | Known_Character

NTA. Want a break from kids? Totally understandable! 😊

glaitglait | glaitglait

YTA comment: Pandemic partying and childless friends 🤔

NorthrnSwede | NorthrnSwede

NAH for wanting kid-free time during COVID. Finding childcare is tough 😵

West_Coast-BestCoast | West_Coast-BestCoast

NTA. Friends over kids. 👏

2006bruin | 2006bruin

NTA: Dealing with entitled parents and their little 'hellions' 😒

Ragingredblue | Ragingredblue

NTA. Rude, irresponsible parents at a bar? They're big AHs. 🤔

minimallykookoo | minimallykookoo

The great divide: friends with kids vs. friends without kids 😬

Happypengy | Happypengy

Struggling with friends who always bring their kids? Same here! 😜

coastervossler1991 | coastervossler1991

Are kids allowed? Let's clarify the adult-only event confusion! 🤔

Caryria | Caryria

Finding childcare is tough, but don't be a pushover! 🤔

terrapharma | terrapharma

NTA: Friends using you as free babysitter, very selfish behavior. 😔

Beargurl1 | Beargurl1

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